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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Thats just it you don't. I don't know how to do it any other way. I can't cut and paste it onto here. Others have done with no problems that I know of. It's just a case of do you want to take the chance. Have a good one.
  • Alright..well here is one that I use sometimes and isnt my main one so should be okay. . Could you go ahead and send me a link or something about the 2009 one or if you know of how to get the 2010 one I would appreciate finding out how.

    thanks again!
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to disconnect or remove the downhill assist feature from a 2009 Toyota Tacoma auto, V-6 TRD offroad Package, I don't use it, I never go off road, and I do believe this is why the transmissions have the annoying down shifts and not knowing when to shift correctly...maybe just a reprogramming issue? I don't know, but I really hate the way the transmissions hunt for the right gear to be in....any help would be great..thanks...
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I went right to the dealer and they reprogrammed the transmission and it seemed to fix the problem, however it don't fix the downhill assist feature.. I still get a transmission that hunts for the correct gear, and get the occasional hard down shift. when going down a hill around 40-50mph. I have the 09 double cab 4x4 TRD offroad.
    The dealer told me this is the correct way the transmission is set up..
  • We have a 2010 Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab 4x 2 V6 longbed with the TRD package. Would it have the downhill assist feature, since it's not a 4x4?

    Also does anyone know what they mean by a Prerunner?? Even the salesman didn't know.
  • tognettitognetti Posts: 1
    Could you please send me the TSB0703-09 fix notice.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited April 2010
    Toyota began installing a new automatic transmission design that improved FE back in '98 with the introduction of the RX300. The design was seriously flawed in that it COULD NOT support two gear changes in quick succession. Let up on the gas lightly, slightly, the transmission will upshift. Then reapply gas pedal pressure fairly quickly and you will encounter as much as a 2 second delay/"hesitation" before the required downshift can complete.

    The best the new reflash can do is alleviate a few of these downshift delay instances by detecting, MAYBE DETECTING, the driver's future intent as/when the gas pedal foot pressure is removed. No "upshift" for cruising, no downshift delay.

    Slow release of pressure will imply to the transmission control computer that the driver's intent is to simply enter cruise, cruising mode. Quickly release the gas pedal and the transmission will assume a need to coastdown using the current gear ratio.

    Ever since the widespread premature transaxle failures of the '99 & '00 RX300 due to this design flaw they have been struggling to find a full and complete FIX for the inherent design flaw.

    On the other hand, Ford, having the VERY same problem with/in the new Edge, immediately stepped up to the plate and revised the flawed design, OBVIOUSLY flawed design. Ford adopted a variable volume ATF pressure pump so the line pressure could still be sustained at a sufficiently high level even with the engine at idle. And then still be able to change, incrementally, to a lower and lower pumping volume to conserve fuel as engine RPMs rise.

    Just another instance of the Japanese societal culture of not admitting mistooks due to the possible SHAME. The flip side of the societal culture of "keep your head down" (least you get it chopped off). NEVER point out mistakes for fear of inadvertently embarressing someone "above".

    But I still find it hard to believe, VERY hard to believe, that Toyota has adopted this flawed, terribly flawed, automatic transmission design to the heavier product line, pickups, etc. The FE gain must be much more serious then I have imagined.

    By why not make use of teh Ford technique..?? NIH..? Reluctance to admit the mistake???

