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Hyundai Tucson Heat and Air Conditioner Questions

238000238000 Posts: 48
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Re: 2005 Tucson V6. My air conditioner works real well until I get about 75 miles into a trip, and then it produces less air, and sometimes the system shuts down, and won't turn on. The dealer can't figure it out, and wants me to leave the car so they can put 75 miles on it to see what the problem is. I think I'm giving up on it and will suffer through the heat wave. Also, when I took the car in, they said the ESC needed another reprogramming which they did. Has anybody had any experience with the stability control, and related systems?


  • manikpopmanikpop Posts: 1
    The '06 Tucson I have has had 2 "reprogramming" problems. Today, another one. I was told that the error code stayed in the car's computer. We'll see when I bring it in next week.
  • What's the difference, if any, between these drives on a 2005 Tucson ?
    Seller of Tucson I may buy calls drive "4WD or AWD"--but the Carfax report onvehicle calls it "Front Wheel Drive."

    What's going on here?
    Am I buying a true 4WD (as advertised) ?
    John V
  • mam5mam5 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 Tucsan used in 2009 and immediately had a part replaced as the a/c did not work. The fan blew hot air.
    This week I have a similar problem. The fan blows hot air and suddenly the a/c will work. We checked hoses and don't see anything obvious.
    What could be the problem and will it be expensive to fix?
  • kmayes74kmayes74 Posts: 1

    I am having a problem with the blower motor on my '05 Tucson not always working when I start the car. Sometimes it will take a minute or two for air to start coming out. I am guessing there is a loose connection somewhere but have no clue where to start... I've never had to do electrical work on the car. Is this something I can track down myself or is it best to take it to a mechanic?
  • robwiacekrobwiacek Posts: 1
    This is the same issue I have with my 2005 Tuscon.
    In fact, I turned the fan knob so hard it popped off! Sometimes the AC goes on by itself, ostly not.
    For the longest time, I had to turn off the fan knob before shutting the car off. Then I'd be able to turn the fan back on.......NO LONGER!
    I tried to track down the issue but no luck. There's no way I'm taking this in to mechanic.....213,000+ miles on it.
    I might just try to take out the knob and by pass with an on-off swith.
    Wish i could help rather than comiserate.
  • yogyogstanyogyogstan united arab emiratesPosts: 1
    I have a 2013 tucson 4wd limited here in UAE. I had a problem with the AC at 16500 which got fix with warrranty. After 1 month (more or less) AC is not working (cooling) again. It only blows hot air. Does anyone had the same issues with ACs?

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