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Mazda5 Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • does any one have the link for the recall on this suspension thing. there 2 things that need to be fixed i thought.
  • Good grief! You sound JUST like my wife if she had posted the! It's good to know someone who had the 06 before the 08. We got the 08 too in black with sand leather and nav and my honey adores it. Keep us posted as to how yours turns out and we will do the same.. happy zoom-zoomin!
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    Wow! I haven't checked for replies on this one - sorry. I paid about $22,300 before taxes, trade, etc. I'm not sure if I could have done better for a 5GT with Sirius and Homelink mirror, but so far it's been a very good ride for us. We just returned from a family visit in NJ (210 miles each way. MPG on the way north was 29.8. The southbound trip with cruise set at 70 on I-95 was 34.9. This was its first trip, and we only have 2600 miles on it after the trip. We're taking it to Florida this month, so we'll give it a real trail then with 2 kids and luggage for 4. Oil change (switch to full synthetic) before the trip. I'll report back.
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    We're just back from our 2,200 mile round trip from Northern Virginia to Florida (including local driving in Florida and Savannah, GA) in our new Mazda5 GT. We averaged 26-33 MPG overall for the trip, but I recorded 35.2 MPG from North Carolina to Savannah, GA and 34.7 MPG yesterday from Savannah to Virginia. Both times were with the cruise set at 70 mph and the ACC set at 70 degrees with AC switch on. There were four of us in the vehicle with third row folded down and full of luggage.

    I can't say enough about the way the vehicle cruised - very smooth, quiet, and comfortable. It felt like a large luxury vehicle with the load we were transporting. This is our fifth Mazda, and perhaps it will be the best we have owned. My 1990 MPV is my favorite so far, but this vehicle may surpass that - time will tell.
  • krainfokrainfo Posts: 5
    :cry: We are trying to buy a Copper Red Mazda 5 Grand Touring and can't find one. (We live in Minnesota.) We've checked the dealers at from most major cities and find it very frustrating. There was one in Madison, WI but someone bought it the same day we found it. Right now we're on a waiting list for a white one (not my first choice). Are these really so hard to find?
  • stillageekstillageek Posts: 101
    I feel your pain. I wanted (and bought) a black/black 08 GT. There were lots of Pearl/Tan, Galaxy Grey/Black and Blue/Black...but only one black/black within 800 miles of Texas. I bought it Sunday. It already had 800 miles on it as it was dealer transferred twice. I was leary on it, but I'm leasing not buying. Good luck. Oh and if you want a certain color and nav.....better odds on winning the megabucks.
  • randyl1randyl1 Posts: 2
    We were in the similar situation in Ontario. We wanted a silver GT with leather, and the dealer's record shows that the best thing they can do is to get the one that was still on the production line in Japan (this was a week ago). But we really liked that colour and insisted on leather, so we started the 5 to 6 weeks of waiting....
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    I am experiencing some rattling sounds from my left rear (behind the driver) passenger door on my 6 weeks old Mazda5.
    I’ll be taking it in to the dealer shortly. I just wanted to know whether anybody had the same problem with a new 5, if so, what did you find out??
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I just took delivery on Friday of a 2008 Mazda5 Touring in Golden Sand. I love the color as I wanted the lighter interior. I have been reading your postings here for 2 years so I knew a lot about the car before I purchased it. Unfortunately, I've only been out on 2 short drives to the store because I've been sick all week. I'll get back to you later on with my driving impressions, but so far I like it a lot! Seems like just what I needed. I already received 2 compliments on the color.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    If you don't mind keep us posted on the gas milage ect. I will be taking delivery of one when it comes in a week or two.
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    My dealer here in Grand Rapids, MI had to dealer trade twice to get a CR GT with Sand leather. We grabbed a CWP Touring with Sand cloth from unallocated vehicles during the first shipment. We were very lucky to get ours. My dealer is turning people away because they just can't get vehicles to sell. It's definitely beittersweet. You want the vehicle to be successful, but at the same time you love the exclusivity.

