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New Honda Accord Hybrid Owners - Give us Your Report

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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Congratulations on your new car! This is the place to post your initial impressions of your new ride!

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  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hello Tim, Fxtool, other HAH's owners and everybody:


    I finished 71% of my first gas tank at 340 miles today (mixed of highway and city driving, more driving in cities):


    My manually calculated MPG: 28.04355.

    Digital calculated MPG on dash: 29.2.


    When I took delivery of this HAH, I did not even care to test drive it. Just came to the dealer, signed the paperwork and drove my HAH away. Because I have owned so many Honda and was strongly convinced I would be very happy with every single detail of the HAH as I used to be happy with Honda autos and motorcyles in the last 40 years. Now, my assumption holds very true. Everyday is my Honda day (specifically Everyday is my HAH day). Everything from my HAH fits me real well and meets my best requirements and satisfaction. Its robust 255 true HP has been under my right foot sensitively. The steering wheel is so solid that I feel it really nice and precise inside my palms, the seats hug me real nice and comfortably. When it stops the engine is completely quiet that gives me a funny feeling when looking at other cars tiredly roaring and exhausting carbon monoxide. I love the real feeling at the HAH's gas engine with plenty of power yet the running engine is so quiet, very sensitive and so responsive. Handling is very precise. I got good road feel. It runs confidently and strongly with its real power with no efforts to beat any hills or tough road conditions.


    However, this early morning the weather was cold about 30 something, the NAVI. was a bit confused and it appeared not to take my voice commands to the radio channels very accurately. I am not sure on this. Must track on this issue before calling the dealership. Probably I will remove my parking sticker (on a piece of paper) I put on the rear dash under the rear windshield to see if the problem can be fixed that way. But, in the afternoon, on the way home, probably it is warmer, my voice commands to the radio were executed very accurately. Absolutely, no problems with the Navi. system.


    Likes: Everything inside and outside the HAH. Honda has never disappointed me so I have kept buying Accord after Accord from Honda. Love the 8 airbags, the powerful engine, good feeling with a great Accord V6, etc.


    Dislikes: High MSRP that I had to pay to the dealership to buy it. But, newly-introduced, hot, high performance and sophisticated HAH cannot be bought at cheap price for now. It is OK with me.


    My nephew bought a small Benz C class, 4 engines, 189 HP, with no NAVI at $35K something out the door. Now he plans to hire somebody to add in the Navi. Good luck to this young guy. The other young female friend just bought an Acura TL 2004, with no Navi. at $35K out the door. Good luck to her too.


    My wife got mad with me last night and copied (cat) somebody's curse at me:" You are so sick with cars why dont you sleep with cars? ". In fact, my HAH still smells brand-new. I love that "brand-new car aroma". Therefore, I can "sleep" inside it if I need to. My HAH is a real great piece of engineering and also a very nice piece of arts. I have been very happy with it for sure.
  • Viet,


    Your HAH sounds excellent , I am glad you are enjoying it. I am currenlty looking for a high mpg car with manual shift. I think the HAH would be my choice with a 5-speed or a wide ration 6-speed. It seems that Honda/Acura when going from 5-speed to 6-speed keeps the end ratios the same; I would rather have a very tall gear instead.


    Concerning your nephew's GPS an excellent aftermarket GPS is the Garmin 2610 or 2620. The 2610 is fully poratable and can go in any car. The 2620 has "dead reckoning" and requires profession installation.


    Again congratulations on your car. With your mileage, it sounds like you are still driving like you did before; that is good. Some hybrid owners seem to cahnge thier driving style dramatically after getting thier hybrid just to see how high of Mpg they can obtain. I myself am looking for a sphisticated high mpg commuter car.




  • vietviet Posts: 847
    The HAH is a thrill and also a saving vehicle.
    My son always sneaks in my secret place to get my HAH's key to drive it ocasionally even though he gets his own new Accord V6 EX. I love my HAH and I do owe Honda engineers my great appreciation and my big thanks for their great intelligence and for their outstanding and innovative Honda automobiles.

    I met and talked at length with my specialist/ mechanic today. He insisted that the Accord V6 outscores the Camry V6, the Maxima and even the BMW 3 and may be BMW 5 series in terms of handling on hilly, winding highways, gas saving, "THE COMFORTABLE SEATS", acceleration, comfort, quality, low maintenance cost, durability, reliability, etc.

