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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    I don't know what the TSB # is either. Hopefully, it will show up here. I currently am waiting for the Regional rep to look at the truck. I want to say that I find this rather silly that this is proving to be such a challenge. Don't know why it can't be resolved nor why Toyota is apparently so resistant to tackle the problem.
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    Yes, good question what it the TSB number. I've sent 4 people to the Nissan dealer in the last 2 months who were considering Toyota Tacoma in Florida, You would think they would wake up one day and realize that fixing this could not possibly be as expensive as loosing their reputation in the small truck business. Apparently they don't get it. The funny part is, about the time they figure that out, it will be too late.
  • pesteele1pesteele1 Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone & thanks for reacting - I wish Toyota would do likewise.

    I'm looking at my service invoice & it states:

    "Test drove vehicle. Verified concern. Found TSB #0096-09 pertaining to concern. Recalibrated ECU per TSB. Test drove - passed." Obviously I don't agree it passed but I can't fault the dealer, I think they are trying but Toyota is just looking away and pretending none of this is happening.

    My suggestion to the group is to:

    - Keep at Toyota at every opportunity - start a case #, send emails & calls as appropriate. I've read some other posts where folks report Toyota Customer Care and dealers claim they've never heard about a compliant about this - I'd take this excuse away from them.
    - Keep posting here - I'd guess someone from HQ lurks here to see how restless the natives are getting.
    - Post on the review pages on Edmunds,, Yahoo, Epinions, etc. Drive their satisfaction numbers down & scare shoppers away.
    - When someone at work or in a parking lot says 'Hey - sharp truck - howdya like it?', tell them. I bet I've already killed a couple sales for them.
    - Answer your Consumer Reports and JD Powers surveys if you get them. My 90 day anniversary is coming up and Toyota better pray JD Powers doesn't sample me.
    - File a complaint w/ NHTSA re inappropriate shifting - I don't want to run down a pedestrian in cross walk because the truck whimsically decided it wanted to drop down a gear too many. Likewise, I did a long 3-4% uphill and it would not shift down.
    - See what recourse you have in your locality re lemon laws, state attorney general, consumer affairs, etc. Probably not much chance here as these are pretty uniformly stacked against the consumer, but you could at least make some noise.

    I'm a realist and I've got Toyota's truck and they've got my money and not much I can do at this point. Sad thing is, I like the truck & if they'd address the transmission issue fairly, I could be retained as a customer (& send some more their way) if they'd quit this GM/Chrysler-like behavior.

    A wise man once said better to make $100 from a customer ten times than $200 once. Balls in your court Toyota.
  • ccl1961ccl1961 Posts: 4
    After reading all this, they have lost a customer for now. I will wait and see what happens but only for a month or so and then here I come Nissan!
  • Seems from the posts that at least word is getting out to potential customers about this issue. My truck now has around 8300 miles on it and still the transmission gets hung up when turning corners, downshifts a little rough when slowing down around 35 mph, and is jerky at times when accelerating. I have also just recently noticed that at around 25-35mph when the transmission starts the downshifting, if I lightly touch the gas, the truck will shudder until I adjust the pressure I am applying to the gas pedal. I have spoke to several 09 Tacoma owners now and everyone I have talked to has experienced the same general issues with the transmission. Problem is, they have not taken any action to complain! I have urged everyone to bring it to the attention of Toyota. And as much as I like everything else about the truck, each time someone asks me how I like it, I tell them about the transmission. Wake up Toyota. You are losing customers. I will not be completely satisified with my truck nor will I be a future Toyota customer unless you address this issue.
  • bishtacobishtaco Posts: 3
    I too have the same tranny issue. Vibration from 25-10mph deceleration and a slip at 10mph. Service says it's normal. Started around 400 miles, now have 1500. Had I known I'd have this issue I would have bought a ridgeline. When toyota fixes this I'll give a posting. Mine is an 09 prerunner four-door SR5. Very frustrating for a new truck. I'd expect this from Ford, not Toyota.
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    I would not count on Toyota fixing this for you, they haven't for anyone else. I believe we will have to organize a class action suit to get them to do anything about it, they show no interest in the problem.

  • I bought a new 2007 fully loaded Tacoma Manual TRD. There's always been reasons to take it into the shop, though a big one was for a squeaky manual transmission that ended up being replaced after about 20k miles. Since then the front passenger side suspension started squeaking, which the dealer cant find a problem to. I dont offroad. Bigger problem is that when I press or release the accelerator (even turn off and turn on the cruise control) there is a lag and a knock...feels like the engine mounts need replacing. knocking started after 30k service, maybe coincidence, but its not been long after transmission replacement. Second time out of dealer for the knocking last week and dealer refuses to admit there is a problem.

