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Mazda5 Owners - Give Us Your Report

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Congratulations on your new car! This is the place to post your first impressions.


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  • This car was a no brainer for me. I saw stories about it back in early April and I was sold immediately when I learned that a manual transmission would be offered. And then when I saw the price, I nearly flipped with excitement because the Touring Edition came with my favorite accessories: moonroof and fog lights.

    I made it official yesterday, July 31, with the purchase of a cardinal red Touring Edition with manual transmission and no navigation - a combination that is difficult to find. Maybe the initial exuberance over the manual will wane, but if these boards are any indication, there are definitely a lot of clutch and shift fans out there. SIDEBAR: If you want a manual, stick to your guns. Don't let a salesperson try to convince you an automatic is a better choice because they supposedly have better resale value; the truth is they don't.

    For bobw3, I will take a photos this evening to show how comfortable the middle row of seats is. I am of average height, 5' 9" and I have more than enough space, but I cannot say what the level of comfort will be for those in the long legs club. Keep in mind, middle row space can be affected by how far back the front row passengers like their seats. Of course the great thing is that the middle row seats also move fore and aft for greater versatility.
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    We are waiting for a cardinal red Sport with manual transmission and moonroof at our local dealership. The salesperson said it would arrive in six weeks about two weeks ago. We wanted phantom blue with these options but would have to order and this may take several months. I'm hoping the cardinal red is not too pinkish. I read in an older thread that cardinal had a pinkish hue. Have you noticed this?
  • "I read in an older thread that cardinal had a pinkish hue. Have you noticed this?"

    Is it a bright red or deep red? No. I would call it more of a desert red or maybe an anemic red. Actually that is why it was acceptable for me because it wasn't so red. Here's a picture of mine I took on Sunday.

  • I would call it a coral or salmon red. It shifts alittle from a more coppery color to that slightly pinker version depending on the light. And the best advice on the color I can give you is to look at it yourself. You're not going to buy it sight unseen, are you? If you like it, get it. Simple as that. I know I was happy to see that it wasn't the same bright red I see on MZ3s. This is pretty classy for this kind of vehicle.
  • "I would call it a coral or salmon red."

    Thank you. Salmon red is a perfect description. Actually, my first choice was the stratos blue, but no one had one in stock in a touring edition manual with no navigation. When I looked at the red, I was pleased. Of course, if I had been more patient and waited 10 days (I didn't think they would arrive that soon - Mazda said end of August), I could have had the stratos blue (I checked inventories online), however, I am quite pleased with my choice.
  • kevkkevk Posts: 4
    The dealer I was working with had a cardinal red model which had all of the options I wanted. After deciding to buy I had my wife come to the dealer to have a test drive. I was trying to convince myself that the cardinal red was a bronzish red color as I waited for her to arrive. My 3 year old daughter got out of the car and immediately asked if we were going to drive "the white one or the pink one."

    That was enough - I had them find me a carbon grey from another dealer. I would definitely suggest viewing the cardinal red in sunlight before buying (ordering)!
  • Coming from a redfire Mazda6, I was a bit dissapointed at the cardinal red on the 5. It just didn't look right in mid daylight. Redfire made the 6 look sexy, I would imagine it would do the same for the 5. Oh well we settled for a carbon gray and love it. It gets plenty of compliments and attention :). Just look before you buy, BIG difference in person. Plantinum silver actually looks more of a tan/bronze in most lighting conditions.
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    So... After seeing this photo, one vote yes for my wife and two votes no for my daughters. I know who is boss in my home! Hey, I got to pick out our last new car, color and all. It's my wife's turn to pick the color. I realize that Phantom Blue is not available for several months and Cardinal Red looks nice in this picture.... Should we wait for a Phantom Blue?
  • Hey, if it were up to my daughter I would be driving a new Escalade with the chrome front end and 22 in dubs (suddenly she is really into Cadillacs and the 300). Have you called 800-639-1000? The nice folks there can tell you when models will be arriving at dealerships in your area (although they can be off by a week or two - had they known the color I initially wanted would arrive a week earlier, I probably would have waited, but now I really love my Salmon err, Cardinal Red M'5).

