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Suzuki Aerio Wagon Brake Problems



  • lomita2lomita2 Posts: 4
    We discovered our brake problem, right front brake, when out on vacation, on the northeast side of Mt.Saint Helens, 9:30 p.m., just trying to make it down the hill to the campsite, the pads were toast at 16,000 miles, and there was so much heat being transmitted to the wheel bearing, even the mag wheel was hot to the touch.

    We traded the car in on an Infiniti G-35 Sports Coupe and took a big loss, however, we feel better about getting that Suzuki out of our hair.

    Suzuki can go fish. We will never buy any more of their products!
  • I am in the process of replacing both front brake pads and rotors on my 04 Aerio hatchback and am stumped by the rotor that would not budge. The pads are in no problem but I would like to replace the rotors as well. Any help greatly appreciated so I can get back on the road!!
  • Hi, I'm a little late to the whole email about this. I have a 2003 Aerio SX Hatchback. The first set of brakes seemed okay, but then my mechanic informed me that my brake on the front passenger side was sticking and would need to be replaced a LOT sooner because of it. So about 3 months after that; about a month and a half ago, the grinding sound made it clear that it desperately needed it. Funny, I hadn't heard it before that(!). My husband says that it wasn't sticking at the time when he looked at it [ and dertermined I needed a brake job NOW ], nor 20 minutes later when he replaced it, and subsequently took the car for a test drive....Not sure what's happening in real life.
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