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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair



  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    The fuel pump relay normal operation needs 2 conditions:
    it takes +12V from the Main this relay would have to be ON in the first place. Then the f.p. relay coil takes it ground side from the it would mean something weird on that side too....both at same time a very low probability.
    The INJ fuse in fact cuts 12V to a lot of things, including the feed to the fuel pump relay power contact, which is then HOT at all times.
    My guess is the fuel pump relay is stuck..power contacts are welded.
    YOu could test that by removing the relay and testing the relay with an ohm meter or with a continuity tester between contacts 1 and 5. They are probably shorted.
    Change the f.p. relay. (a frequent culprit).
  • griffin7griffin7 Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your reply! I am very grateful for the pictures and they are very helpful. I will be trying to change it on a 2000 Sportage 2wd, automatic.

    Thank you again, and be well...
  • romadoorromadoor Posts: 3
    The computer, Fuel pump relay and MAP sensor have all been replaced, still does it. There is a ground output to the relay from computer with key off. Some one or the factory put a jumper across the relay output to the coil which makes the relay latch on, is this factory or someones bandaid? I remove it and the car will not start.
    Thanks, Joe
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    ... There is a ground output to the relay from computer with key off.
    YOu mean the ground side of the fuel pump relay coil is grounded permanently ?

    Some one or the factory put a jumper across the relay output to the coil I remove IT and the car will not start.
    WHich relay? We are still talking the F.P. relay? " IT" means the jumper of the relay?
    THis is not clear....don't understand.

    Anyway, this looks like patchwork....
    Check action of the MAIN relay first when you turn KEY ON.
    Follow the diagram for testing where and when +12V and ground are applied to relay coils.
    When you describe your tests, mention relay name, diagram pin numbers and wire color to report your findings.
  • sheri664sheri664 Posts: 2

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the fuel filter is located on a 2002 KIA Sportage 4x4? I can't seem to find a diagram anywhere, and it isn't listed in my book. Any help you can provide is GREATLY appreciated. I see you can purchase a fuel filter, I just need to know where to put it!

  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    This is in engine compartment, bolted on right hand frame low below battery (if you have battery on right hand side, of course; right hand drive models have battery on the left) I have checked mine for a better idea.. Honest.....I did not remember seing it....went to (you can register for free for a lot of first hand info). then had a look at mine..had to peek for several seconds before finding it ...I think I would remove battery to get better access, of may be from the wheel well after removing tire.....
    Is this simply preventive maintenance or is there a problem you think might be linked to filter ? mine is a 2000 with 62000 miles and no problem there (but I do not know of previous maintenance as I bought it at 42k miles) and will wait until necessary, I dont like the location :(
    ...ahhh..and I just found my fuel tank was leaking again.... :mad:
  • romadoorromadoor Posts: 3
    I've been checking closer, the output from the computer, output # 27, will not give a negative signal to the coil of the main relay, someone wrapped a jumper wire around the relay terminals which kept the engine control system powered up all the time which ran the battery down. I'm not sure why the compter will not give a negative output signal to main relay when the key is on? If I can not find what the reason is, then I will use another add on relay to power with a negative signal to the main relay from the ign switch. Do you know any reason why the computer will not give signal to main relay? Thanks for the wire diagrams, they are a big help! Thanks, Joe
  • tcolburntcolburn Posts: 1
    My daughter's '02 Sportage has been experiencing intermittent problems with the power window system lately. Specifically, the left rear window will lower when the switch on the driver's door is depressed, but then won't come back up when either the driver's door switch or left rear door switch is pulled up. Repeatedly activating the switch may or may not eventually get the window to close.

    Am I looking at a switch problem, a regulator (motor) problem, or a relay problem? And where are the relays, anyway?

    Thanks in advance.

    Tim Colburn
    Park Forest, IL
  • jasinskijasinski Posts: 9
    :) I found the short under the fender i pulled the boot and found 2 harnesses i found IGS (icky green stuff) i jumped the wires and VROOM it's still not smooth but it runs :) . thanks for the help imp4! :shades:
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    Do you know any reason why the computer will not give signal to main relay?
    The computer uses its logic to turn ON a "driver" transistor that makes the ground connection. This transistor can be shot, or the logic has failed. some ECM's can be opened to replace discrete transistor, I do not know a bout ths one. Anyway, your "bypass" relay is a good option
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    ..switch issue, most probably main driver switch..or one conductor to the door . check diagram
    Pull passenger witch, disconnect wire bundle, check for solid ground contact at 3 and 6 of wire bundle. If one fails, problem is with driver switch.
  • jhl1jhl1 Posts: 10
    The injectors have no signal. The garage put a new fuel pump in it,no change. They put a different computer in it,no change. Checked fuses and relays, all seem ok. Any help email me Thanks,Jason
  • ort102ort102 Posts: 23
    Hi all i had wrote a post sometime ago about how my headlights,dashlights (also the lights around the gas and temp guage work whentey want) and domelight all flicker when i drive my car. I was just wonderinig if anyone has had the same problem and if so how did you correct it? Any help would be great.
  • jasinskijasinski Posts: 9
    i had a lot of stuff messin up on mine to (read blog jasinski)there are 2 wire harnesses under pass. side dash way up there. I took my fender off and pulled boot from the body pull out wires and check the harnesses for IGS i had 3 bad wires cut in new wires every thing works great. fenders are easy to remove napa has clips if any break. :)
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    Just this diagram to show what is involved....including cam sensor....
    Check cam sensor connector, ground, +12V with key ON on all injectors green wire.
  • jhl1jhl1 Posts: 10
    We checked the power and we have +12v with the key on and off. The injectors wont open to start. The mechanic would like to talk to you if possible on the phone.
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    we have +12v with the key on and off
    ??? you mean on the green wire of the injectors?...THis should be dead with key off....

    At this time, I have personnally had no problem of that type,. so this info is strictly based on the diagrams. Some measurements can lead to confusion as measuring voltage on a disconnected socket without any load can measure a stray voltage, specially with electronics, that would collapse as soon as a load is connected. So I suggest you make a connection on one of the green wires, and use it to feed a test lamp, the other side of the lamp to ground, then try key ON and OFF. YOu can use a spare parking bulb as a test light, not a stop lamp as their current is much larger and the injector drivers are designed for just 1 amp.
  • jhl1jhl1 Posts: 10
    When the relay is plugged in the green wire is 12v with the key off & the black wire with white stripe is the same way. The mechanic changed the relay and no difference.
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    Which relay?
    UNplug the MAIN relay for a test or pull out MAIN fuse out; and check those diagrams...specific to 2001 (the former one was 2000, most similar except BK/W wire .....

    Black/white is feed to idle air control motor and should also be OFF with key off.

    +12V to injectors and dile control comes from the main relay, not the F.P. relay. But if MAIN relay is frozen ON, then the F.P. relay will also be ON all the time. Since you have another relay available, replace the MAIN relay for a test.
    Someone had a quite similar problem recently on this or another forum, However this condition as such would not stop the car from starting....but it would drain the battery if car was left alone for some time.

    CHeck under the seat for traces of water to the computer. The MAIN relay always has 12V on one side of its coil, and the other side of coil is grounded at KEY ON by the computer (located lower right side trim panel below the instrument panel, on the passenger side of the vehicle).
  • jhl1jhl1 Posts: 10
    We have 12v to all the injectors now but no ground signal when cranking the motor over. ?????????
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