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2007 Outbacks



  • Thanks for the reliability comments, folks.

    How do '06-07 outback seats fare in comfort for long trips? I usually make several 700 mile trips each year.

    My current Malibu seats, save for a too-low lumbar support, remain comfortable for hours at a stretch.

    Some reports I read remarked the Subaru seats were fine for short hauls, but didn't work all that well for long trips.

    Knowing this will help me decide on the next car, for which Subaru is being considered.
  • Hi: Would appreciate advice from owners of the 2007 outback station wagon 3.0 R L. L. Bean Edition who only use regular gasoline & not the premium. Do you notice any pings or knocks in the engine & is the full warranty still in effect if only regular gasoline is used. My wife loves the smooth ride but will look elseware if you feel regular gas won't do a good job with performance. Thanks for your advice. Scott :cry:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Neat, Bob. So now you can get a loaded up model with the base engine. I wonder if it will replace the 2.5i Limited? I like the two-tone and wood steering wheel touches, plus NAV.

    Also, wonder if it'll have VDC?

  • I have had a new '07 Outback for about a month ~1100 miles. A rattle has started, and seems to have gotten worse, and seems to be from the back end. I tried to remove parts from the rear, one item at a time and couldn't find it. I now have it at the dealer and they have had it for three days. They think it may be the struts for the hatch door, but aren't convinced. Has anyone else had this problem fixed?
  • I, too, have a brand new 07 with a rattle in the rear. Haven't brought it back yet. I thought it might be the assemble for the center rear seatbelt (in the ceiling), but now I'm not sure. Others have suggested that the underside of the rear trunk door, which has a plastic edge, is the culprit. See Post 6470 in the Subaru Legacy/Outback Wagon Problems and Solutions listing or do a search in the Subaru Crew listings for rear rattle.

    Let us know if you come up with a solution.


    P.S. If you have moisture in your front headlights like a couple of us with new 07s have reported, then we are in big trouble.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    You too, huh? This does seem to be a common problem. Other folks have said that it is coming from the bottom of the lift gate, but I do not recall the exact means of resolution - basically just cushioning that area. The posts were recent though (within the last month?). Try doing a search. Mine also has this rattle (just noticed it for the first time this morning). It has been said that it is most apparent in cold temperatures.

    Does +15F count? Feels almost balmy warm here after -40 three days ago!
  • I have not noticed moisture in the headlights. I really hope that I'm not going to regret trading in my old '96 for this one! I'll update once I have more info from the dealer.
  • I did feel like it was mostly during cold temps (I'm in the SF Bay Area, so by cold I would say 40 degrees or less). I thought that maybe the sun on the car was causing it to not rattle, so that seems like somewhat of a pattern. I just wish the service dept would listen to me and use my investigations to help their own so I can get rid of the loaner.
  • I am just about to order a 2.5i limited wagon from carsdirect. I was speaking with my local dealership though, and they told me that they were just recently notified that production on the 2007 is being discontinued, and production will only be on the 2008. Has anyone else heard this? I am going to contact headquarters tomorrow, but this is concerning, as I'm wondering if there may be something wrong with the 07 models. I'm now hesitant to proceed with the order.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No issues, but production is ramping down as the 08 is a refreshed front and rear fascias and interiors. 08s will be shipping come spring so I'd imagine that the 07s will start to disappear soon.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Mike, I believe the '08 Outbacks will go on sale in July.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They will still be ramping down production I would think. Figure June 1 you won't be able to get any OBs, so over the next 3-4 months they'll be slowing production which means some color/options/trim-levels won't be available.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! ;)
  • p9411p9411 Posts: 4
    I have the same rattle and took it to the dealer who fixed it but tightening the latch. Now I have to slam the door to shut it. One of the rattles was fixed but it seems there was more than one. After the appointment I rode with the tech and we both still heard it and he said there was nothing he could do. Very frustrating. I am going back soon for moisture in my headlights and will ask them again to look at it and try again. Last time they had my car for 24 hours.
  • They ended up having mine there for 5 days (two of them were weekend). The service manager was reluctant to do that because I had a loaner from them. He was planning on replacing the struts to the door, thinking that it could be that and needed to wait for the parts to arrive. I insisted that they keep it until it is fixed. Well, as it turns out, they didn't replace the struts at all. They apparently took the whole back door, and I don't know exactly what else, apart and put it back together, apparently tightening something more than it was before they took it apart. Although it seems to be fixed, and I'm really happy about that, it is frustrating, becuase he really didn't care about the inconvenience that he was trying to impose on me by wanting me to bring the loaner back, get my own car and then bring it back in again after the weekend when they could have done what they did in the first place without needing to wait for a useless part to arrive. Anyway, maybe you could get your service people to contact them to see what they did to my car. I worked with the service manager, John Lauster, at Marin Mazda Subaru in San Rafael, CA. I will mention that while I had the loaner, which was an '06 Outback, I noticed new rattles on it that would come and go. I'm hoping that I don't have that to look forward to! In the meantime, I really do like my new car.
  • p9411p9411 Posts: 4
    Wow that doesn't sound like much fun. Thanks for the info. I contacted SOA by email yesterday and will see what they have to say about these things. I love my car too.
  • ncc4ncc4 Posts: 16
    I also have a 2007 Outback and one source of a noise/rattle turned out to be the luggage cover. In the "open" with no tension on the roller/retractor the part of the cover with the handle would flap up and down on each sharp bump. I fixed this by either removing the cover, or always leaving it closed in the slots by the rear door.

    Might help some of you.

  • The car: 2005 Outback 2.5i
    The issue: The air coming out of the passenger-side vents, with the temperature knob set on maximum, the blower on maximum speed, and all dashboard-vents open, is not warm, while the air coming out of the driver's side vents is warm.
    The question: What could be the origin?
    Thanks, Marc
  • Had my car at the dealer the other day. They added some cushioning along an edge of the rear trunk lid (not sure exactly where) and tightened up the rear license plate. There is still a rattle, but it may be coming from the middle rear seatbelt assembly (in the headliner). They also replaced the rear tailight assembly which they cracked while working on the repair.
  • Does anyone know if telescoping steering will make an apperance on the '08 Outback?
    I looked very hard at the '07's at two auto shows but found the lack of this feature made it very hard to get really comfortable.

    Also sorry to hear about the rattles. Hopefully Subaru will get this sorted out. Then again, I heard a fair number of rattles in a co-workers' new WTX.
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