    One guy indicated that after he had sat on an Accord's driver seat and test drove it he felt so in love with the seat and bought that Accord immediately.

    All I can say the HAH is an agressive monster on the road. All it does is to accelerate and speed up real fast. If one wants a great sport car (disguised as an innocent sedan) instead of buying an epxensive Corvette or a Mustang GT, etc. the HAH may be his/ her good choice.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I carpool with a guy who has a 4-cyl. 2003 Accord, and if its any indication of the HAH comfort and ride quality, I would not be impressed. I would say is is average for that size car.

    As far as the HAH being a performance car, it is definitely a league or 2 below the cars you mention. The HAH can certainly keep up with traffic, but unless you do some heavy modifications, you'll never see 1 at any sort of track. You can dream it is an aggressive monster, just like people dream their Highlander will eat up the Baja.

    Enjoy the car for what it is, a decent mid-size car that's good, (but not exceptional at that price) in many categories.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    The Accord is nice but PLEASE, don't compare it to the BWM 3 or 5 series in the handling department. The BMW will run circles around the Accord. Sorry... BUT... I'd rather have the Accord because it is MUCH more reliable than the BMW.
  • azhahazhah Posts: 82
    I have to agree. The HAH is a great car but it is not the fastest, best handling or most luxurious car around by any means. It is however, above average in most regards. I would not say it is fast but it is quick. It is above average in the midsize sedan market for the following (IMHO):


    Price..not so much..
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    How are the HAH seats? Have you taken any long drives of several hours? I see complaints in the Accord thread. One complaint was an EX V6 on trips longer than 2 hours, causing back pain.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    According to my specialist mechanic and some other owners "Back pain/ back discomfort" is the problem with BMW seats, especially the "crowded BMW 318, 325". I have never had problem with all my Honda seats even with my little Civic that I drove all night on highways as I got lost.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Have you had a chance to take any long cross country trips in your new HAH yet? Be sure and give us the rundown when you do.
  • azhahazhah Posts: 82
    I have taken two trips that were slightly longer than 2 hours and have felt very comfortable. I do have a habit of adjusting the lumbar support back and forth to "mix" things up. I am pretty susesptible to back pain and have had trouble in the VW & Jeep but not in the hybrid so far.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I have been "pampering" it under a cover in my garage 4 days a week. But, my kids sometimes sneak in to "steal" my key and drive it away and they love it too. I enjoy the stereo, NAVI, acceleration, handling, smoothness, etc. When it passes another car, changes lanes, speeds up, it handles really nice and smooth.

    I have had no complaints yet. I usually get the "ECO" light on most of the time even at low speed 40 MPH or so. It's Honda style. My mechanic confirmed with me one more time that Honda is pretty much easy on fuel consumption yet it delivers great performance.

    Its "thin" transmission is smoother than that of my kid's Accord 2002 V6 EX 200HP. 7th generation Accord is very nice. The HAH's 255 HP is really something that I care about. I paid a little bit expensive when it was first introduced but it's OK. I surely will buy another HAH in a year or a little bit longer if Honda will not introduce another model that suits my needs. I do need another new car in a year or so.

    I have never driven it on very long distance trips. But for 32 miles, 80% highway, trips I got 36.5 - 37 MPG easily.

    My 10 year old 200K miles Accord I4 still gets 27.5 MPG mixed driving (the EPA is 21 - 28) but it burns oil now so I bought another low mile VTEC engine and transmission to put in. Will drive it around for a year or so and buy another brand new...HAH again (I guess).

    Most men are extremely excited when buying new cars and "inhale" the new car "aroma".
    My mechanic told me yesterday most men are crazy about cars and...many of them are womanizing while most women are "insane" with shopping. It is my mechanic's point so please do not argue with me.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The BMW seats feel good when you first get in them - even the "sports seats" and the manual/power extra thigh support is nice - but they wear "thin" on a longish trip. I am on my 2nd BMW model and the same was true for both of them. The S2000 seats are better, but not by a lot. My 2000 vette had some of the best seats for trips I have experience - too bad the rest of the car was not up to the quality of the seat :-(

    My old Si Civic had nice seats in it with no problems on trips - and I would expect the Accord seats (in either leather or fabric) to be comfy - but not well bolster for "perfomance driving" :-)

    It is wise to ask about these things, since who wants to site in the car at the dealer lot for hours at a time to see how it will be on a trip?

