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2007 Outbacks



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Yes to telescoping for '08.

    Rattles... annoying. I am picking my car up momentarily from the dealership where, they say, all the rattles are fixed. I dropped it off yesterday morning, so considering they fixed all 4 rattles (lift gate, dash, glove box... was there another? Maybe only 3), I am hopeful.

    I will provide better info after pickup.
  • I thought I'd start up this thread here since there are two of us so far with fluid leaks from a brand new car. Anyone else?

    Link to thread from "Subaru Legacy/Outback - Problems & Solutions"

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Oops... forgot to update after the pickup! The lift gate rattle was gone - which is wonderful... that was the worst one. Now, three weeks later, it is still gone. But, the glove box rattle, which was in its infancy on 1/31, was not fixed (they said they cushioned the seam and re-positioned the box). Now it is quite bad. They ordered a replacement box saying that this one is "loose." I doubt it will solve anything.

    The shift boot and P-brake boot were both cracked due to cold temps, so I had them replace those as well (replaced on 2/20). I fully expect that they will continue to crack in cold weather, so I will request replacement as frequently as I find new cracks. Not that this will be a long-term solution, but I figure 15-20 replacements before the 3/36 is up should be sufficient to help Subaru to consider using higher quality, more durable materials on future models. It is amazing how a manufacturer can regress over the years. Shift in focus, I suppose (no pun intended... really!).

    What else? Oh, yes, the radio blipped out on me again Tuesday (2/20) when I started it at -20F. Not surprised there. I am all but convinced it is a result of the marginal OEM battery. I will look to replace it with something decent by next winter. I could either pay $60+ for a "battery blanket" to nurse this marginal battery or pay $90 for a good battery and skip the blanket. Hmm.... decisions.... :P I did not use the radio yet today, so not sure if it did it again this morning.

    And, headlight assemblies..... will update that one in the dedicated thread.
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