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Suzuki Aerio Wagon Brake Problems

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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Get (and give) advice on Aerio brake problems here.

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  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    My 2002 Aerio has 20,000 miles now and we hear a clunk or moan-groan-crunch sound once or twice when applying the brakes hard first thing in the morning when it is cold.. Never when hot so I assume this is normal but will have tham check it at next oil change. I assume your bad bearings made noise when they overheated?? HOW MANY MILES ARE PEOPLE GETTING OUT OF THEIR FRONT BRAKE PADS ON THEIR AERIOS? I HOPE TO GET 30,000 MILES. ANY COMMENTS??
  • I needed to replace my pads and rotors at about 20,000/30,000 miles. The rotors needed to be replaced due to warping from the heat. Pads wore out probably due to the warping of the rotors.

    If you think your bearings are going up take your car to a brake shop and ask how the rotors are. If their warped it is probably caused by the heat from the bearings. Make sure the dealership replaces the rotors. They will try and claim it is a regular main. problem and is not covered by warrenty, but if the bearings heated up the wheel they caused the rotor to heat up and this causes the rotor to warp. Cause and effect. If they put up to much of a complaint tell them you want to talk to the district service rep.
  • Hi Frenchcar,

    My 2003 Aerio SX just turned 27K miles. At 23K miles the front brake pads had to be replaced and the rotors turned. They were worn down 90% according to the tech. Cost was $205. I took it to my nearest Suzuki dealer. I wasn't overly happy that the brakes wore out so quickly. Other FWD cars I have had lasted around 50K miles. I don't drive like a maniac and most of my driving is highway (70%). But this is the only problem I have had. I did have the occasional thunk when backing up but I never took the car in for this. Since my brake job I have never heard the thunk again.

    Happy Motoring
  • fosterbfosterb Posts: 5
    My vehicle was taken into the service dept and informed that pads were less than 10%. After my shock and disbelief, I took my vehicle to my personal mechanic who confirmed the wear & tear. My mechanic could not believe a 2005 vehicle would have this kind of brake pad wear. My suspicion is that the dealership put used brake pads on a brand new car. Has anyone else had this happen? Can anyone provide a reasonable explanation for this? All comments are welcomed.
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    1) Rats!
    2) You have a REALLY GOOD braking system. Your car LITERALLY stops on a dime with the slightest touch of the pedal, producing HUGE amounts of brake dust!
    3) (serious for a moment) Someone installed counterfeit brake shoes. The skills of the counterfeiters are better, and access to various technical resources is getting easier. They're finding all types of ways to sell their stuff to legitimate channels undetected (February 7th issue of Business Week, "Fakes!" May be available via But then, I think that Suzuki would have noticed if the problem is widespread.
    4) Defective equipment?

    I can't envision a legitimate reason why a new car should have 10% of the brake pads left after only 8000 miles.

    You may want to e-mail Suzuki of America about the issue. I don't think that the pads are covered by the car's warranty (at least that's true for my 2003 vehicle), but you could prompt someone at the company to look into the issue for you.
  • Thanks for the information. I'll check it out. I had my Aerio brakes repaired and serviced at my personal repair shop and my mechanic could not fathom how these brakes wore out so quickly, unless they were worn from the beginning or defective. I've contacted my dealership service dept and got no where. Contacted Suzuki America and was informed due to brakes not being warrantied, they couldn't do anything. But when I suggested the service dept was saving $$ (or cutting costs) with replacing the brake pads on new/used vehicles, then the CSR sent me to the Distr. Mgr. We'll see how this goes...
  • I am having the same problem with my '05 Aerio. I had the pad redone "as a courtesy" by the dealer at 8800 miles and now again at 14k they are telling me "Its bad driving", and that they would put in some new pads for $200!!. I have been around and around with Suzuki Customer Service and finally got the District Manager to agree to meet the car tomorrow and check the braking system himself.

    I had an '04 Aerio that I traded in for the '05 at 14k miles and no brake problems whatsoever. Also I drove about 8k of the 14k on the current car on the highway between LA and Phoenix.

    Oh I took the car to Firestone and they told me the calipers weren't working properly, causing them to heat up, and in turn heating up the pads and the rotors... they want $695 to fix the problem (calipers and rotors).

    We need to band together to fight Suzuki over this...It is not bad driving but defective brakes!!!

    Follow this forum for more information after I see the District Manager on Friday.
  • Very interested in Suzuki Feeback... my daughter just "totaled" her 2002 Aerio when she ran into the rear end of a Ford Pickup truck at about 30 miles per hour last week. It had 39,000 + miles and no problems with brakes... Crappy Bridgestone Potenza's tires were replaced at about 30,000 though and I hope the new tires they put on are better. We did not have one problem with the car, other than the drivers mat holder, small plastic piece broke several times...

