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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair



  • jim298jim298 Posts: 9
    when you put it in 4wd you shift the transfer case into mode selected. a solonoid also closes ans supplys vacume to the outer driveshaft and through an arrangement of seals. vacume is routed through the centre of the shaft wich is opento the hub. there is a bellows in the outside of the hub witch draws the locking ring into the axle drive ring locking the hub to the rtor. works good till the seals start leaking. if you always want the hubs locked or it wont work when you really need it remove bolts from hub and remove hub take out the snap ring with a scewdriver remove drive it will probably pop out remove spring remove locking collar reassemble spring first then locking collar then drive install snap ring. now the hub will allways be locked. you have to lock both hubs if you dont 4wd will still not work and you will dammage diferential. if you want to fix it for good order a set of warn manual hubs 26 spline pn 60247. be sure to disconnect vacume line an plug as vacume leak probably exists now and fuel milage will suffer power loss and miss will develop when in 4wd. really easy domt be afraid my daugter can do it.
  • jim298jim298 Posts: 9
    when refueling i filler will not allow fuel to enter tank takes 15 minutes to get 5 gallons in seems like there is no vent
  • Yes I started from the Seals I did Change inner and outer seal with needle bearing which was shut........did put it together and after i did find the vacuum solenoid problem everything is working great right now; we had so much snow and ice here in Wisconsin and I had so much use for itso faris woeking great . Seems like now really locks in very tight and wont miss. once I go 2W drive Vacuum shuts off totally and if you lift the front wheels on the Jack axels turn so easy by hands which I couldn't do that before when Vacuum was present.
    Hope will stay this way otherwise I will go for Manual Hubs.
    I was experimenting with the one side hub: had the Vacuum on without the bolts on I couldn't even move the hub off with Vacuum present.....Seem there is a lot of presure from that little whole for the Vacuum.
  • I just bought a 2000 kia portage with 80,000 miles yeterday and I am having problems already. This morning the car stalled at the car wash and would tried to turn over but wouldn't. IT wa running fine the day before. My mother jump started the battery and I took it to wal mart automotive in which they charged the battery. Now it stalls while I am driving in hich I have to pull over and crank it to start again. It starts immediately but it scars me that it stalls in traffic. Also, it is now stalling when switching gears, it is an automatic. When accelerating, it seems to delay when moving to the next gear. This has happened a couple of times, so has the stalling. I have three kids and bought this car in hopes of stability, my other car was even scarier! Any suggestions? I don't have codes because I can't afford the tester since spending my money on this car. No lights come on on the conole such as check engine light.
  • You have an electrical problem either in your ignition switch, wiring, or distributor components. Possible problem with your charging system but not likely if it starts right back up . Have you had any of the components tested? Has the spark plug wires been replaced.
  • I have a 1996 automatic Sportage EX 4x4.

    My backup lights and the lights that display what gear its in haven't worked since I bought it a few years ago. I checked the fuses and they were all good and I checked the bulbs out and they were good as well. I'm not sure if there is a fuse somewhere else for the backup lights or maybe there is some sort of switch/relay broken that tells it its in gear? Any advice would be really helpful.

