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Mitsubishi Diamante Brake Issues



  • This seems to be a very common problem with Mits D's, from defective seal on the heater core, probably more from a poor design than materials. But they continue to charge an arm and leg in labor, to replace less than $10.00 in parts! It's not the core that bad, only the seals, though they don't usually tell you this! There should have been a recall to replace this with a better designed part, but why when they can sell you a new heater core you don't need and charge you all that labor! Plus if it leaks and you don't do something immediatly, its going to ruin your ECU/ECM,(also know as the Engine Control Unit/Engine Computer Modual and/or several other terms, it controls pretty much everything on the Engine AND Transmission) which is under the heater core! This will cause all kinds of problems with your engine and transmission! Mine was leaking when I purchased it w/67,000 miles, I noticed it the first night, it was just a little fog on the windshield and the anti-freeze smell. I went straight to the auto parts store and bought radiator stop leak with the copper particles in it. Have not had a leak since, 3 1/2 years and 34,000 miles later. Anyone with a leak I suggest you do this a.s.a.p.! $10.00 is less than $1,000+ heater core and an ECU/ECM!
    Also note that if you have problems with the ECU/ECM, this can make your transmission go nuts!
    Good Luck to All!
    I still love my Diamante!
  • Moberheide you have been alot of help with the ABS. I did have to buy a new one online for big bucks (how is it it that Mercedes is even less expensive) but it was and easy replacement. Can't believe the dealer wanted $685 for the part and labor.

    I also replaced the O2 sensor and did the battery disconnect. Started the car and the check engine light stayed on. Restarted and light was off and restarted again and the light came back on and has stayed on. Did the battery disconnect for ten minutes and restarted and the light stayed off but on restart it comes back on. When I bought the part online the guy assured me he was sending the correct part but it was for a 3.0 Eclipse and not a 3.5 Diamante-different part numbers. He said they did that all the time and it would work. Is that a parts error and my mistake for listening to that guy? Needless to say the time for returning the part is long gone. Any suggestions. By replacing one sensor could that cause others to show/go bad?(Car has 65,677 miles. Could it be time for just one of those annoying automatic check engine lights that come on just to get you to return to the dealer for some kind of service. I do oil changes myself and just had one done as a quick job at the local Jiffy Lube.)
    Thanks. Any help would be appreciated since these parts are so costly.
  • nv_iousnv_ious Posts: 1
    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with the ABS brakes on their Diamante or could help me out???

    I had a 1996 Diamante (Japanese import, right hand drive) & when I brought it a yellow cable that went from behind the right front tyre up along under the bonnet (I am unsure of where it went to) cut... As I the car was repossesed I figured it was the alarm for the car so left it... My Diamante was seen to by a couple of different mechanics as well as an automotive electrician & nothing was said to me about this cable...

    I was recently in an accident in my Diamante & my brakes failed... I am now sure that the cable that was cut was the ABS brake cable as the light never came on & whenever I used my brakes in an emergency the brake pedal would go to the floor & I would hear clunking of cables...

    Does anyone know for sure if the ABS brakes have a wire that goes from one of the front tyres up through the bonnet & down by the engine bay???
  • bellyake3bellyake3 Posts: 1
    Why is my brake and battery light coming on at the same time on my '98 diamante? :confuse:
  • Hello,

    I have been reading this post you did on the ABS of the Diamantes. I too have had the ABS and TCL lights on for awhile. The dealer wanted $1700+ to fix it. I had a shop check the sensors ands they said they could not see anything wrong, they said it was probably the computer chip that is bad. Problem is I cannot find anyone who will sell one to me. Do you have any suggestions?

  • If your abs fails then the abs light will illuminate to show u problem. Does your ABS light self check? So when u turn key on and start vehicle it should go out, if this isso then the bulb is fine, as no 1 has removed the bul to hide a problem. Even if ABS has a fault ou still have standard brakes, like an older vehicle with no abs
  • Hi , i have an issue with abs. Scanning the vehicle gave me a code 32= G sensor output signal trouble code and 63=control unit trouble code. Replaced g sensor and abs ecu, now have no trouble codes and light stil on. unsure if scanner is playing up, really wouldlike wiring diagram its a front wheel drive not 4wd, F31A. If anyone coulf shed any light on the situation it would be much appreciated thanx
  • gregsavetgregsavet Posts: 8
    On my 2001 Diamante I am getting a weird noise from the brakes when applying pressure to pedal. the rotors are in good shape to my eye. I am wondering if this happens to be from the pads wearing out there is slight vibration going on and i am wondering if there is something lose causing the clacking noise. Anyone have the same issue with there Diamante. I just purchased this 3000 miles ago and love the car. Also finding parts for this car is very difficult. And I am having issues finding them online also.
  • Hello MR. Moberheide. I have a 2001 mitsubishi diamante LS 3.5L that has the abs light on and the tcl light switch that flashes on and off. can you please tell me how to test the abs-ecu.
  • my 98 just did the same thing... ended up being the alternator. if you dont fix it soon the abs light will start coming on also and then all electric will fail in the car. i bought the alternator for 130 at advance auto
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