  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Dewey,

    Oh yes. The HAH is truely "a Bang for a Buck" (more HP with less fuel consumption and more MPG). It accelerates pretty quick especially when I need to pass some other cars, change/ merge to other lanes, accelerate, etc. Yet it is "ECO" whenever it is able to even when it runs about 40 MPH on city streets. I always love that Honda's economical style on all my Accords. Imagine that my old Accord I4 at 200K miles still got 27.5 - 32 MPG which exceeded its original sticker EPA MPG of 21 - 28. Now, I enjoy it more as a "little loyal pony" to drive around with little fuel consumption with its "new resurrected engine/ transmission".

    When I need to drive on long hilly trips at high speed I pretty much appreciate my powerful and fast HAH. As far as I know most owners are very happy with their HAH. I love very much its extremely solid body, 6 airbags, the door-closing sound and the feel when it runs eerily quiet and effortlessly like a feather. The drive is firm. In fact,.it is an "economical sport car" which pretends as an "innocently conservative sedan".

    It is very honest when Honda claims the HAH's low end torque is better and its MPG is 29 - 37. The NAVI and stereo system is skillfully integrated and is voice-activated and also manually operated. It's impressive Honda intelligence.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    I am really enjoying my silver frost HAH. I am coming from a 2003 EX-L 5 speed which is a great car in its own right. The cars look much the same but the HAH has quite a bit more content - much quieter due to the active noise cancellation, and smoother for passengers than the 5 speed. Plus my wife can drive it.

    Both are great cars at their price point and I would reccomend either without hesitation.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Oh Yes. More and more power with less and less fuel consumption. That is the name of a really nice electronic game these days. I love my line of Accords from Accord 95 EX to Accord hybrid 2005. "Pampering" them like real dependable babies.
  • mvaldesmvaldes Posts: 1
    I bought my HAH last month. It came with dealer installed tinted windows and 18"rims. Very sporty. REI installed a roof mounted bike rack with fairing. The trunk, unfortunately, was too small for my road bike and wheels. :(

    I love this car. So far I've put in more than 1000 miles--street and highway. The mileage is not what it should be-- but then again, the mpg reading on the dash is giving me an overall average and not, necessarily, the mpg for that moment on the road. That being said, the mpg could very well be close to EPA estimates. Once, I tripped the travel odometer to get a "contextual" reading and I did achieve 35-40 mpg on the highway (45 minutes at 65 mph.) Not bad.

    In terms of steering: Yes, it is somewhat sloppy. However, the steering is electric assisted and different from conventional vehicles. I accept the slop in exchange for superior low emissions.
  • bugsndaffybugsndaffy Posts: 12
    I recently purchased a HAH in Graphite Pearl. OTD $31,662. That's including the security system & an extended warranty plus all other charges. I did much better than I thought I would. It's tough to get a good deal in the Los Angeles area. And I LOVE THIS CAR!!

    Laura :shades:
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Laura.

    I got exactly same like yours with NAVI. Does yours have NAVI? I love my graphyte pearl HAH too.
  • bugsndaffybugsndaffy Posts: 12
    I did not get the Navi. I am working on getting my spare tire and I will be tinting my windows this weekend.

    P.S. Did I mention how fun this car is to drive? :P
  • I just got my HAH 2 weeks ago. On the first full tank I got about 25 mpg. The honda service people said I should give the engine some time to break in. My secord tank was 23.5 , and the third full tank not much better. I live in the Bay Area (CAL) and admittedly, there is some traffic, but a good bit of my driving was on the open road. Tthe HAH is a great handling automobile, but paying an extra 3 grand to get these numbers is very disappointing. I've taked to people with the regular Accord V6 who are getting better gas milage. Its also annoying that American Honda is blowing their horn about 30 city- 32 combined 40 highway. Truth is I'm disappointed. Is there anyone else with the same experience? :(
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