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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • My friend has a 2008 Toyota Tacoma with automatic transmission.. We just changed his oil put 6 quarts in and a new oil filter that I did lube the thread and everything that your supposed to do with it. After we changed we give it gas with no response of the gears just the truck revving up itself then it would all of a sudden kick into gear. He did say the other night he had it in 2nd and was on a dirt road messing around. But the question is would that oil change have anything to do with why the trucks transmission is messing up all of a sudden? It wasn't having this problem before the oil change.
  • I have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma V6 Automatic, not a 4x4. At around 3,000 miles the trans started shifting from 1st to 2nd extremely hard. The dealership could not find the problem so they ordered me a brand new trans and dropped it in. It was perfect for about another 3 to 4,000 miles and it is doing the same thing all over again. My question is, why does it keep doing this? The only change I made with the truck since I bought it was a 3 inch lift and mud terrain tires, which was recommended for this truck. I do not pull a trailer or haul anything heavy.
  • rawman2rawman2 Posts: 1
    I'm still dealing with my Tacoma with similar synchro issues. I bought my 09 new in 2009, its a 4x4, trd off road, v6 sr5, 6 speed. At 4500 miles the transmission locked up, synchros were found worn and made the transmission stick in 4th. Transmission was replaced under warranty. At 30k there was grinding from 2nd to 3rd, synchros replaced and transmission rebuilt under warranty. 34500 the clutch blows up, Toyota tried to make me pay for the clutch until I found the clutch TSB online while looking for performance clutches. At 60000 there was grinding between 3rd and 4th gear. Again the synchros were found to be shot, and transmission rebuilt under my extended warranty. Now at 78000 the tranmission is doing the squeaky throwout bearing thing as well as lurching back and forth sometimes while starting out on a slight hill after parked for an hour or so. They are apparently in the process of checking with Toyota to see if they'll cover it under warranty as the throwout bearing is not a covered part under my extended warranty. I'm not sure if the throwout bearing would cause the lurching, probably another issue with the transmission. After this repair I'm throwing in the towel and going lemon law on their asses!
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Sorry I can't offer any advice but I sure do sympathize with you. Extended warranty and all these issue's? May the good lord be with you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The only "duty" the synchos serve is during shifting....

    Were I the dealer I would begin to question your proper use of the clutch...

    Are you sure you know when to NOT have the front drive engaged...?

    Sorry if this is too "in your face" but the useful lifetime of stick shift transmissions is very much the result of driver use...or abuse...

    Plus your post jumps out at me as being ONE of ONE.
  • Hey: Thanks for responding. It is a automatic not manual. So I assume the trans knows when to shift. The problem seems to come and go. I just put it in drive and drive. So I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I just step on the break or gas. You said my post jumps out at you as being One of One, I'm sorry I don't know what that means, you have never heard of a trans that jerks when it shifts on its own? I am just looking for someone who may have knowledge with transmissions. I thought maybe when I changed my tires out to Mud Terrain that maybe the computer needed to be reset or something. I am a girl so I don't know much about the inside of an engine. Thanks for your time and any helpful advice. It hasn't done it in a few months. I just don't want to have trans problems when my warranty is up, who would.
  • My truck is doing the same thing and it also revs really high going up and down hills; it's particularly bad going downhill. I've been into the dealership 3 times for this issue and Toyota keeps telling me that they cannot find anything. They tell me that they can't even get it to do the high revving. Well this morning on my way to work while going downhill on a major freeway I pushed on my brakes and the gas pedal went down and the RPMs went way up. My truck doesn't shift down when it should either and often it will shift gears hard. :confuse:
  • just changed my oil 2008 tacoma for the first time today the trannsmission done the same as yr friend what did you do
  • Working histories and lessons learned ? would you listen or read and believe ? Ive lived next to a junkyard my whole life. Both co-owners lived out their lives after military mechanical carreers and 40 plus years private biz.. long and short one nieghbors son was doing the Vo tech thing and took grandpa's impala wagon out of the garage and took it to class to do the transmission flush service filter crap class.....You guessed it.. it slipped same day and was declared dead dead dead....junkyard being next door the routine was followed twice in succession ....same result only one around the block the third was in the shop class ...... two more dead , lol trans..... On TRYING TO GET A THIRD USED TRANS from the yard the owners had realized each had allready swapped once each for the "nieghbor" Now these men, with over 110 years of experience IMMIEDIALTLY put one and one together, looked at the kid with the transmission and GUESSED the problem first time.....Votech high school ! they explained to the dad of the school kid the trans out of used vehicles have the Life Blood and body of the cluch disks floating in the used fluid. Once this blood is exchanged out for Fresh New Fluid they slip most everytime. Course of Order with THIRD and FINAL exchanged trans was to drain pan. place new filter, pour back in original fuid. The old junkers knew their stuff, the old wagon still runs fine on that junker tranny and the old fluid ! The kid even took the wagon to the prom years after instead of his custom reman camaro SS with a lesson learned from the OLD PROS. As an Aside when the kid built his 327 with ten to One ratio pistons he followed the old builders advice to pull the car down a mile in high gear turning the fresh built engine with the fuel pump disconnected . Once she fired all gassed and running the order of the day was 7 miles out and seven back as fast as she could go..... the old guys built and warrented out of their wallets and to this day that engine was :BROKE IN ... just like they made their living....Full speed to the Limit....
  • My wifes 2004 Tacoma had the same problem. The Kick Down (Detent) cable broke. We were referred to a local transmission shop and he found the problem as soon as I raised the hood. The cost for replacing the cable was $305.00 tax included. :)
  • I have a 07 tacoma v6 4 door with the exact problem been to the dealer 5 times they say they can't find anything
  • lazyfarmerlazyfarmer Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 tacoma...had the problem where it would be hard to go into reverse. Then it stopped going in for good...the dealer would look at it when they had an opening two weeks later. Something has to be very poorly made in the transmission for this to happen. I have a 97 tacoma with 475k on it. Have never had trans or clutch trouble with it. This truck the clutch feels like it's wearing out and now I notice the oil from the clutch hydraulic cylinder is leaking in the cab.
  • indyemmettindyemmett Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Check your transmission and then the oil dip stick. I bet many of these poster accidentally drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil. $20 says the transmission fluid is low and the oil level is 2xs the required amount.

    Under the Tacoma it's easy to get the oil and transmission fluid pans confused.

    This would explain the whining noises and the funky shifting.
  • My '98 Toyota Tacoma SR5 (4-cyl, auto, column shift) has been having transmission problems now for a while. It started as driving in all low gears (1-3 only) and would down-shift the moment it could without red-lining. I added some transmission treatment fluid to it and it settled out some and started opposite problem, riding in all high gears. It would not use the lower gears hardly at all, and third stopped in general, shifting down to 2nd if turned off OD and never down-shifting from 4th even if floored accelerator, and reverse started giving me problems too around the same time. If I shifted it to Reverse, the truck would shake and rattle apart almost before it would catch and start backing up. Now it has stopped working in 4th gear, driving in 3rd constantly, and Reverse has ceased to work at all. Anyone have any ideas what may need to be done to fix the problem?
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