    Overall, though I have tried to ignore it, it appears that I have bought a lemon. I cant find similar problems to mine on the internet, and it does appear that all my problems have been related to car assembly rather than component manufacture, which apparently occur in USA and Japan, respectively. Not finger pointing, just trying to state observations, all of which are up for challenge.

    I hope that some of you have some useful opinions, and even recommendations, but my current state of mind is that i have to sell this tacoma. I had hoped to keep for a few years, and I did do my research which did show that I would spend a little more but get reliability. But I cant trust the truck, I cant trust my dealer, and I dont know when this truck is going to fail again because my conclusion is overall lack of quality during assembly.

    I hope you can help me decide one way or another, either I sell it (and lose my investment money from buying new/cash), or I get dirty with Toyota, which will cost a lot of time and anguish..and probably low expectation of success..and what is success?..they solve the latest transmission problem....and then overall lack of quality yields a new problem in 6 months..?

    Looking forward to your input,
  • ccl1961ccl1961 Posts: 4
    Sounds like you have dealer problems more than assembly problems.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    What an excellent description of the problems. I had the Toyota rep look at my truck yesterday and apparently they can't see the problem. Therefore, I filed a complaint with the NGTSA today. I get the feeling this is going to be a long hard road. A necessary one however for safety reasons. Everyone with this problem should file a complaint. Hang in there.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    With the similar problems we're experiencing it should be noted that other sites are posting this problem as well. This comes from TTORA. See posting at . This what it states.

    09 Tacoma Transmission Slipping/Shifting Strange
    I just bought a 2009 Tacoma Prerunner 4x2 V6, AT, double cab. I have 797 miles on it as of today. My transmission is acting funny and though I have found similar posts on the net regarding my problems, NO ONE has posted anything definite regarding possible causes, even after taking to the dealer.

    Issue #1: When I have come to a stop, after about 5-10 seconds, it feels like the truck moves forward slightly, like someone has bumped me. I notice the RPM's jump a little when this happens. Some say this is related to the A/C.

    Issue#2: The transmission slipped twice today, while slowing down and turning on to another street. It is like it was downshifting and got stuck for a moment in another gear. It happened quick and it is possible I hit the gas right while it was downshifting (even though that should not matter).

    Issue #3: When I take my foot off the gas, to start slowing down in a lower speed zone, the transmission seems to get hung up around 35mph, then downshifts around 20mph. I can see the RPM's move up and down as it shifts. It is not as bad as it sounds, but it is not a smooth slow down. To me, I should not feel anything but a smooth coasting, like my former Nissan Frontier. If I am braking to slow down, it kinda feels like the truck has a few surges forward.

    I dropped off at dealer today. Of course they said they had never heard of any of this, but I have found plenty of posts on the net that are similar. Service manager stated that it is all electronic now days and they will check it out.

    Anyone else experience these issues? Any ideas as to what is going on? The dealer had the truck driven 270 miles to their lot, all on Interstate. I am wondering if the constant speeds caused a problem. Service manual says do not drive at a constant speed for excessive amounts of time in the first 1,000miles.
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    Yep...just sent mine back to the dealer today - 2nd time - they claim everything is normal. I have asked to see the Toyota rep. - they quoted me 3 weeks wait for that.
    However, the lemon law here requires 3 trips to the dealer to file I'll make one more to satisfy the law...and then file for protection.
  • bishtacobishtaco Posts: 3
    I had the dealer reset the computer on my taco. Mine has around 1700 miles and it appears as if the lack of gear catch at 10mph has gone away, for the most part. It doesn't hesitate as much and catches better. Also, starting RPM seems to be a bit less which is good. Service said to give it a week. I got mine with 300 miles because it came from another state and the computer must've learned the porter's driving habits instead of mine. So, for now, looks as if it worked. If it doesn't, I'll let everyone know.
  • tacoma1958tacoma1958 Posts: 21
    I also filed a complaint via the NHTSA web site. I also returned my truck for repair on 3 separate occasions. They reset the computer, then checked the fluid and, on the third visit, did both. I then met wit 2 Toyota service reps that said there was no issue. The truck performs as designed. You have no claim. I filed for arbitration. The company that heard the case in on Toyota's payroll. I lost. I will now trade or sell my truck because I can not stand to drive it.