    Weird, just weird.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    What an interesting synopsis. I don't know what FE is but my wife has a 2007 RX350. The transaxle had to be replaced within a month of our getting the car. Since then it has worked quite well. However, my 2009 toyota Tacoma dbl cab 4X4 had the problem you described. The fix TSB0709-09 fixed the problem. I don't know about the Japanese culture not admitting mistakes but I sure know that the American culture sure won't admit it. Whether Japanese or American is irrelevant. It is just plain business. They entice us with new gadgets and we buy it thinking how cool it is that we have this without regard to the fact that we are the guinea pigs to determine whether or not these gadgets will work. For that we have only to blame ourselves. Perhaps we should insist on proof that these new methods work as claimed before we buy them? I agree that Toyota has handled this issue and many others they are suffering from right now very poorly. Our government agencies do not do what they are supposed to do either in protecting us. Name me one that does? Unfortunately, it's still buyer beware just as it's always been. We are such slow learners. NIce piece though.
  • ianc435ianc435 Posts: 10
    I have a new sr5 trd sport 1200 miles. If I stop at a light and shift in to park or neutral(2minutes) shift back into drive wait for the truck to roll forward (now in drive) and then step on the accelerator I get no response until the computer catches up(2-3seconds), then the engine races to the appropriate referenced pedal postion. This caught me off guard a few times. It happens only half of the time. Brought it to dealer ship. Tech recognized the problem but told me that that was normal in his report but looked for a reflash/tsb anyway. 2009 SIENNA'S had problem tech told me. If it normal why did they look for a tsb????? Why does it happen sometimes?????
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Bet you a dollar to a donut the problem is in the computer. Gut feeling only but that seems to be where a lot of the problems lie.
  • ianc435ianc435 Posts: 10
    Yeah most likely, goes from throttle pedal(module) to ecm to throttle module. Not to mention everything else that talks to each computer. Probaly twenty or so inputs before my car can go forward. Whats wrong with a throttle cable?????
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    It works! Remember the old adage, If it ain't broke break it.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I have a 2009 TRD off Road double cab. And I have the same report. I took it back to the dealer, and they said , that's the way it is.. I told them this is not right. there should not be a delay at all, when you go from neutral to drive and hit the gas and nothing happens for a 2-3 secs. I'm really glad I'm not the only one with the same problems
  • We have a 2010 TRD double cab, two wheel drive. I responded up above about my husband and I just buying this truck and having the transmission problems. What we did was he called the Toyota National Hotline at 800-331-4331 and told them about this site and the TSB# TSB0703-10 and the problems he and others were having with the transmission. They said there was definitely a TSB on it and gave him an incident # in case he had any trouble with the dealer. The next day he took it to the dealership we bought it from, armed with copies from this thread and the TRD# in hand (did not have the printed off TRD though) and asked to speak the manager of the service dept. Showed him these responses, mentioned the TRD #, the guy said "yes you are right, there is a TRD about the transmission", hubby insisted on showing him so took him out in it and it did it a little bit while the guy was in the truck, but he did not insist on my husband showing him. The actual flashing of the computer only took about 10 minutes and now it drives much better (according to hubby). I have not driven it yet. (I am the computer person and found info on the truck and this site and the problem). Yeah Me!!! So, there definitely is a problem and there is definitely a fix and a Toyota dealership should fix it for you with no arguing!!
  • akonakon Posts: 1
    i have a toyota tacoma 1996 model , i tried changing the transmission fluid and filter , after changing my transmission is not shifting properly again , can some one help on what to do,
  • Hey, I have an 09 Tacoma dble cab, trd v6 truck and I'm having the same issue has everyone has been having w/ the tranny issues. Could you send me a copy of the TSB0709-09 report please? would this fix the vibration I'm feeling when the truck is just idling? thanks! email is:
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    No, it won't fix the vibration. It is intended to reprogram the computer to remove the lapse of getting into the correct gear following the apex of a turn. Yes, I'll forward the TSB to you.
  • ew_bew_b Posts: 1
    TSB to fix low speed 1-2 / 2-1 shifting characteristics. TSB 0393-09

    TSB 0393-09 deals with this specific issue. IT WORKS! Just as many on this blog have discussed low speed "gear- hunting" problems, I too had them. There is a lot of chatter on this site about TSB 0703-10 to fix this, There is no such TSB and the blogs citing this TSB number are creating confusion.

    Inform your dealer of this fix. It involves re-flashing the computer with a revised program specifically for the A 10 model transmission installed in the Toyota Tachoma 4X4 and 4X2 6 cylinder models. It does NOT deal with vibration or banging issues described in many of the blog messages.

    IT Works!
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    question? Does anyone know what the TSB # is for the correction in a auto transmission that hunts for the correct gear about 40-50mph,. mine seems to shift up and down at these speeds. and also the trans. shifts down hard, only at times. I'm thinking the downhill assist control mod. is doing that.. anyway to disconnect this feature..???????????
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    I believe others on hear have used the -10 on their 2010's. This is the first I've heard of there not being such a version. I have the -09 and have assumed from others on here that the only difference of the two TRB's is the year make of the vehicle. Can anyone there confirm this? I want everyone to get this problem fixed if possible and don't want to pass out erroneous information.
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