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Ford Freestyle Audio MP3 iPod CD NAV

gotomlgotoml Posts: 1
edited March 20 in Ford
Aux Input?
I have the 6 cd mp player. There is an aux button,
anyone know if you can add a jack (input) for an Ipod, etc?


  • brewthombrewthom Posts: 2
    I just got my 2005 Freestyle yesterday and can't find any documentation on how to make the cd shuffle shuffle all cds. Is this just not possible?
  • I believe the aux only works if you have the factory dvd player. the dvd player has rca inputs. I just recd. my FS and will be trying that route soon. I couldn't believe that the radios have no aux input up front. blew my mind that any new car that wasn't a base model wouldn't have that. BTW, search the entire group for "aux" or "satellite" and you will find many, many posts dealing with this issue.
  • again, do a search at the head of the freestyle board for aux or satellite. i was doing that and i ran across link to this device, which should work.
  • Anyone have any idea what kind of subwoofer is in the Limited "audiophile" sound system? How big is it? Is it powered, or is there a system amp?

    I ask because I'm looking to upgrade the system in my SEL, and one option might be to simply add a powered sub to the stock head unit. Another option might be an aftermarket head unit, but I'm wondering what kind of subwoofer might fit into that little enclosure in the right rear where the sub lives in Limited models.

    Thanks for any help!
  • Let us know if you figure out a way to get a sub into "that little enclosure in the right rear". I've never figured out a way to do it without seriously disfiguring things.
  • tr4wtr4w Posts: 3
    I have replaced the factory radio wiyth a JVC head and satelite receiver. The install was simple and works great. But in doing so the sub is no longer connected in the system. I beleive the sub is amplified and driven by the 8 pin amplifier cable. (Only four wires are populated in this harness.

    Does anyone have the wiring digram for this connector? My head unit has a sub output and I would like to wire it into the factory subwoofer.

    Thanks for your help.
  • After reading prior messages, still not clear what the aux input connection is. Is it RCA jacks? I want to use it for an XM radio and am hoping to find an inexpensive fix. Does anyone know where I can find out?
  • Ford uses the "aux" button for the rear-seat entertainment system. If you don't have the RSE, you can use the aux button for a direct connect (like Sat Radio or MP3 player) by using a third-party adapter.
  • We have an '05 SEL with the DVD entertainment system. While the system works great I am less than impressed with the sound. I am not interested in changing out the stock head unit, but was wondering if anyone has changed out the stock speakers with higher quality units? If so, how did it affect the sound?

    It also seems the SEL system is weak on power. Has anyone added an amplifier to the system. If so how, and how did it affect the sound?

    - Chad
  • You can only shuffle the songs on a single CD
  • I recently had a third party aux adapter installed to accommodate my sirius satellite radio. Initially, I had no problems. However, after a week the radio would display "No Audio Aux Input" and would not recognize my sirius. I was able to identify a solution by changing from Aux to Radio or CD prior to turning the radio off. I did have another issue with the Air bag light coming on. I took my Freestyle to the dealer who indicated that it may have been disconnected during installation (11 days earlier to the problem). The service manager indicated that some of my codes (including A/C) in the computer system were off and they reset them. I asked if the Aux adapter may have caused the problem and he indicated that he has not heard of such problems. Does anyone know if an Aux adapter for a device such as a sirius raio can disrupt the computer system or was this due to an installation flute? Thanks for any feedback.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Blink Blink.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    Flute, fluke - you've been here ~3 years and you still stumble over a little chat typo? Gotta get with the program. ;)

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  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I wasn't sure if his Flute was a Fluke

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    Actually I think it was an iFlute. :sick:

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  • For argument sake as well as kicks and giggles let's say it was a flukey flute! Seriously, I am quite frustrated and would appreciate any feedback regarding this scenario - the aux input adapter inconsistently identifying the sirius radio. Does anyone know if it is possible for this adapter to throw off the programming of the internal computer or is it more likely due to poor installation? Thanks, in advance, for your feedback. :shades:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Also, how are you sure you are not using too strong a signal into the radio?

    I am assuming that you did not install the Ford kit to add Sirius radio. I know at almost $500 it is cost prohibitive but it is probably the best solution.

  • Just bought an '06 Freestyle today. I saw the TripTunes accessory on the Ford site for $50. Does anyone know if I can plug my Sirius plug and play unit into this and use the aux input on my radio to listen to it instead on being forced to use the FM transmitter on the unit, which is awful(Starmate Replay)?
  • kkeith2kkeith2 Posts: 1
    I own an '05 SEL. Recently I loaded up the 6-disc changer. When I went to discharge the discs, two came out but the other 4 will not eject and I can no longer play any CD's. When the car is started, there is a short period of "initializing" during which it sounds like a toy machine gun going off inside the player - like maybe it's trying to eject. Then the display reads "CD ERROR".

    Any tips?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Its my understanding that Trip Tunes is just an FM Modulator. I believe that you can get something wired so that you can use the aux input however, it might just be easier to get the Sat Receiver upgrade kit installed.

    Call your dealer and get the number of who they use for radio/alarm upgrades.

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