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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • ebby1ebby1 Posts: 1
    I have less than 2000 miles on a 2010 Tacoma double cab and have had three unexplained transmission events. At least I think it has to do with the transmission. On two occasions after the truck sat outside during working hours and I was leaving for home, I was driving about 5 or 10 mph out work driveway and it felt as if I was hit from behind. BANG. I put on the brake and looked behind me and there was no car there. I started again at low speed and when I was rolling to a stop at the stop sign, BANG it happened again. On a third occasion traveling less than 30 mph the transmission up shifted and I then slowed and the transmission downshifted with another BANG. On all three occasions, the outside temperature was in the low teens. This is a V6 with automatic. Anyone have a similar story?

    I also experience the 'hunting for a gear' event especially when I slow to turn a corner and then speed up after turning. The engine rpms come up as I accelerate upshift. The transmission seems to be floating between gears until a specific rpm then it shifts. I have found a bit more agressive accelerator pedal causes the tranny to shift in a more normal fashion.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I have a 2009 Double Cab V-6 auto 4x4 off Road package, and my trans. did the same thing, "hunting for a gear at low speeds, with high revs. Toyota has a TSB on this, I took my truck back to the dealer and they reprogrammed the trans. Now it shifts like it should, I still get the hard down shift at times, which is from the down hill assist. control, the dealer told me this is normal and thats the way it is.. go figure...I did hear some guys having problems with the radio, knock on wood, mine is working fine at this point! Anyway talk with you local toyota dealer I hope they can help out. GOOD LUCK!
  • Well, my problem was not fixed and i was able to get out of my beloved 2010 Tacoma. My husband didn't want to take a chance on another tacoma having issues so we got a 4 runner and we were able to get the 3 months that we paid on the truck back and put them on the new truck. My salesman didn't give me a problem, we have been buying trucks from him since 1998, he is now a big manager. The weekend that we got out of our truck another customer came in with the same problem, so i'm glad we changed trucks, I hope in the future Toyota gets back to making great cars and trucks and stop hiding the truth because in the end they are the ones that need us!
  • Well, I'm both glad and sad of what you've gone through. The news concerning Toyota is disconcerting to say the least. My gut feeling is that all the problems are computer software related. I can't help but think it is going to get worse before it gets better. Bad for Toyota and bad for the customers. Good luck with your new 4 Runner.
  • I own a 2010 tacoma that has the same identical tranny issues . It was taken to the dealership for dianostics . this problem is very unsafe . Toyota quality has been a big disappointment lately . The dealership was unaware of the problem . Yeah right ! Beware future buyers . Will keep you posted.
  • I just bought a 2010 Tacoma 4door 4x4. What I'm finding is when I slow to make a turn onto another road, as soon as I reapply the accelerator, there is a pause/hesitation before the truck continues. Why? And can this be fixed?
  • Any news yet regarding fixing this problem?
  • Had the same problem with my 09 taco. There is a computer "flash" that they conduct to fix the problem. It fixed my transmission hesitation, as well as many others have testified on this site. There is a similar 'fix" for the 2010 Tacos. Your dealer should be aware of the fix. I "think" the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) # is 0393-09. Check back on this site to previous posts (page 40) for additional information. Good luck.
  • Yes my friend there is a fix. TSB 0703-10 for the 2010 model. It should take care of that problem.
  • I finally got mine in last month with the TSB bulletin in hand. They agreed to flash it and it worked, it is not absolutely perfect but that stupid lag and rev syndrome is gone. Now I have new issue, a vibration coming through the floor boards. It is not transferring through the steering column so I do not believe it is a tire balance issue. It almost feels like a I have knobby off road tires on it. Universal joint on the drive line? It seems the worst between the speeds of 60 -70 miles per hour. It is subtle but it sure was not there previously. I have 6,700 miles on it and it started about 1,000 miles ago. My model is the SR5 dual cab 4x4 long bed. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
  • That's a new one on me. I don't have that problem. Sorry
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    take it back to the dealer, they'll reprogram the trans. I have a 09 double cab 4x4offroad, my truck did the same thing, now its good. They (dealer) told me its a software problem with the trans. and it just needs reprogramed..good luck, .....
  • With all those parameters and specifications you'll need a rocket scientist maybee NASA can help you.
  • Thanks for replying. The Dealer could not provide me with any "FIX" information and at one point told me it's just how the 2010's run. He told me the engine is all computerized and the delay was due to each computer catching up to the other. When you apply your foot to the brake, a computer engages. When you reapply the gas, a second computer engages. The computers need to be on the same frequency. Hence the delay. VERY FRUSTRATING. I'll bring the truck in.

    Thanks again to you all. Hopefully this works.
  • shamrock5: That's what they all say. I've been reading these posts since 04/09 when I had issues with my 2009 Tacoma. There are dozens of stories of what the dealer has made up to tell us. Some are pretty ridiculous, for instance, "the computer has to learn your driving habits." Anyway, since Toyota would not fix my truck, I went to arbitration and lost. In July 09, I then traded my Tacoma in on a new Frontier because I considered the Tacoma not safe to drive. When Toyota issued a TSB in Nov for a procedure to re-program the computer, I filed a complaint in small claims court. I'm still waiting on the outcome. Good luck. Be persistent.
  • tacoma1958 is right. There have been more excuses that Carter has pills. The TSB0703-09 for 2009's and -10 for 2010. It does fix the problem. If they won't give it to you send me your email address and I'll send you a copy of it.
  • hey, i have a 2010 tacoma and had the delay issue when slowing down to about 10-15 mph. i took it to the dealership and told them about the problems of it engaging to the right gear at that speed. they said that it could be a number of things. then i told them to take a drive with me to show them exactly what it was so it would be difficult for them to deny what i was referring to. they ended up reflashing the computer and now it runs fine. they were resistant to admit to anything, but once they reflashed it it ran fine. i would just be persistent and try not to piss them off. because once you do, they dig their heals in and want to prove you wrong. unfortunately, you're at their mercy, and more than likely they will win. so my advice is to just kiss their [non-permissible content removed] a bit and act the fool. that's what i did. it was difficult, but guess what. it paid off. good luck!
  • I too have had this issue with my 2010 Tacoma since I bought it in Oct. 09. The dealership kept telling me that there wasn't a fix for my VIN..etc, yadda yadda yadda..took it to them twice, drove them around since "they" couldn't find the problem. Finally I kept calling the Toyota Corp. Service dept. They called me back last week and told me that the dealership WILL be calling me to bring my truck in to get fixed. It wasn't 10 seconds after I hung up that the dealership called me to schedule my truck. I take it in this Thursday to get "fixed". I'll keep you posted.
  • Thank you. I brought my truck down this morning and the head mechanic searched, but could not find the TSB0703-09 or 10 in his laptop work computer. I scheduled an appointment to bring my truck in next tuesday, 03/02, for what the mechanic called a "REFLASHING". He told me that he wasn't sure if this would fix the issue, but they would still do it.

    Could you please email me the info on TSB0703-10, so that i can bring it in with me on tuesday. (

    Thanks again
  • I have that same issue with my 2010 SR5 that I just bought less than a week ago...I traded in my 2006 SR5 and never had an issue...with all these recalls...I m starting to regret the trade!!!!...I have a small vibration under my feet..very slight but enough to know there is something not right...there is a recall on the front drive shaft that my dealer here is still saying that they dont have all the information about it yet...your vibration sounds identical to mine...did you ever get to the bottom of the issue?...I ve had mine in and they say that they dont feel is beyond me because I get it everyday I drive it...really appreciate your insight...thanks
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