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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego Maintenance & Repair



  • Re: Trunk Release
    Did you ever get this resolved? I have a 2005 FiveHundred that does exactly the same thing, I noticed on the new Taurus they have a springloaded pusher that actually pushes the latch mechanism up off the latch hook. As soon as I can confirm that this one will fit I might just go ahead and buy it and install it myself.
  • Hi. To be honest, the trunk release wasn't one of the bigger issues, so I didn't try to tackle it. I was more concerned with the vacuum/pressure issues with the gas tank and the bucking...

    Please, keep me informed if you decide to install that on your car. If it works, definitely let me know, as I'd probably have it installed in the future.
  • Okay, so I got my car back outta the shop shortly after I posted my original reply to you, but shocker of all shockers, it wasn't fixed!! So it was sent back in.

    I got it back almost a week ago, and so far, it's doing great!! After I've had it with no issues for a couple of weeks, I'll call the transmission shop that it was sent to and find out exactly what all they changed to stop the bucking, and then I'll post it so that everyone can use that as a reference.

    As for the gas tank pressure issue, they changed my gas cap and an evap valve, and that didn't fix the issue. They finally sent it to Ford, and I believe the issue has been fixed, as I've had no problems and I've refilled my tank twice. Usually, within about 25 miles of refilling my tank, my check-engine light would come on, so this is why I think it's fixed. I spoke with them, and they said that they replaced the evaporative solenoid control valve (which is different from the evap valve they'd changed before).

    Well, I'll be in touch in a week or two to let you know about the bucking issue and what the shop did to resolve it (if it remains fixed).
  • Thank you I'l look for the update
  • philipnphilipn Posts: 1
    I bought a 1995 Ford Five Hundred in 2009. How can I get the periodic maintenance booklet for my 1995 Ford Five hundred that is given to new car buyers?
  • Please tell me how you made out, is the car running ok. How much is this going to cost me?
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    Ebay has owners manuals, some with supplements, for the 2005 Ford Five Hundred.
  • masterdonmasterdon Posts: 1
    All four gages in the instrument cluster (Tach, speedometer, fuel and temperature)will fall down to "zero" while the vehicle is in operation. They will return to normal within 5 to 30 seconds. This might happen 5 times or more within a 5 minute span. I have also noticed that sometimes the electronic read out witch I always keep at the "MPG" screen will sometimes switch to a different screen showing "miles to empty". The gages will do this phenomenon at any time like immediately after start up, after a gas fill up or after the car has been in motion for sometime. Sometimes it will also trigger an engine fault or transmission fault light witch so far has proven to not be accurate. This light condition will correct itself after an hour or so and the warning light(s) will go out. I do not like to not pay attention to the warnings but so far they have all been false brought on, I believe, by the instrument cluster fiasco. I replaced the car battery about a year ago and went through all the steps to retrain the computer for idle, emmisions and shift points. Other than what I describe above, the car gets great mileage, shifts normally and performs well. I have recently passed a state emissions test. Anybody have any ideas on what is causing the problem? One of these days it might become a real problem and shut the engine down while on a trip in the middle of nowhere. Help! I am out of my three year warranty unless this is a discovered problem that Ford has acknowledged and has extended coverage on.
  • beancounterbeancounter Posts: 31
    Pathetic! That's all I can say. 2007 Ford 500 Ltd with 43K miles of interstate driving, and the rear pads are shot! Rotors can be turned (this will be the 1st time), but will have to be replaced next time. I had a 2000 Merc Sable before this. Put 235,000 miles on it and had the 2nd brake job done just before I gave it to my daughter. It's no wonder the automakers are in such trouble. 100 years of making cars and they still can't get it right!? And I still haven't seen a definitive answer as to why Ford/Merc owners are having this probem. (I've seen the following reasons: 1) wet brake pads. 2) brake pad material. 3) The car's brake system is set up to grab the rear brakes before the fronts. 4) calipers hanging up.) I love the car! But if I'm looking at brake jobs every 40K miles, you can have it! And judging from all the posts I've read on this subject, I'm doing better than all of them! This is supposed to be a family sedan. My mechanic said brakes wear out on performance cars like Mercedes, BMW's, and RX-8's because they're designed to stop the car from high speeds. The manufacturer isn't concerned about longevity. They're concerned about performance. Bought a '99 Toy Camry over a year ago for my wife (she's Japanese and really wanted a Japanese car this time. I gave in since I had picked her last 3 cars.). The car had 90K miles on it. What a car! Silkiest, smoothest V-6 I've ever driven. Now let's see..., my next car will be another Ford?? It ain't lookin' good!
  • 01taurussel01taurussel Posts: 43
    You don't have to get brake jobs every 40k. The new/aftermarket pads will last much longer. We have a 500 in our family with 182k, its on the 2nd set of pads in the back and they are still ok. Good luck, Ford should have the revised pads out by now and they last!
  • beancounterbeancounter Posts: 31
    Thanks for your reply. I am glad to finally hear some good news on the subject. Was hoping a brake job might take care of the problem, but your post is the first I've read to actually say it. I've put almost 1,000 miles on since the brake job, and I don't see near the brake dust on the rear wheels. I'll take that as a good sign. These pads are from NAPA. I considered letting my local dealer take a look at them, but I didn't want to get soaked if they weren't covered under warranty, and based on everything I read, they were out of warranty. Still wondering why Ford would use those pads in the first place. What are they putting on the new Taurus's?

