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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • I'm really glad to here that it has helped yet someone else. It is giving me more and more faith in the good this format can do. Go forth and smooth shifting to you.
  • This site has helped with my shifting problem. 2009 4x4 Tacoma 4 door 6 cyl. The codes used in Canada are different but quoted the TSB # posted here and they fix it.
    The code here is TSB 3310. So far so good. Ill keep you posted.
  • SK1969, I was in the market for a new truck last summer myself and was looking at the Frontier and Tacoma...and the posts in this forum helped me make up my mind for the Frontier (prior to the TSB). Of note, I owned a 2005 Tacoma prerunner dbl cab sb V6 4x2 with AT and sport package and liked it very much (traded it in after a few years for a car as i thought I didn't need a truck anymore which I regreted later for sure)...I did have a few problems with rattles and a suspension issue with the Tacoma, but overall it was a great truck.

    Now that I've had the Frontier (V6 SE crew cab 4x2 AT) for 6months I'll say it too is a great truck and I've not had one problem to speak of, nor have two of my coworkers that have them either (one has a 2005 and the other has a 2006). I'm very satisfied with my purchase (although I realize it's only been 5 months).

    The pros of the Tacoma over the Frontier IMO are the interior was a bit more durable (Frontier's plastic is easily scratched up), the gas mileage is a bit better (I averaged 17-20mpg in Atlanta with the Tacoma and am averaging 16-18mpg with the Frontier in that same traffic), the resale is better, styling is more "sporty" IMO, better turning radius for parking, better safety ratings, availability of a back up camera, more interior storage areas, better availability of trucks with different options, sliding rear window

    The pros of the Frontier over the Tacoma (again IMO) are that the ride is a bit more comfortable, the interior is more car like, the seating position is MUCH better than the Tacoma's (I can see the road much better in the Frontier), the insurance is lower, the purchase price is lower for a comparably equiped truck, the styling is more "rugged", availability of a sunroof, fully boxed frame, 4 wheel disc brakes, rear window defroster, bed light, utili track system in the Frontier seems more durable to me (and it has tracks on the bed floor), storage areas under back seat are easier to access, lockable tailgate, less engine noise than the Tacoma.

    Both trucks have comparable interior space and towing (Tacoma has a slight edge in both cases), bed size is fairly comparable, warranties are the same, engines are both excellent, and dealership experiences are similiar (so far). The things I definitely do not like about the Frontier are the larger turning radius and the fact that the center arm rest is too short (what were they thinking?). Anyhow, after owning both trucks in the last few years, I don't think you can go wrong with either as long as Toyota steps up and fixes the transmission and radio issues people are having...hope that helps...and good luck!
  • Thanks for the review. There has been a lot of people asking for a comparison of the two vehicles. I didn't know but your assessment ought to go a long way for others. Best of luck.
  • Had the TSB installed this morning. Noticed a huge difference just in pulling out of the lot. Service technician was very happy I knew the TSB number because he was unaware of the new fix. In and out in a half hour. Excellent service. Now an excellent truck.
  • Thx a lot folks, that helps in decision making. Looks like a lower turning radius and the option of a rear view camera are features one can use every day. Price wise, the lower mileage in a Frontier seems to offset the cheaper price.
  • Just came back from the dealership after having the ECU updated per TSB 0393-09. Transmission performed flawless during the drive home. Even took a couple of detours to locations where in the past my 2010 Tacoma's transmission improperly downshifted and then upshifted with the surge/lurch. No repeat events today! Looks like the Toyota engineers got the fix right for this issue. Thanks Toyota for the early Christmas present.
  • I just tried the link with the correct html extension and it still reports an error and when you do a search no TSB with tht number exists. It would be great if anyone really does have a copy of the TSB 0373-09 that they cut and paste it in a reply so that we don't have to rely on hyperlinks.
  • Hello, I have a 2010 tacoma double cab truck and i have been having shifting problems since day one that i got my truck and i got it in october for my b-day. I have had 4 tacoma trucks, 98,2001,2006 and now 2010 so i know there is a problem with the trans. I am going to the dealer today for the second time for this same issue, I will post whatever info i get.
  • gkusluch, you're right, that link is no longer valid. It did work at one time, so I know it has changed. Shouldn't have it on their website? I do have a hard copy if you would like for me to fax it to you. I don't think I'm capable of scanning it.
  • I would have tried to post it on here but it is in a PDF format and I don't think this format will support that. So, since I needed it at the time I just copied it and took it to the dealer with me. I've emailed the site wherein it was and asked them what if anything was wrong with the link. When I get the reply I'll post it.
  • I asked the cashier to make me a copy of it when my service writer asked her to write down the TSB # for me. She said they are NOT allowed to do that. I asked my service writer again he said the same, he said that ANY Toyota dealer would be able to find it with that number alone. Sorry your having trouble with it. i will say this mine is amazing. it is exactly as it should have been when I bought it.
  • it was a real shame and a total waste of my time to wait from September 30 to December 7 to get mine right. It has left a real bad opinion of toyota. I know I will never buy another one. come mid 2011 and I won't have it anymore anyway. The real shame here is with the AWESOME people who came before us with 2009's. they did the real work and they had to wait FAR longer than I did. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for you. thank you,
  • Well I see there are now many of the same complaints of the transmission now filed with the NHTSA. Others of you out there may want to review them.
  • Well I got my reply from ALLDATA today. Apparently, you have to purchase it now. I see from post #394 that they have there in a .JPG format. However, they won't let me register to see it. Here try it yourself:

    I can scan it and send it to you. I just can't attach it in this format.
  • I have been talking with a tech from the dealership to schedule for this new TSB release for the 2010 tacomas. He has told me that this release only works for a certain VIN range to work..and of course, mine isn't one of them. If anyone hears of this or another "fix" please pass it on. I hope they (toyota) will get this solved soon!
  • You know I've seen requests in here from other 2010 owners. There is also a TSB 0373-10 out for the 2010 models. Can't swear to it but I believe they are doing the same thing in the computer to both. I'd almost be willing to bet on it. This is the first time I've heard the VIN range equation involved in it. Someone here also did the 0373-9 service bulletin on their 2007 and it worked. For the life of me I don't understand why the dealers are having so much trouble getting the service bulletins to correct this problem. Good luck.
  • I don't have any idea either why they are giving the run around to everyone. I told the tech about both TSB numbers and he told me my VIN wasn't in the range for those. First I have heard of it also. I told him about the complaints that have been filed and he acted like he hadn't heard of any problems. So I am guessing they haven't got the whole thing solved yet, so they are going to play dumb until they do.
  • I can't believe he can't find it through the dealer. What's the difference with the VIN numbers? Why would they program one one way and another the other? It just doesn't make sense. You're right about one thing. They will play dumb.
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