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Mazda5 Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • dougs3dougs3 Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a 5. I live about half an hour from the closest dealer. I know that this may should like a minor inconvenience to some, but it's in the opposite direction of work and during rush hour the half hour turns into a full hour. Do the dealers have some sort of arrangement with local repair shops to perform warranty work? Anybody have any experience with this? I'm hoping that there will be no warranty work required, but I'm guessing that I would be very fortunate if that was the case.
  • dclurkerdclurker Posts: 57
    FWIW, be aware that M5 oil changes should really be done by the dealer because of the "environmentally-friendly" permanent plastic oil filter housing and because of the large panel that must be removed in order to access the underside of the engine.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Why would the oil change be exclusive to a dealer?

    Many people (and quick lube shops) have successfully changed their own Mazda3/Mazda5 oil or even converted to a standard, environmentally un-friendly cartridge.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    Question for dclurker, I own a 2008 Mazda5 with 3600 miles, I have always changed my own oil and planned to do so with this one but it sounds like it is not a easy as my cars in the past. I am sure that I can remove the plastic pan on the bottom but I was not aware that it had a filter other than a standard one, can you fill me in on the filter and how to deal with it and can one get and install a standard filter easily or does it take special tools ect.?
  • gsupstategsupstate Posts: 6
    Just picked up my 2nd Mazda5. Traded '06 Touring for an '08 Grand Touring. I feel like I got a good deal - GT with autodim mirror/compass/homelink & Sirius satellite radio for $22,500 out the door.

    Has anyone else noticed this?: I really enjoyed driving my '06 Touring (5-spd Manal), and it was reasonably comfortable. But, my new GT with 5-spd Auto feels like a totally different (and much more expensive) vehicle! I almost feel like this is a vehicle Lexus would sell, if they made a 6-passenger, compact Euro-style people mover. It's quieter, smoother and feels more substantial. I'm beyond in love with my 2nd Mazda5!! :shades:
  • gsupstategsupstate Posts: 6
    On my '06 Touring, I had a sound that emanated from the passenger-side rear sliding door, but only when it was cold (under 40 degrees F). Once it warmed up, no noise.
  • dclurkerdclurker Posts: 57
    I refer you to this gentleman's website. He's talking about a Mazda3, but it's the same 2.3 engine that's in the 5. (I hope the link works)
  • dclurkerdclurker Posts: 57
    Personally, I would never take a car with a non-standard oil filter to a quick lube shop. Too easy for something to go wrong. IMO, you should either take the time and change the oil yourself (I do) or take the car to a dealer. Yes, you can go to the trouble of converting to a standard filter, but I wonder if doing so wouldn't void the warranty.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    dclurker, Thanks for the important info. already ordered a filter replacement & O-rings on line paid shipping that way but it will come to my house saves time which is at a premium right now. I have never gone to a Quick-Lube shop and don't intend to start now, always have changed my own that way I know what is going on.
  • dclurkerdclurker Posts: 57
    No problem. I prefer changing my own oil, too. I was a little anxious the first time I did it on my Mazda5, but as long as you torque the filter housing properly you shouldn't have a problem. I've read a few horror stories online where the housing was over-tightened and the plastic cracked causing subsequent oil leakage. I still prefer the old spin-on filters, but that's progress I guess. Good luck!
  • windstorywindstory Posts: 1
    Hi Schulz,

    We will buy this car very soon. Could you please tell me the dealer's information? Also, if you don't mind, would you please tell me your OTD paid and why you think it's a good deal? my email is . Thanks in advance.

  • nealywnealyw Posts: 1
    We're unexpectedly expecting our third baby, and looking for something to replace our Saturn sedan as the official kid-transport vehicle. I really like the idea of the Mazda5, because I prefer manual transmissions, and I'd love to have enough seating with up to 28 mpg. Also, I can't discount the lack of sticker-shock when I compare it to most minivans. The main worry I have is cargo space. Suppose I have the baby and the toddler in the second row, and the kindergartner sitting in the third row. Is there any chance I could then somehow have the baby's stroller in the car too? Or a load of groceries? I hear I should plan to get a roof-mounting luggage rack for road trips if I go with the Mazda5, but would this vehicle really be impractical for us for ordinary in-town usage? Thanks for your advice on this matter!
  • krainfokrainfo Posts: 5
    I'd go with the Mazda5. However, if you're planning to put a kindergartner in the back, encourage him/her to decorate the "big kid space" and make it a good-behavior honor to sit back there instead of in the middle with the little kids. Otherwise they feel exiled to the rear and fight over the middle seats as they grow up. Whatever you buy, go with captain chairs in the middle instead of a bench seat.

    Our new car is a 2008 Mazda5 and it's great on space. I had three vans (2000 Toyota Sienna, 1998 Voyager, and 1994 Caravan) prior to this. All my vans were the sport/short model, not the extended model.

    If you go with a full size van, I recommend the Toyota Sienna for quality. However, it drives like a tank. My 16-year old driver managed to scratch/dent every panel on the Sienna, and do a number on the garage door as well. Since she moved to a VW Jetta, her scraping problems are over.

    On the down side: -We liked being able to roll our bikes right into the back of the Sienna without taking off the wheels. Very safe and convenient. The bikes are too tall for the Mazda 5, so we put a bike rack on top, and love it. It's a few extra loading minutes, but it's fine.

    Yes, the Mazda5 is smaller, but it's so flexible. You can flatten one rear seat and leave the other up, to carry strollers, bikes, etc. and still have a child in back. We put the infant in the way back when he's likely to be napping anyway or for short trips. We load/unload his carry seat from the back.

    On the plus side, the Mazda5 has a tight turning radius, gets much better gas mileage, has a great feel on the road and fits in the garage better. We love it.
  • bbq797bbq797 Posts: 1
    I am very interested in purchasing a Mazda5 (current lease is up in Nov.), but I understand that there is no traction control or antiskid. I live in NY and can get a good deal of snow. Is this something I should be concerned about? I'm wondering what people's experiences have been in snow/ice etc.

  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    If you drive sanely, you shouldn't have a problem.

    Given the stock tires, I was surprised how well it handled in the snow and ice.

    Put a decent set of four snows on it, and you'll have a safer winter vehicle than you would have with all seasons and the features you mentioned.

    You might want to compare the expected depth of snow that you'll be driving in. The 5 is a low vehicle. Snow tires or not, the air dam becomes a snow plow pretty quickly.
  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    You might want to compare the expected depth of snow that you'll be driving in, to the 5's ground clearance.
  • dan5678dan5678 Posts: 28
    "Others" are still having this issue 25months later. Someone should let Edmunds know that the height of this vehicle includes the antenna, so is not 64.2", but more like around 77" by my eyeball. My garage is circa 1950's. Apparently cars were smaller then?
  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    Are the middle seat belts in their clips -- on the pillars just behind their seat backs?
  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    Regarding the antenna, start at the top of this thread:

    Or, look here:

    I don't know how well it works, but it stands to reason that reception will not be quite as good as the original. :lemon:
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