    And, how do you like your 500 after that many miles?
  • 01taurussel01taurussel Posts: 43
    It's my folks car......I live near by, and drove it for a day while my 500 had some work done. Its pretty solid and been reliable for that many miles. Mine has 70k on it, and both feel very similar (solid!)

    I think it has a motor mount shot - it vibrates pretty bad (compared to when it was newer/my 500) when the AC is on.

    Don't bother trading in - not worth a penny. Drive them til the wheels fall off and take care of it.
  • tharrountharroun Posts: 8
    Did you ever find ou how they fixed the "bucking"?
  • vocomdudevocomdude Posts: 3
    :sick: while I agree with another post that we have to live with our choice to purchase a vehicle from a company with a history of products that are worth a mere pitance of the purchase cost, look at any three year old Crown Vic, the 500 cannot even make it to 100,000 miles. Congrats to you that got past that number. It reminds me of the cars of the late 60's that were scrap at 100,000.

    This has been the most disappointing car purchase I have ever made. This is only second to the Pontiac Grand Am which at least made it to 90,000 and six years before I started having any major problems and I could deal with those. This car has been a headache from day one especially with that annoying vibration. OSHA has a standard for vibration in a tool that causing your hands to tingle for hours after using it. I had this problem with the steering wheel when I first got the car. I don't notice it now but I had problems in the beginnig.

    Now the car jerks dangerously to the left when it shifts into third gear and it threw me into the other lane. Thankfully the driver in the other lane saw me an averted disater. What the hell is this. I see that no one else seems to have had this problem so obviously there will not be a recall but I want to warn owners of this vehicle so that there loved ones are protected. Be careful when going around sharp turns at speeds greater than 40 mph. The reaction from the front steering can cause you to lose control.

    I will not be buying another American vehicle. I am proud and have tried to buy American all my life. This lack of care that the dealers give and the product that is sold to us it ashame. I have said it for years, their failure was going to happen. We should not be bailing out companies that put out such crap. I love the room the car provides and the comfort. But the reliability is garbage. I am open to suggestions on a great car. Don't even try and tell me how wonderful Ford is. I will not buy it.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    You may have a broken motor mount and/or transmission mount. Have that checked.
  • vocomdudevocomdude Posts: 3
    Thanks for your time to reply. I appreciate it.
  • randy99randy99 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue with my 2005 Montego AWD with the instrument gauges. I bouth this car used back in march out of Florida and love, however after a few months, noticed that the darn gauges kept going off and on, and while off, the AC stopped working too along with funny things going on with the back-up sensors. Just today, the instrument cluster went off again, but this time stayed off for most of the day. When it finally returned, it left a check engine light. I stopped my at my local repair shop and they took the code which showed a "board" behind the cluster to be bad. He called a Ford dealership and they admitted that this is an issue with the Montego's and 500's. Waiting to hear now what the cost will be and whether Ford will subsidize since they know they are having issues ... which I doubt. More to come.
  • I have a 2005 Ford 500. The brake lights appear as if someone is "riding" them. Has anyone else had, or heard of this issue?
  • joan63joan63 Posts: 1
    I am taking my 2005 Montego to the Ford dealer tomorrow for a very similar problems, only with associated cruise control problems. About a year ago, my cruise control would cut out while I was driving. Usually when that would happen, it would not be reset. The next time I drove it, it may or may not work. Then for the last 8 months or so it worked fine. About two weeks ago, it went out completely. A coworker told me yesterday, after driving behind me, that my brake lights were on all the time! No wonder the cruise won't work. A year ago the estimate was $900 to fix it, so I said forget it. A year ago they "thought" it might be due to the brakes. Does your cruise control work?
  • enor34enor34 Posts: 3
    I am having an issue with my cruise control that I wonder if anyone has any answers at first it worked fine, then I replaced the front rotors with aftermarket rotors and my cruise would work for a while then it work turn off electrically and maybe restart or not. Now I have no power to it at all and it refuses to get any power at all. Any suggestions as to a fix.

    Thank you
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