    Hate it.
  • tacoma1958tacoma1958 Posts: 21
    For all interested, there is now a Facebook page dedicated to Tacoma Transmission problems. Please join.
  • harris42harris42 Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2004 4wd Tacoma 4 door TRD limited with 52,000 on it. Whew, that's a mouthful. Anyway, I also own a 95.5 Tacoma sx 4wd with a manual tranny and have put 300,000 miles on it. The newer Tacoma is only the second car I've ever had that has an automatic, and the problems you are experiencing are similar to some things I've noticed about the 04, but are issues that I wrote off as what I've never liked about automatics--that is, they are just quirky to drive compared to a manual. For instance, the lurching bump downshift when coming to a stop--it actually feels as though the truck is pulling against the rotors until it finally decides to drop the last gear. At first it was bothersome, especially because I'm used to doing the shifting, as well as being used to the engine braking I get from my 95.5 manual, but now I'm getting used to it, and I don't think it is a catastriphy waiting to explode--Toyota just over-engineered the tranny, having it computer controlled instead of otherwise. You will probably also find that if you manually shift the truck up from D1 thru D that it doesn't shift with the lever movement--there is a bit of a lagtime as the computer catches up to your input and all the other issues that it is monitoring. Does this mean that your truck has longevity issues? I doubt it. My 95.5 had a tranny growl at 55mph when I bought it new, and it still has it 300,000 miles later, and I have never changed the clutch or even (and I hate to admit this because I'm a professional mechanic) the tranny fluid. In short, it's a quirk. Obviously this "problem" that you mentioned has been a Toyota characteristic for at least 5 years, and they haven't changed it, so I'm guessing that it really isn't an issue other than a feel preferrence. Would I prefer to glide to a stop without the sparatic drop shift bumps, yeah, but is it going to get me to hate my truck? Nope. I'll tell you something more irritating--Toyotas with rack streering, have rubber bushings keeping the rack anchored, and the wear out fast. Theresult is a certain amount of play and "hunting" in the steering, especially at highway speeds in a strong breeze. Yota doesn't sell the complete bushing kit, (only way to change the main bushing is to buy a complete rack) which is actually fairly easy to change in the garage, and so you have to go aftermarket. Why Yota hasn't addressed this issue is beyond me, steering is the biggest issue when looking into how an aging vehicle holds up. My 95.5 is still tight, but I credit that top a steering dampner I added when the truck was new--95.5 were undersprung in the rear (a recall I believe) and it caused a bit of steering wheel shimmy. Anyway, I hope this helps rest your nerves. Peace.
  • ccl1961ccl1961 Posts: 4
    I don't think the trans problems is happening on 05's to 08's. I haven't seen a post one other than 09's doing the trans thing.
  • Doesn't calm my nerves much at all. Maybe a little with regard to the lurching downshift. Do you work for Toyota? I am disgusted with the constant slipping/hesitation of my transmission when slowing down and subsequently accelerating when turning onto another street, when making a U-turn (not only does the engine rev but so does my heart with on-coming traffic), and when simply driving over a speed bump. If you make frequent stop and go's (i.e., do a lot of city street driving), this truck will drive you nuts! Mine is an 09 Taco automatic TRD Sport Pkg. with 9500 miles on it now. Had the computer reset once, helped for a while, but now it is still the same if not worse as when I bought it. Toyota told me the computer has to learn my driving habits and it could take 1-5K miles to do so. BS! This is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. What other computer has to learn a person's habits? My home computer, my washing machine, my dryer, my dish washer? NO. Then they tell me that if my wife drives the truck too, that could cause problems because then the computer is trying to learn her habits which are different from mine. So I guess these trucks are meant to be driven by one person only? That is a major design flaw. NEVER will I buy Toyota again. This is a cheaply made truck as the slightest bump of the body causes a dent. I have two panels that cover my door and window control levers which vibrate (have tried to fix this with felt lining, guess I will have to glue them down). I have a buzzing sound coming from under my glove compartment (sounds like a bumble bee caught in paper and I cannot find the source). My air conditioning fan started making noise one day, as if it was about to die (fortunately has only happened once). I feel like I bought a lemon.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Thank you Harris42. Sounds like well thought out reasoning. The transmission problem in reality for getting used to I can live with. It's the very real possibility of it not reacting in an emergency situation that bothers me most. I want the truck to move if I need it too and as things are I don't trust it to do just that. Thereby, leaving me and or others open to getting T-Boned and being dead right. Thanks again.
  • kevin144kevin144 Posts: 8
    I have been shopping for a 2x4 double cab long bed tacoma for 6 months. I have test driven the vehicle on 5 different occassions. The test drive was impressive. I called Toyota regarding the transmisson problem they have no such complaints. Is their any Toyota owners not having any problems wth the 09 toyotas ?
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