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Toyota Sienna Gas Mileage

Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
Share your mileage numbers with other Sienna owners.





  • crusher1crusher1 Posts: 9
    I get a consistant 15 Liters / 100 kM
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    We get 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg in the highway with our 99'. We pamper our car!
  • 17.5 in the city and 23 hwy.

    AC is always on
  • mkjj123mkjj123 Posts: 18
    05 XLE
    15 around town, got 23 on a recent highway trip. Noticed that the odometer is off by about 5%. Drive 10 miles and the odometer reads 9. It's small, but it adds up.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I get 18MPG in city and 23-26MPG in highway with A/C and DLCC on.
  • I had a new 05 Sienna for one year and my average mileage was 20 mpg. Other than that it was a piece of junk. I got rid of it after one year.
  • Just did a 73 mile highway trip. Averaged 28.8 MPG, including a few slow sections at 45 MPH, as well as 6 stops. Kept vehicle under 60 MPH.
  • 16mpg in city and 22-23 highway. A/C always running.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    2006 Sienna LE OVERALL mileage for 8023 miles is 25.6 MPG (do the math: I had put in 313.473 gallons of gasoline by the time the odometer read 8023 miles). :shades: The A/C was running less than half the time.
    On 2 long round trips the mileage was 29.1 MPG and 27.8 MPG. (Trip computer read 29.8 at the end of first trip and 28.9 MPG at the end of the second). The lowest mileage ever when refilled was 18.5 MPG and the highest was 36.0 MPG. ;)
    BTW, the trip computer reads a little higher than mileage calculated dividing miles by gasoline used. The 02 T&C LX trip computer was more accurate than the Sienna is.
  • I got dead-on 25mpg my first tank. Did drive like a little old lady. Most of the time 1,500 - 2,000 rpm's, and maybe 40% freeway. I'll post again later. That may be a little more real-world. I'm still excited, and couldn't wait to post..... :)
  • cobbocobbo Posts: 34
    Well, FWIW, I must have a heavier foot than most, as I have tracked every tank of fuel I've put in my 2006 Sienna LE (8 seater) over the past year, and over 15,727 miles, I've consumed 839.715 gallons, for an average of only 18.73 mpg. My driving is a combo of city/highway, including typically a 12 mile commute each direction to work each day running 65mph uninterrupted via expressway, and a variety of downtown, stop & go & interstates for the balance...and, for anyone who cares, I averaged $2.52pg along the way.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I know the AWD gets less than the FWD but shouldn't be that much.
    We got a disappointed 16mpg in avg.
    I am not sure how my wife drives the van but I will consider "normal" driving with 70% freeway. Don't know why and what to do to improve the mpg. any idea?
    Maybe the run-flat tires?
  • I'm on my second tank, and it doesn't look like I'm going to get 25mpg this time. Looks closer to 20, but haven't refilled yet. Just figure 20 gallons at 20 mpg = 400 miles, so I was looking for 200 miles when it hit half-a-tank. Had to back off the gas to get to 200, so not as good as first tank. Will wait a few weeks and post again. I drive at least 400 miles a week, so should have an idea by then. I do know that my last vehicle got worse mileage in the winter, and we are not that cold here. My previous Toyotas before that, all bought new, had manual trannies, and the mileage was the same all year??
  • I'm getting 18.8 according to the computer in the car, mostly city driving. 14k miles on the vehicle. AC is always on. (it's Texas, y'all)
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    We just took a trip on only our third tankful, mostly highway miles but some stop & go thrown in. Seven passengers (three of them kids). Got 24.1 MPG by actual calculation, I think that's pretty good. The trip computer is showing 21.1 average MPG right now, up from 14 when we first bought the van.

  • In mostly city drivng here in Northern Virginia I am not even averaging 18 mpg based on the trip computer. I am expecting things to get better once the vehicle breaks in.
  • bmwk75sbmwk75s Posts: 18
    We just picked up a 2006 LE AWD. Filled the tank twice now and was a bit disappointed with the 15 mpg. I asked the dealer about break-in, but he said there really isn't one and to drive it like normal. I'm hoping it gets better. Other than the MPG I love the van.
  • Toyota's Sienna (from at least 2003 and newer) have a chip in the system that 'learns' the driver's habits the first 7K miles on the vehicle. You will see a better idea of what your MPG will be after this first 7K miles. In fact, after the initial chip 'break-in', if you switched to a heavy-footed driver (or Granny-Driver), you would not see a valid 'change' in the MPG until several thousand miles later when the chip again 'learns' the newest driver's habits.
    My 2005 gets about 20.1 - 20.5 (highway and city) figured out every time I get gas. I've got 33K miles. It's a FWD. This is higher than the overhead digital thingie shows. Long trip (went to Seattle from Dallas this past summer)....fully and all that crap...and got between 25-26....thru the mountains, trading off drivers, 80+ MPH and craploads of traffic during some unknown town's 'rush hour'. Great touring car. Not cute...but you can't have cute when you have kids.... Six more years...when the last one's out.....RX8 here i come.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    I haven't taken a trip, or run a tankful or even half tank, freeway only yet. That is very unusual for me, as I love to cruise the Hiway/Interstate. Am running 50-50, or 60-40, street-hiway. Just under 3,000 miles, getting
    21-22 mpg so far. Quiet and smooth, but am a bit red faced about a few times have had to pull out and back in again to park properly. :blush:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Overall average at 9,200 miles is now 24.6 MPG...down 1 MPG from 25.6 MPG at first of October. :cry:
    One long round trip was 28.8 MPG and another was 27.8 MPG. Best with 2002 T&C LX was 28.2 MPG for a round trip to and from the same places.
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