    I will speak very postively to the safety of the vehicle... car crumbled as designed, hood buckled, engine was pushed down rather than back... both airbags deployed, she only received a cut lip from airbag and bruise on her arm.. Based on this, am looking for a 2005 new or a 2006 Aerio with the standard side airbags..

    Gas mileage could be better, but the engine is bigger, more powerful and it is generally 300 - 400 pounds heavier that similar cars in its class, which may have contributed to the safety aspect....

    Overall, we were very happy with the vehicle...

    Anyway, interested in their response on the brakes...
  • I just had my front brakes replaced after 12,000 miles. I have never in my life had a car that needed its brakes replaced after only 12,000 miles. It is a 2005 hatch-back. I asked the repairman at the dealer if this was normal because I was dumbfounded. He claimed it depends on the driver, I don't beleive I can afford to replace my brakes every 12,000 miles. Anyone gotten anywhere with this, also just had to get 2 new tires due to cupping. Help!
  • Just curious what you found out from the District Manager...I have a 05' Aerio S and had the front pads replaced at no charge @ 6500 miles!!!! Never had that happen before with another vehicle and then @ 13,000 was told that it needed it again!!!! When the dealership told me it would cost $350. to do the front brakes, I took it to Sears where they did it for $125.00. I did insist that they NOT use the Suzuki parts and they used another mfr. pads...We'll see how these wear....I like the car and other than this issue, have been very happy with the performance
  • Well, here it goes. I have contacted my local Suzuki repair shop leaving voice mails for him to contact the Dist. Mgr. Guess what! I haven't heard anything from Suzuki. Next step is the 800 number and maybe I'll get someone to respond. I do agree that we should make a concerted effort to get to the bottom of this problem. No one should have brake pad that wear out that fast. Any comments/response are welcomed! I'll keep you in the loop... :lemon:
  • Wow, I thought it was bad that my 2003 Aerio just had to have a brake job at 29,000 miles until I read this thread. I have to say that the difference after the work was done is amazing, and makes me wonder how safe my car was before. Otherwise, though, I've had no problems at all with the Aerio.
  • I think I am at the top of the list my 2005 Aerio start with brakes problems at 1,800 miles round one ; round two
    4,900 miles and just today 5,117 miles round three.The sad part is that Suzuki wants me eat the cost of pads and rotors replacement. Thats going to be round four keep you
  • I owned my aerio for about 8 months before I had to replace the break pads. I have never had to replace break pads on any vehicle that I have owned. When I asked the dealership about the problem they told me I must be hard on my breaks. When I contacted the 800 customer service number they told me they have never heard of anyone else with this problem before. My car is an 04 but it sounds like all years have problems with the breaks.
  • My brakes required replacement with 8 Kms. on the car. Thats right folks !! The first trip from the dealer in a brand new car and the front discs were so badly warped they needed replacement!!! I hear Suzuki dealers don't like this site. Maybe they should stop selling defective cars to hard working people and we wouldn't have so many negative things to say.
  • hi i have an 05 aerio awd just over a year old with approx
    8k miles on it now. already had front brakes replaced and all 4 tires replaced. i get on avg 17-18mpg in the city. dealer keeps telling me nothing they can do. anyone else have this problem
  • d1mad1ma Posts: 2
    Well, I have 06 SX AWD with 7000 miles on it. I drive mostly hiways and get about 24 miles per gallon. I also have some popping noise coming from front end when car go over speed bump. Other than that no problems.
  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) Aerio04 01126R addresses clunking noises from underneath the car, but they charge $2.49 to view the TSB. Do other companies charge to see their TSB. If their is a problem with the car, the adjustment advisory should be Free in my opinion.
  • phenry1phenry1 Posts: 1
    I bought my '05 Aerio SX used -- it had 8400 miles on it! At 12500 the emergency brake light started coming on when I made turns. I was on my way to the dealer but rear ended a pickup about 1/4 mile from my destination. I couldn't stop! The other driver asked if I had anti-lock brakes because he heard screeching. Might be time for a lemon lawyer?
  • sraysray Posts: 2
    I bought a 97 esteem used with 105,000 miles on it, loved the way it rode and ran. Then I started having problems the mechanic told me the calipers were frozen I was basicly riding the brakes all the time, he could not find anything wrong with the master cylender or anything else. we replaced the calipers and it started doing the same thing the next day when he checked it he could not find anything but it has to be the brakes again anybody had any kind of problem like this and any sugestions help me please.
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