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Chrysler Pacifica NAV System Questions



  • thanks for your help guys!! i think i am following your advice and going to an audio store so the can diagnose the problem. thanks again
  • Some times I get a message on my 2006 Nav system that I am entering an area that does not support turn by turn navigation (or something like that). I have a portable Magellan in my other car that does not give that message in the same location. Is there possibly a newer version of the software that I need to purchase to avoid this situation?
  • I get the same thing, not only on my Pac Nav system but also on my Honda Nav system. The same company sells discs for both systems.
    They will be happy to sell you a new DVD for $200.00, that is supposed to be more up-to-date - ? ? ? ? ?.
    I bought a $150.00 Tom Tom that does a much better job and is much more up-to-date. I can move the Tom Tom from car to car as well as take it to Florida and use it in a rental.
  • jmetajmeta Posts: 2
    I recently bought used 2004 chrysler pacifica and navigation system has not been updated by previous owner since he bought the car first time. I know that it costs roughly about $200 to buy 2009 navigation dvd. Is there any other cheaper, reasonable way to download or buy this? Help is really appreciated.
  • bats1bats1 Posts: 1
    hey it seems i have the same problem with the car i got a new back unit meaning the nav dvd drive and i hooked it up no power so iunno what to change i checked for power lines there seems to be one line where im getting a shortage of power
  • jlandsawjlandsaw Posts: 2
    My son borrowed my Pacifica and when he returned it the "Step" button on the control panel was damaged. It looks like it was pushed so hard tat the support under the button snapped. I am now unable to scroll through the "menu" to reset anything or change the readout on my dash. Has anyone else had this happen and if so can this be repaired or do I need to replace the module? I am not very happy right now. The nav system still works I just can't reset anything. :(
  • mmcrittermmcritter Posts: 5
    Interested in finding out if you ever found a solution to this problem? My 2007 PAC'S nav turns on, lets me program, etc... however, when I am driving, it continuously tells me to do a U turn and is off route - it seems to be in the vicinity of where I really am... however is usually going the wrong way! I have ordered an update disk (last year's for only $50 because it has the original disk, and I don't want to invest a lot chasing after the wrong answer).

    My other problem is that the voice sounds like it's constantly cutting/shorting out and the volume is VERY low (although set at 5). Any suggestions?
  • mmcrittermmcritter Posts: 5
    I have set my voice settings at 5 (highest) however it is barely audible and what you CAN hear sounds like it is coming from a busted speaker or that has a short in it. Any suggestions as to where to start troubleshooting?
  • jmetajmeta Posts: 2
    i am still looking for a disk to update to current version. can you send me a link from where you bought a disk for $50??
  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    When the Nav stopped working in my 2004 Pac, it was under warranty and the system, in the rear storage area, was replaced. Since then it has continued to work. Now, when it comes to updating with a new DVD for $200.00, I refuse to do that. I consider it a "rip-off". It's just a money maker. I have purchased a TomTom for under $150.00 which stays up to date and has more features than the Pac in-dash system. If I go to a rental car, the TomTom goes with me. If Chrysler drops their DVD price to, say, $25.00, then, maybe - but not at $200.00.
  • mmcrittermmcritter Posts: 5
    I found it on - it has a letter I at the end of the disk code... most recent one is J
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    E-bay is a pretty good source.
  • The navigation system on my Pacifica '04 is not working - dealer said to buy new disk, I did but still not working- returned disk to dealer, they said the unit is dead-- need to buy a new navigation system for $450- plus new disk $200! anyone know if they can be rapaired? where? I am in Los Angeles, California
  • My Pacifica is also '04. My navi died while it was still in warranty. Dealer tried new disc first - didn't work. They ordered new unit for me. Cost me a $50.00 deductible (and didn't include an updated disc). They told me if not in warranty, would cost $1,000.00.
    Even now, with it working, I won't pay the $200.00 for an updated disc. For $150.00 you can buy a nice 5" TomTom (or other) with lifetime updates. An updated disc for $200.00 is a ripoff.
  • @johnus43 (quote: er a few turns it gets a little off, like you are driving off the road, then the screen will start doing a wild 360 degree rotation. The only way to stop this is to turn it off. The DVD disk looks good to me and the unit usually works at first so I don't think it is the disc. I am sure the dealers will want huge money to fix this problem. I talked to my regular dealer and they never heard of this problem. I sure would like to fix this as it is one of the things I liked about the car. Has anybody else had this problem? Suggestions? )

    Did you ever find out what was causing the 360 rotation? I have an 07 Signature edition - on occasion, the same thing happens to me. The screen can't seem to figure out where it is or where it is going. Did anyone make any suggestions?
  • johnus43johnus43 Posts: 2

    I never was able to get the navigation fixed. The Pacifica is a horribly made car. I sold the car taking a big loss just to get rid of it. The last straw was when the engine mounts broke and pulled the radiator hose out causing the car to overheat and leaving me stranded on a ski trip up north. Broken engine mounts!!?? Headlights would burn out every few months. Car went through 3 sets of tires in 70,000 miles as it would not stay aligned. Inner hubcaps would fall off all the time. My advice is to sell it as soon as possible. Chrysler pulled the plug on these fast because they are lemons.
  • mmcrittermmcritter Posts: 5
    edited March 2013
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Thanks I appreciate it. I too have some broken motor mounts... hmmmm... but, I have to say (knock on wood) that all else is going well...

    @imeta - I bought an update disc on ebay... didn't work for me. #garbage
  • ericwindowericwindow Posts: 1
    Alpine told me about this company, United Radio that does repairs for them. They want $225 (includes return shipping) to refurb the Nav System electronics/DVD-ROM drive. You can call them or just fill out the form on their website and send it in. Website: []. To remove drive you must unscrew the rear compartment and unbolt the's not that hard to do.
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