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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • no, nothing has changed on the 2010 tacoma. i just bought one a few weeks ago with 11 miles on it and i'm so pissed that i didn't reseach the toyota taco as much as i probably should have prior to purchasing it. i was just sold on the styling and the fact that i've had 2 toyota's before each for over 10 years with no problems. i'm having the same problems with the tranny with the downshifting and high revving until it finds third gear......all happens at a little under 15mph's (just about the speed you have to go to make a 90 degree turn, or slow over a speed bump). i took it to the dealership and they gave me the "that's normal" story. i don't want to let this issue die as i only have a little more than 1k miles on it. after reading all these posts, my only conclusion is to file some sort of suit against toyota......after documenting the things i am going to do to try and make this right.
  • can you share what specific truck you have? 6 or 4 cyl? 4A or 5A tranny. 4WD or 2WD. thanks.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I own a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double cab off road TRD. 4x4 V-6 (Auto.- 5A)
    from what i have read, the high rev. hunting for the right gear at low speeds and hard down shifting has been the same in the 2009 and newer trucks. I still blame the down hill assist control.
    I haven't heard any problems with the trucks that Don't have this option, but I could be wrong.? Keep us posted
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    Did you report the problem to toyota? I have and they gave me a confirmation number regarding the complaint. and I also had it back to the dealer, They said thats the way it is. No problems found.
  • I've been suspecting that this is 5A automatic problem and not a 4A / 4 cyl model issue.
  • i have a 6 cyl, 5A tran, 2WD, TRD. if you're thinking about a tacoma, ask if you can demo the vehicle for a few days. not certain what they'll say seeing as how there appears to be such a demand for them. but if you take the vehicle just for a test drive, you may not be able to fully appreciate how annoying this problem can be. maybe i'll start calling my tacoma "The Gearhunter"
  • no, didn't report the problem. i guess that couldn't hurt. do you have a number or address?
  • it sounds like being able to voice your issue with the field tech rep is a good idea. i may try that. and boy that sure would be nice if there is a fix for this shifting (and gearhunting) issue.
  • Your problem is exactly the same as with my '09. They have told me that the next time I bring it in for service they will try to "reprogram" the computer that controls the shifting but don't think it will help. The only answer is to continue to complain on here, to the dealer, and to the company. Eventually they will have to face up to it. They are getting a real black eye on this and their failure to try and fix it has made me rethink my whole opinion of Toyota as a company.
  • I have a 2009 2.7 4 speed auto & mine certainly has the same problems described and from what I read, so do all the other 4 speed autos. I posted on this forum a while back & Toyota issued a TSB (#0096-09) back in May/June 2009. They 'reprogrammed' my ECU but this did nothing to remedy the problems & I believe made it worse.

    I'm surprised that there isn't an acknowledgment of this TSB by Toyota when folks complain & are given the party line that this is 'normal'. My guess is there has to be something really wrong with the design. The transmissions aren't this way at delivery (at least mine wasn't) and seem to start developing after 300-400 miles in my case. I used to do some programming (not transmissions) and it wouldn't seem hard to do a software patch that endlessly passed the original factory parameters back to the ECU w/ every new start rather than the idiotic 'learning' profile. Must be some underlying firmware/hardware issue that would be horrendously expensive for them to address. Another possibility is all their emissions certifications were done w/ the current configuration and they can't/won't do all that over again.

    I seriously doubt Toyota is ever going to address this issue & am planning on dumping my 2009 (now w/ 2,500 mi) as soon as I have a convenient opportunity to do so. I will never, never, never, never...(see a pattern here) buy another Toyota product. Not a smart way to keep moving forward.
  • tmabtmab Posts: 1
    I just got my 2010 TRD 4WD a couple of weeks ago. I began to notice the same problem you are having with the engine high reviving, and "hunting" for the correct gear at around 10 - 15 miles per hour. It does it mostly when you are turning.
    I've now got approx. 900 miles on the vehicle, and it seems the problem is getting worse.
    I was hoping that it was just something having to do with the fact it was new, and would get better. Not going to happen.
    I'm really disappointed after reading that so many other people are having the same problem.
  • i don't have the DAC on my 2010 TRD Off Road. or at least, i don't have the actual button on the side. maybe it's a built in feature, don't know.
  • Sorry to hear that you had to learn the same way we did....Apparently Toyota doesn't need the Tacoma any longer, there must be better money in the other vehicles. I have steered at least 8 friends away from Toyota - to Nissan or US trucks since I got mine in Jan 09. They are thankful. Again, sorry to hear the news.
  • Ditto. If TSB only stated to reprogram the ECU then that's all Toyota has done for a fix to everyone that has complained. They did it to me with no results as well. Not a good omen folks. Again I say look to the right of this column where the web site says "Learn More". You'll see down below the term "Do More"? Below that "Write a Car Review"! Do so as this column and the complaints therein are not posted there. Maybe we can keep a few others from making our mistake. Such a shame it comes to this. Uhm? I wonder if the floor mat has anything to do with this?
  • i have a 2000 tacoma with 150,000 mi. when its cold the transmission takes a few mins to shift out of low into drive. any help? my e-mail is

  • Good news!!! I carried my 2009 Tacoma to my dealership yesterday for its 5,000 mile oil change and they had received a TSB from Toyota. They reprogrammed my computer and the drive home was like a different vehicle. The service manager told me that Toyota released the TSB on November 3rd. They are not simply re-booting, but are actually feeding in new information to the computer. Hopefully, it will stay fixed. Please call your dealer now and ask about the TSB.
  • Can you do all of us a huge favor, look at your receipt and post the actual TSB on this message board?
  • Boy you're lighting a time bomb with news like this. Yes please list the TSB#. Also, please drive it for a while and note any changes you've come across. In other words did the changes made affect anything else? If all is well and good and there are certainly a bunch of us out here who hope you're right. I'm also curious as to how this came about. Did Toyota do this of their own volition or what. If it was through someone's effort then I would like to thank them. Regardless, I'm happy your resolution has been found.
  • The TSB # on my receipt "appears" to be IAW TSB 0373-09. I am going to drive around today and make sure the fix is adequate. However, I must say that my drive home from the dealership was much improved. I am not sure what FINALLY motivated Toyota to try and fix this problem, but I am just glad to have it fixed. I am going to call the dealership after driving around for a while and give them my input. The truck still seems to be holding back a little when coasting down a hill, but not nearly as much as before. Call your local dealership and carry your truck in today. And, pass the word. Happy days are here again-ha.
  • Called Toyota Customer Relations 800-331-4331 option 5 and asked about the TSB. It is TRUE! Yee haw! The TSB is a "recalibration reprogramming" of the computer to fix shifting issues and to make shifting smoother at speeds of 20 mph or less. I hope this works.
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