  • Hi my sportage 2001 takes along time to start. And when engine runing, low idle is abnormal. also when I push pedal acelerator engine will stop runing. indicator check in dashboard always come out. I`m sorry , my english to bad. thanks
  • Have you checked the fuel pressure? Sounds like it may be taking a little bit for the pressure to increase for the car to start.
  • I have just left the shop where they replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter. They showed me some of my gas and it had alot of gunk or sand in it, which they said i causing the problem. They said I will probably need a new fuel pump. The car no longer stalls but it is now having little acceleration when at a complete stop, it is also not wanting to shift. The transmission guy says it is not my transmission. Can this shifting problem be realted to the gas issue?
  • how to check the fuel pressure? I change the fuel pump but I still have the problem. this problem come after I wash my car ? may be some thing wrong in electrical system? how can I check the electrical system?
  • Hi, I am having trouble with injector bleed down. Is it just the injector or could it be in the computer. It has 90,000 miles on it.
  • AKiaAKia Posts: 4
    here we go. sounds like many sportage owners are experiencing similar problems to mine...but just a little different. my wife's sportage decided one morning to give her some grief when she tried to start it. all lights, radio, etc. worked and it would turn over but it took a lot of convincing and a little stab of the gas pedal to get started. immediately after releasing the gas pedal it would sputter and die. in order to keep it running she had to keep on the gas. ever since it has given us the same problem. sometimes we are lucky enough that it keeps running but at VERY low rpms, and if you drive it anywhere it will most likely stall out at any stop. it shakes but I think that's just because it is barely staying running. so, we haven't driven it very far at all. taken it to two mechanics. the first cleaned the IAC with carb cleaner and we got about two days out of it and now it does the same thing. the carb cleaner doesn't seem to help as much now. the second changed spark plugs and made sure all cables, coils, compression, etc. were all fine, and they were. they suggested that the timing belt be replaced, but it was replaced at about 50k (we have 75k now) and I refused. with somebody stepping on the gas, I looked down the oil fill and saw everything working like clockwork. didn't check timing but they did, and here's the hitch. after doing a little forum reading, I threw a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in, and wedged the gas pedal so it would stay running. about 15-20 min later (if that), the rpms jumped for a split second then settled back down and the car idled beautifully and ran great the rest of the day. the next day...same thing. I sat in the car and pushed the gas enough to keep it running, and in less than 15 minutes it was like a new car again. i replaced both the main engine and fuel pump relays and it's the same. I am thinking ECM or EGR valve. can anyone help?
  • las5las5 Posts: 2
    now that car sales are way down the car makers like kia sporteage do not need bad press if we all work together and start a campain and write to kia do letter writing to our newspapers let them know that these cars can be a death trap that the auto makers dont care or stand behind there cars I think if we were to set a day all together take our kia sportage to the kia dealers park them with a sigh that says if i want to save a life i leave my kia home this will get press it will hit all the local and national news write to your leaders in your capital put a sign in your yard that says i will pay you to take my car away if you have the guts to buy it send this to your newpaper with a picture and send it to your local kia dealer we need to do this as a team so lets start gettint together and brain storm we can do this we need to do this god bell america .
  • My 2000 did exactly this! I ended up having to replace the fuel pump, filter and fuel line. Come to find out, the gas I pumped from the gas station had a lot of crud, dirt and sand which clogged the fuel lines. This caused a very rough idle, stalling and would not allow me to drive over 30-40 miles an hour without causing problems. It now rund perfectly and smooth but kinda costly to replace the fuel pump, filter and fuel line.
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    ..." they suggested that the timing belt be replaced, but it was replaced at about 50k (we have 75k now) and I refused. . didn't check timing but they did,"
    ..well, the only (well, major) factor impacting the timing is... the timing, either they did check "both", or they didn't.. SO for me, this issue is not clear.
    The other factor is the knock snesor but its impact is minor although noticeable, and it would throw a code.
    In did not mention if you had a code or not....
    Sporty engines have a lot of idiosyncrasies....very hard to pinpoint the exact cause for several errances....but at least, you must start with a sound base...and I consider the Tbelt as a definite suspect to be cleared safe and sure, and then you can continue without any doubt lingering behind. I suggest you pay a visit ; ajustment of the tensioner is critical and it is possible the belt can jump a cog or two.
  • AKiaAKia Posts: 4
    lmp4. I apologize for my lack of understanding on the timing issue, as you can tell my experience is very limited. I guess my overall question in response, though, is that if the timing belt needs to be replaced would it be normal for the car to run so perfectly after a long warming period? it will run at any speed, restart fine, and is very responsive, like a new car. if it sits overnight I am back at square one. thanks for getting back to me. I will report back with codes.
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    "the car ..runs ..perfectly after a long warming period.. .. if it sits overnight I am back at square one"
    OK..this contradicts the Tbelt issue, indeed. Was a fuel pressure test conducted?
  • I had same problem . $2 of vacuum hose fixed mine , wheel well to hub on both sides. reuse grommet to attach hose to bracket . cheap to try anyway .
  • I have a 1999 kia sportage 4WD with the exact same problem and circumstances. It won't start cold unless I hook up a battery charger, and crank it for 8 minutes with the gas pedal nailed to the floor. After sputtering, it begins to run...then runs perfect. It will start again for the rest of the day, and run well. The next day....same problem!!
    I replaced the timing belt, and water pump. I installed a new radiator. I replaced the spark plugs. I replaced the the coolant temperature sensor. I am getting a code that my oxygen sensor is bad.
    Did you check your fuel pressure, as you were asked? Have you solved your problem? I have spent a good deal of cash replacing the wrong parts, and still can not cold start this car!!! -Thomas-
  • AKiaAKia Posts: 4
    the first mechanic I took it to wrote down codes "CTS" and "AIC." I don't know if these make any sense at all. haven't bought a code reader or had the guts to take it to a shop again. a fuel pressure test was conducted by the second mechanic and everything checked out fine. but since the car does really well for me after warming up for about 15 to 20 minutes, I wonder if they were dealing with a seemingly perfect car after it had sat in a warm/dry garage for a while. here is the latest development. I live in southeast alaska, where the winters go something like this...we get a lot of rain on snow, snow, then more snow, then rain on snow, then sleet, then rain, then snow snow snow. as you can imagine it is a pretty messy time of year. over the last few days we've had a cold snap out of the ordinary with no precip. for us, something amazing happens when the weather is like this...things dry up with the extreme cold. the last few days have probably been the driest we'll have all winter. anyway, our first cold snap day the car was miraculously cured and has been ever since. NO start up problem every day for the last 4 days. I spent the weekend checking everything electrical connection and wire I could reach. everything on this car looks brand new. then I thought, shouldn't an electrical problem be WORSE in the cold? maybe unless it is due to moisture? she drove it to work this morning and it is fine. supposed to warm a little and dump more precip, we'll see what happens.
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