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Chrysler Pacifica NAV System Questions



  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31

    I have just had a similar experience with my 2004 Pacifica. The message says "loading cannot read DVD-ROM".

    Did you ever get a solution to your problem?


  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    As a follow-up to my post of Aug 19, today, I went to my Chrysler dealer. They had another DVD. We tried it and the same message appeared that it could not be read. So, it would appear that the problem is not the disc but is the disc drive itsself.

    So, has anyone had any luck in repairing or replacing the DVD drive?

    Sort of irritates me - car is a 2004 -- yes, 5 years old but I only have 31,000 miles. Seems the system should last longer than 31,000 miles.

    Thanks, in advance, for answers.
  • rd818rd818 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a used pacifica - very satisfied with the ride experience. The only problem I can't figure out how to change the language from spanish to english. Can somebody help me?
  • rd818rd818 Posts: 2
    I bought this pacifica with low mileage and great ride experience from a Toyota dealer in California - the only thing is we can't figure out how to change the language from spanish to english. Hellp me figure it out please. Thanks.
  • dittiditti Posts: 1
    The dealer said I needed a new dvd for the navigation system. That 99% of the time this is the root of any problems he'd experienced with Chrysler navigation systems. I never had him check it out to make sure. I feel like such a dummy. I paid $202 for a new dvd. It is NOT the dvd, but most likely the drive. My brother is proficient in computers and suggested I yank out the drive (in the floor at the rear hatch area) and he'd take a look at it. I haven't tried it yet. He is thinking the drive could be the same as in a computer and those cost about $40.

    Does anyone know if they are indeed the same before I give it a try. I'm now convinced it is the drive gone bad. Anyone know if this might work?
  • Fortunately, I went to the dealer first and had him try another DVD in my drive. I got the same error message with their DVD.
    Fortunately, I had purchased the extended warranrty when I bought the Pacifica in May, 2003. Turns out the DVD drive was covered under that warranty. I got a replacement for the $50.00 deductible.
    I asked what it would have cost me if I did not have the warranty - they said about $1,000.00.
    Hope you either have a warranty or your friend has good luck. If neither, you can get a 4.5 inch Tom Tom for $150.00 that can be updated periodically with your computer.
  • I have 2006 pacifica in base version. I'm thinking about upgrading it and installing navigation. I saw on ebay that they have speedometer clusters with navigation. Is it doable to just replace my entire cluster w/o navigation with the new one with navigation? Has anybody done a similar replacement?

    Please, advise.
  • When my factory installed navi system in my 2004 Pac died, I went ahead an had it replaced since it was under warranty. I only had to pay a $50.00 deductible.
    However, if it had not been under warranty, it would have cost be about $1,000.00. That was just to replace the DVD drive unit. Nothing was wrong with the display in the dash.
    You mentioning the instrument cluster - that's only part of the system. I would suspect, before it's all said and done, you'll be spending over $1,000.00 for a system that is not nearly as good as buying a Garmin or a Tom-Tom for a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, it's nice to have the screen in the dash, but for the difference in money, I can handle a unit stuck to the winshield that will work perfectly well.
  • radsrads Posts: 5
    I can share one other thing that doesn't work: I was getting the same error message, cannot read DVD, and asked my dealer what to do. He did suggest a Tom-Tom or such, but also suggested buying a cleaner disc at W/M, which I did, to see if cleaning the laser reader might fix it. Nice try, cheap enough, doesn't work. Next I'll try Radio City and see if replacing the DVD with an aftermarket unit fixes it. It DOES seem to be the DVD unit which Chrysler must have paid $2.00 for, really should last the life of the car. Mine is a 2004, bought new, 89,000 miles.
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Posts: 34
    I just bought the latest $200 update (AH) for the navigation system from Navtek. There is no visible difference in the display or accuracy in our area. However, we will find out later this summer when we drive to Boston whether it now knows that the Big Dig is now done. Last time, it didn't!!
  • rads, did you even purchase the radio City DVD? If so did it work? We're having similar problems with our 2005 Pacifica Nav System.

  • radsrads Posts: 5
    Yes, I replaced it through Radio City for about $300 - much less than Chrysler - and it works fine. They also suggested that because there's a mechanical part (scanning arm?) which simply wears out the more you use it, and I had mine on almost constantly for the first 90,000 miles, don't use it all the time, just when you need it or think you might need it. They say it'll last much longer that way. Too bad. I liked the looks of it being on.
    The turn-around time was only a few days. They exchange your unit for another rebuilt unit.
  • I just purchased from an individual a 2006 Pacifica Signature AWD. The navigation system usually works well at first. After a few turns it gets a little off, like you are driving off the road, then the screen will start doing a wild 360 degree rotation. The only way to stop this is to turn it off. The DVD disk looks good to me and the unit usually works at first so I don't think it is the disc. I am sure the dealers will want huge money to fix this problem. I talked to my regular dealer and they never heard of this problem. I sure would like to fix this as it is one of the things I liked about the car. Has anybody else had this problem? Suggestions?
  • radsrads Posts: 5
    I have no idea what would do this, but you're probably right, that it is not the disc itself. I got good advice and a rebuilt dvd from my local car radio repair shop, give that a try.
  • Just purchased a '07 Pacifica with disk. From what I understand, I need a disk that is identical to the one it most previously had or one version up (I read you can't skip successive versions without problems). How do I find out what the most recent version used was. All i get on the screen now is "searching for DVD" msg. Is there someway to get to a screen that will give me the information I need? Also does anyone know if the manual is available for download anywhere.

  • Rads, Thanks for the update. I can't find a radio city on the internet. Is it a store local to you? Please advise. I'm anxious to get my system up and running. Thanks again.
  • radsrads Posts: 5
    Radio City has several shops in Maine, but they may otherwise be a local car audio shop. I would think that any car radio/audio shop near you should be able to handle it, since CD and DVD players are in their area of interest/service. Try 207-783-9555 (1009 Center St, Auburn ME 04210) If you don't have any luck locally. If you're handy enough to remove your unit and install a refurbished one, they may help. But getting it done locally would probably be better.

    Good luck.
  • hi i have a 2004 pac with nav. yesterday my screen was blank. i was wondering if the Chrysler logo is stored in the dvd drive in the trunk or in the instrument cluster , also i would greatly appreciate if someone is able to disconnect the dvd drive in the trunk to see if there is a message showing or some backlight in the screen . cause i have no clue what to change: cluster w nav screen, wiring, fuse, dvd drive???

    I Would appreciate any help. thanks

  • radsrads Posts: 5
    Refer to my previous note # 79: I left this project to a car audio shop here in Maine, phone # provided in # 79. I would suggest finding a local car audio shop where you are and turning this over to them for a diagnosis. I don't know where the Chrysler logo is stored, but if your screen is blank maybe they can help decide if it is the DVD (usually is) or something else. Sorry, best I can do. My local Chrysler dealer could have fixed my problem, but at an estimated cost of $1100, hence turning ( in my case) to Radio City.
  • I would agree with message #81.
    I lost my Nav ststem in my 2004 Pac, However, I still had the Chrysler logo and the screen was active - it just said that it could not load the DVD. I went to my selling dealer and the DVD drive unit was replaced under warranty. (I had the extended warranty with a $50.00 deductible.)
    My point is that the electronics are now so complicated that your best bet is to bite the bullet and go to a professional, such as the audio store or a Chrysler dealer.
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