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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • tacomaryetacomarye Posts: 11
    When I first got my 09. It did have some odd shifting behaviors. However, it seemed to improve the more i drove it. I hear that the computer system learns your driving habits and adjusts accordingly. I spoke with the dealer regarding the transmission and they told me that the 5spd automatics are a 'busy' transmission. I have a 4x4 double cab 4 liter. Its a great truck, and everyone who rides in it, or drives it says it rides real smooth. As the primary driver, I do notice the transmission at times.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Well my friend if Toyota is telling you they have no complaints that is an outright lie. But then why would they. There are other posting out there like Edmunds with complaints like you see here. There are some out there without this problem which begs the question what is different? When I pose the question to them all I get for a response is it is a normal characteristic. That is an acknowledgement of the problem in itself. You can ignore it if you want. I'm begining to think Toyota is over rated. It's plain they have no intention of addressing the problem. Good luck
  • pesteele1pesteele1 Posts: 5

    To be as charitable to Toyota as I can, they are flat-out lying to you. Not sure if you are referring to salespeople at the dealership or Toyota national. Either way, its a real stretch to believe everything here and at, Consumer Reports, etc. is simply made up and fabricated & if so, to what end. Ask them why they have a TSB & they are going to arbitration if there is no issue. Personally, I've got things I'd much rather do than blog about Toyota transmissions

    Your choice, but if they're treating us this way, how do you think they are going to treat you after a thousand miles?

    PS - the 2-3 trucks I test drove operated beautifully (as did mine until 400 miles) so caveat emptor.
  • kevin144kevin144 Posts: 8
    Toyota national has no such complaints regarding their transmission, I guess keep reporting. I did notice their are 12 complaints on the NHTSA site. I am waiting to see whats new for 2010 tacomas.
  • tacoma1958tacoma1958 Posts: 21
    edited August 2011
    I don't know about Toyota "National", but Southeast Toyota had at least one complaint. It went to arbitration. At the very least, I'd call that a complaint. I traded my Tacoma on a Frontier. What a relief I don't have to drive that ****** anymore. It's a shame, too, becasue besides the transmission issue, it's a good truck.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    You mention it went to arbitration. What was the result? I've applied for arbitration. Be sure to post the result please.
  • dboatrigdboatrig Posts: 1
    Many of the descriptions of tranny problems here sound exactly like our '02 Lexus es300. The dealer and Toyota corporate responses are exactly the same (computer will learn, need computer update, etc). They eventually acknowledged it was an issue and sent notices to owners to have the dealer perform an updated computer mapping, but it did not fix the problem. If this is really an issue with the Tacoma also, they never will fix it either. Don't worry, you eventually get used to the hunting, jerking, over-revving, delayed shift response, etc.
  • When I am at the stop light and then start accelerating away from the light, the back tires start to spin (normally when it is wet outside). I notice that initially there is little power for acceleration but then the truck "all of a sudden" accelerates, which normal causes the tires to start spinning. I wanted to know if anyone else is having this same problem, if anyone knows what the issue is, and how to fix this problem.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Sorry fflewisje, don't know what the problem is however, it certainly sounds like a computer problem. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the fly by systems developed by Toyota leave a lot to be desired. Like my problem keep posting here when you find a solution. Beware the phrase "normal characteristic". Good luck my friend.
  • ccl1961ccl1961 Posts: 4
    I have to post this. I have bought a 2009 Tacoma about a week ago and during the test drive I made turns like described and every turn I got the truck to do what is described. And has done it since. Let me say this much. IT IS A NORMAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE TRANSMISSION!!!! All that the trans is doing is downshifting into 1st when it's supposed to be in 2nd and I am sure there is a good reason for this. But there is NOTHING wrong with your transission!
  • ccl1961,

    Trying to understand your hostility and why you would even take the time to post your message if it is a normal characteristic? How do you know it is a normal characteristic? Have you surveyed every single 09 Tacoma owner to know how many transmissions are actually behaving like this? Are you saying that every 09 Tacoma does this? Sounds like you work for Toyota. Apparently you don't mind a transmission that slips and gets hung up and revs your engine while it searches for the next gear. Would you call that smooth operation? Wait until you pull out into traffic and your tranny activates its NORMAL CHARACTERISTIC!
  • ccl1961,

    "All that the trans is doing is downshifting into 1st when it's supposed to be in 2nd and I am sure there is a good reason for this. But there is NOTHING wrong with your transission!"

    And your above statement means there is nothing wrong "when it's supposed to be in 2nd"?
  • Befuddled2: Sorry to take so long answering your question. My case went to arbitration. I elected the "documents only" format. I sent my paperwork in as did Toyota. I presented service tickets, copies of complaints to the NHTSA web site, a copy of the TSB issued for Camry transmissions, and a DVD with a short video of my dashboard (speedometer and tachometer) during a transmission slip. The arbitration team (who is on Toyota's payroll) denied my request fro re-purchase. They said I failed top prove my case with reasonable proof. I don;t know what, if anything, would have convinced them otherwise.

    "normal characteristic": It was also a normal characteristic for Pintos to blow up when struck from behind. It was normal characteristic for Explorers to roll over when there tires had a blow out.

  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    If I may add a note here. First off, the term "Normal Characteristic" is one used by the Toyota people. It defines their belief that it is not a problem and that is the way it is supposed to work. Not all of them do it. Hence the question what is different that makes this occur to some and not others. We have two Toyota products. The one the wife drives employes the same technology only under the name of Lexus. It does not do this. In fact, the transistion from one gear to another is barely discernible at all. My personal concern is that on roads that I drive visibility is a real problem. There are times when you commit yourself to go and at that point another vehicle appears from nowhere. I want to be sure that when I step on that accelerator to go it does. The computer taking it's time to decipher what gear it wants to be in could leave me or someone else being dead right. Not knowing whether it will react tends to make one more of a defensive driver out of necessity. Even so, you could end up dead right. It is my belief that this is a fixable problem and Toyota won't tackle the problem. It has definitely left me with ill regard for them. Good luck.
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Thank you sir. My oh my, you did go to some trouble to prove your case. I wondered who the arbitrator might be. Obviously, an arbiter from an interested party tends to yield unfavorable results. The more things change the more they stay the same. We're still paying to be guinea pigs aren't we. All the best to you.
  • It might be normal to some trucks, but that does not mean it is normal. What DB believes that when your coming out of a corner and the motor reves while the converter does not lock up putting you in perils way is a moron !

    There is something wrong and it needs fixed. My 09 does it too !
  • Oh ! I have same problem like you but have not any idea. :confuse:
  • Did you ever find anything out? I just purchased an 07' prerunner crew cab TRD Sport. It does the same thing your describing here. Let me know if you found out anything, Thanks
  • befuddled2befuddled2 Posts: 111
    Not as yet. However, there was a gentleman on here that went to arbitration and lost. Turns out the arbiter was Toyota itself. If that makes sense to you I got a truck to sell you. Keep pursuing it as it is only through persistence that issues such as these get changed. Good luck my friend.
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    Still fighting with Toyota to get a fix for this. Now we wait for the week when a Toyota rep is available to "look" at the problem. It is maddening that they won't own up to this problem.
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