    What part of the country are you in?
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25
    rlawrence said:

    "Have you called 800-639-1000? The nice folks there can tell you when models will be arriving at dealerships in your area"

    Who/where does this number call?

    Do they know what's on the next boat-load coming in?.

    That would be very useful since I am looking for an auto touring W/O nav (maybe Phantom Blue...need to see that color for real first), and the local dealer claims not to know what might be "on the boat".

  • 800-639-1000 is a Mazda customer service number. I got the number from a rep at Mazda who called me back after I wrote a letter to HQ about getting an early peek at the car.

    Don't limit yourself to one dealer though. I am sure there are at least three or four dealers within 100 miles of you if you live in a more rural part of the country. I was fortunate because I am in SoCal, there are about 20 or so dealers to pick from. Also, have you used the inventory lookup system at
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Thank you very much for that info.

    I am in a "rural" area....the next 3 nearest dealers are about 75-90 miles away, and then more in the Portland, Oregon area.

    I have been checking their stock on the Mazda USA web site, so know what they should have on hand.

    I want to see some other colors (local dealer has a charcoal gray and a platinum silver), so will have to make a road trip soon.

    None of the other dealers have a model/color I am interested in, but I still want to check out several other colors in person.

    I will give that number a call and see if they can tell me what might be coming into this area of Oregon.

  • frgjbfrgjb Posts: 10
    It's been great driving my M5 since receiving it this past Tuesday. The engine is super quiet. The handling - especially the cornering and navigating in tight spaces - is superb. The 5spd is plenty zippy and responsive. Had my wife and two kids with me today, went shopping, and my wife really loaded up. With the two rear seats folded down, there was more than enough space for the purchases and the three small suitcases that we had packed for the weekend away. After owning minivans for 13 years, I was happily surprised with the M5's cargo space.
    I also had 5 11-year old boys with me in the car last night. They got a little wild, but the seat fabric and floor carpet looks no worse for the wear. It stood up really well.
    I couldn't be happier than I am with this vehicle. I'm looking forward to many miles of fun and economical driving.
  • Well, we took the plunge and bought a touring automatic Mazda 5 in November, just as the repair kits were coming back in. It was the only vehicle that met our need to have something compact that could occasionally carry four children without putting one of them in the front seat.
    Coming from a Subaru Outback it seems so quiet and smooth. While missing the AWD in some of the recent Washington DC weather, I DO NOT miss the 2.5 liter OB's famous engine/auto transmission mismatch at around 35 mph as you try to merge on the freeway. The Mazda 5's power is always available, and I really like the "kick" at 3,000 RPM which gives confidence in highway situations. If you've experienced the insanity of the 270-Beltway split you'll appreciate the option of overtaking as well as letting the lunatics go by.
    Our kids love their separate 2nd row seats and fold away table, plus the "slidey" doors. Of course my wife hates the sliding doors as it's a feature that says "van." But she loves the sunroof, her first. And she likes curious people who come up and ask "is it a hybrid?" I guess in silver it sort of has that look.
    The real dilemma will be in summer when we weigh whether to install a tow bar and risk voiding the warranty. It would be so good for carrying a couple of bikes and towing our small boat all of a mile to the ramp.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Ha, ha, ha...

    I'm very familiar with the 270-Beltway split (and you MD drivers :P )