  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    Any chance you can post some pics in the sun and clouds. This is very interesting color. I saw one here in Grand Rapids, MI, very quickly and it looked green in the sunlight. When my salesman delivered one, he was very turned off by the color saying that it looked fine in the sun, but when cloudy it was terrible. Actually, when the woman picked it up, her friend said, "That's the color you wnated?" I'd like to see it. I've seen a Mazda3 in the same color which really doesn't look "sand" colored, but its not a 5. Leave it up to Mazda to push the envelope with color.

  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    Dave, How do you like the CWP? That's the color of the one I have my name on, only saw it one time at a dealer in WI. it struck me as the color that car should be it really sparkled in the sun light, however it was a Sport and we wanted a Grand, or a Touring as the wife likes the idea of a moon roof so do I for that matter the closest CWP Grand was 450 miles away so we're taking the Touring.

  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    Color is very subjective with these cars. Mazda seems to have screened for colors that evoke the most emotion, positive or negative, from the greatest number of individuals. Colors that look good in the brochure look completely different in person. The blue, red and golden sand colors change significantly under different lighting conditions.

    After seeing what the Golden Sand Metallic looked like, I spent a week driving to different dealers just to looking at colors in different conditions. At least under the lighting conditions I saw it, Golden Sand Metallic could best be described as dilute cooked lima-bean green metallic . Some people love it, others think of things infants do -- although the interior color would have been my first choice.

    A month ago, I bought a white 2008 sport. As there was only one white sport within 300 miles, and it came with a moon roof, I can now see the moon. I didn't like the added cost [moon roof], but will now think twice about buying a car without a moon roof.

    I love the car. I arrived at white by eliminating the other colors. There is no question the white shows more dirt than some other colors might, but it is very sharp when it is clean -- which for me is often.

    For what it's worth, I've been averaging 28+ mpg in mixed driving, biased towards the city side, with the 5-speed auto.

    I bought the car as a commuter vehicle. It was the smallest car that I could comfortably seat my family in. The car has grown on me, and I'm tending towards interesting others in to buying one.

    For me, the white paint unexpectedly added to my positive perception of the vehicle, while the other colors had the opposite effect. Then again, I get the what were you thinking buying a white car question from friends all the time. Take your time making a decision. It's one you'll live with for quite a while. Why not get what you really like? The cost to you is only time.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Interesting. Well, as said before, the white is clean and keeps the car cooler during Summer :D

    For my 2 Mazda5s my priorities were: Manual Transmission and colors not being black nor golden sand (or the green silver that came for the 06). Luckily I found them and they were close from home. I stopped by the dealership the other day and the sales guy told me he has not received another Manual Tranny since I bought mine (December 2007). Luck I guess...
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    Thanks for all the input, I really do appreciate it. This forum is great.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    Just purchased our 2008 Mazda5 Touring. Got the best deal by far from a dealer 180 mi. away here in WI. Picked it up 4/15/08 (tax day) drove back 150 mi. with a very strong cross wind the car handled beautifully, the final 30 mi. into direct headwind still got 31.02 MPG driving 70 mi. @65, 40 mi. @ 70, 40 mi. mixed between 65 & 70, the last 30 mi. @ 60, I feel on a brand new vehicle with those windy conditions it did very well. The car is really fun to drive handles well, quiet and looks sharp with the CWP paint, with a great price I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend the dealer, if anyone is interested let me know.
    Thanks to this forum my buying decision went a lot faster. Thank you to all.
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    I have just logged 850 on the odometer so I am a little over the engine break-in period of 600 miles according to the owners manual. Here is how things are going so far. The more I drive my M5 and the twistier the roads get, the more I love it. I am just amazed at how sporty this micro-van is. WOW! The a/c is the best of any car I have owned, and worlds better than my Pontiac Vibes system (the worst ever). My third fill up at the gas station only yielded 19.3 mpg and this concerns me because my first two fill ups were 22 - 24mpg. The car has developed a "rattle" sound coming from under the car during acceleration so I will be taking it into the dealer. The ride is so smooth on the highway and it cruises along just fine at 85mph. Around town is very comfortable and doing u-turns and tight parking situations are a breeze. The power windows go up and down faster than the Pathfinder I traded in for the M5. So far I am very happy with my purchase. :)
  • kubaskubas Posts: 13
    I've just gotten a new M5 GT. Love the leather, 5 speed automatic, steering, handling and design. Fuel economy better than expected (23MPG / 90% stop and go). This is a great car!!
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