    I did noticed the other day that fully loaded (for us, its Me, wife, 2.5 yr kid and stroller) there wasn't much power left on the top end for high speed passing like my MZ3. In the MZ3, it seems to build speed slowly, but it would keep building all the way to redline. In the MZ5, it dropped off as it got toward 5-6k rpms.
  • I have owned my 5 for a month now and have 2200 miles on the car. I previously owned a Chevy Astro LT AWD. Not only does my 5 out perform the Astro in every aspect, I do not
    miss the slight luggage space the Astro has over the five.
    When looking at the interior space people need to put things in perspective. I very rarely used the added space
    in the Astro. It is kind of like a single person buying
    a Chevy Suburban to drive to and from work with. Its just not needed. If you move the second row seats ahead about
    3 inches in the 5 I have put 5'10" passengers in the third seat without complaints. As far as power is concerned, with
    the car loaded with people, I have plenty of power to maintain a 75 mph freeway speed and if I shift into 4th
    gear of my 5 speed I have plenty of passing power. Remember
    that 5th gear is an overdrive and was not ment to be used for hills and passing. How fast does a person need to go?
    I love my 5 and look forward to driving my daughter to and from school on a daily basis and bring three or for of her friends home from school in the evenings.
  • A little over two weeks ago my wife and I traded our 2003 Mazda Protege 5 in on a 2006 Mazda 5 Touring model.

    We swapped out the 6 disc cd changer for the 6 disc mp3 player ($400.00 extra charge).

    So far we are very pleased with the vehicle. It has more than enough power for us and handles the hills and mountains of NE Penna. with no problem. A few times the van was loaded with six adults and it handled fine.

    The mp3 6 disc changer works well and we are getting about 26 mpg, mostly around town. It hasn't been too hot yet, but the climate control system seems to work fine. It is quiet and runs smoothly.

    It is a light green color (I forget what Mazda calls it). So far we are very pleased with our purchase.
  • Hi, I am a new M-5 owner. Purchased it back in May 06. I already have 5500 miles on mine. (I drive alot) So far, the car has been great. My mileage ranges from a low of 19 (stuck in traffic on a 100 degree day) to a best of 28 mpg on one long hwy run. All the magazines complain about a lack of power. I have not found this to be true. I won't win any drag races, but I have no trouble beating or merging into traffic. Even with 6 on board. On Mon I will be bringing mine in for a few issues that have cropped up: 1) I have a coolant leak somewhere. I can smell the honey-sweet smell each time the cooling fan comes on but I can not see or find it! I have noticed the level in the reservoir has gone down a little since I first got it. 2) I have a "squeak' in my right rear suspension. Quite noticeable over those pesky speed bumps in parking lots. 3)Finally, just yesterday, I noticed that btw 10 mph on up (especially btw 20-40 mph)there is a very unsettling "clunk" in the area of the left front wheel if you come off, and then back on the gas. Since this is a front drive vehicle, I know that the front axle is right by my left foot. I have had many FWD vehicles before and have never heard this "clunk" noise. I figure it may be front end "slop". But it seems a little excessive to me. Other than these issues, I love my M-5. It's a blast to drive. Handles as good as, and in some cases, better than many cars I have owned(MANY being the operative word). I love having auto climate control. Just set the temperature and forget it. The nav system is nice. Now I don't have to carry any maps. My favorite feature is the way it looks. Just love it. MAZDA did a great job of making a "van" look aggressively sporty in an understated, clean way. Kudos to MAZDA.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    You didn't say whether you have an A/T or M/T. With Mazdas and A/T if you let up on the throttle right at the point they are up-shifting you sometimes get a loud thunking noise, even a jerking motion. It happened a couple times with my Protegé at 40mph when it was up-shifting to overdrive and I lifted off the throttle. From then on I made sure it up-shifted before letting up or let up before 40-41mph.

    If your driving style changes as you get use to the MZ5, keep in mind that modern cars'onboard computers make adjustments to fit your style. If you change from time to time it messes up those settings.

  • wxcrawlerwxcrawler Posts: 9
    I get that radiator smell occassionally, too......maybe once a week. I do not notice a drop in the fluid levels. I had my local Mazda dealer check it out with a pressure test, and they found no leaks. They said one other person had come in complaining of the same thing, and they found no leaks with that one either. The Service Manager talked to one of the Mazda, N.A. reps to see if this was a common problem, and apparently it was not. They said there isn't much they can do about it, since there doesn't seem to be any leaking. I continue to try to keep a close eye on the fluid levels.

    Please post the results of your inspection if they find something wrong with the coolant system.

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