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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair



  • cowboy97cowboy97 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Sportage that I just changed the timing belt and the check engine light came on code is the cam positioning sensor. I have read quiet a bit of post on different web sites that when they changed the cam sensor that it still idled rough and the code was still the cam sensor. Could you please tell me where the pre cat is located? I have looked on and did'nt see the location.
  • boeing4boeing4 Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 kia sportage check engine light has come on it sputters and takes off very rough before it picks up speed seems as though it is not getting gas have had problems with it twice not wanting to start. will take it to the dealer but want to get a feel on what is going on.
  • keyopkeyop Posts: 7
    Kinda been dealing with the same problem. I took it to the Dealer and they couldnt figure what was wrong with it on the initial Diagnostic which was $89. They wanted to run more test on it for an additional $199. In other words they were taking me to the cleaners. Take it to another shop,, not the dealer!
  • boeing4boeing4 Posts: 5
    had it towed to the dealers they did not see the problem as of yet but didn't hesitate to tell me that I needed an oil change wanted to tell him that was not the reason that I bought my car in but instead $31.00 and counting I have 10,000 miles on my car which by the warranty it is covered for just about everything so I'm waiting today to see what they have to say.
  • boeing4boeing4 Posts: 5
    dealer replaced cam sensor
  • boeing4boeing4 Posts: 5
    made a mistake when I said cam shaft sensor it was the crank shaft sensor so far the car is running great.
  • jhoeljhoel Posts: 1
    Hi, we really need someones help!
    We have been having a lot of problems to say the least about our Kia lately. We recently replaced the fuel pump and since then the car has been driving a little rough. It then fixed itself and seemed to run fine.
    Then the other day we were driving it and it just died in the middle of the street. We have checked the fuel pump, relays and other things and we believe it is something to do with power not getting to the fuel pump. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • royster2royster2 Posts: 1
    hi their, i own a 1999 kia sportage. it had been running verry well but then it started having a misfire. i thought it was something simple like a plug or plug lead so changed them both. no joy. then it was suggested i change the coil packs so i changed them both. again no joy. then it was suggested that i should may have a vaccume pipe problem, so they were all checked and were fine. after that i was recomended that i may have a leak at the inlet manifold, so this has also been checked. it only has 99 thousand miles on the clock.
    now the vehicle starts first turn of the key, does not over heat and when it is started, runs fine on all cylinders for about 20-30seconds and then the misfire starts.
    i really don't want to scrap this vehicle but i'm slowly thinking that may be the only option left, CAN YOU HELP ME.
  • I have a 2008 KIA Sportage EX--I had gone out for lunch everything was fine went back 2 hrs later and the front windshield was completely broken from bottom to top. My car was sitting against a wall and nothing could have hit it and I had it checked by a glass expert they said it was a pressure break not an impact break. Has anybody else had this problem? I took it to the dealer and they was going to replace it but then decided not to so I have to meet with the KIA rep next week.
  • hfolkshfolks Posts: 4
    The pre cat is located with the manifold.
  • hfolkshfolks Posts: 4
    I am working on a 99 kia sportage. it has poor acceration. Has anyone came across the same Problem? Presently has no codes.
  • hfolkshfolks Posts: 4
    Hello I read what problems you were having and want to see if you had resolved that issue? I am having the same issue with my 1999. can't figure it out. if possible can you let me know. very much in need of HELP.

  • nelsonlnelsonl Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 Kia Sporage and it been stalling when I come to a stop or in traffic.I had this problem when it warms up.Sometimes runs good but must of the time run whith the problem I just mention.I'm a veteran without job. Please help me.
  • hfolkshfolks Posts: 4
  • keyopkeyop Posts: 7
    had the same probs and after changin out tons of part, i finally figured out it was the Fuel Pump. If not then change the ingnition coils. there's 2 of them and both should be changed at the same time.
  • mgpagemgpage Posts: 2
    Where are the cables located? I've taken apart the dash and haven't found them. The only thing connected to the control knob is the electrical plug harness and wires.
  • keyopkeyop Posts: 7
    After changing out tons of parts, it was my fuel pump that was the problem. Well it ran great for about a week, then it started missing and stalling out. I changed both ignition coils and wires and it ran fine for about a week, then it started idling rough and dying. Now its hard to start and when it does idle, it sounds like its running on 3 cylinders. It says it's misfiring on the diagnostic machine, but have no idea what the problem is. I'm thinking maybe the timing got off or its some electrical problem. I have spent lots of money on this car and cant get it to run for more than a week before it breaks down. This car shoulda had tons of recalls for all the problems it has. Kia sportages are LEMONS!
  • boeing4boeing4 Posts: 5
    Here we go again after taking sportage to dealer to have the cam shaft sensor replaced (1 month exact) check engine light has returned, car is not showing any signs of difficulty but will take it in to have it checked.
  • Just bought a used Sportage...of course the check engine light came on a couple days later. I have codes P0440 and P0128 from Auto Zone. The check engine light came on after Jiffy Lube did a routine oil change and air filter change for me. I took it back, they said no seemingly loose connections for sensors, and vacuum seemed hooked up right, but my trans fluid WAY too high so they drained some so I wouldn't blow a seal. Now my car, which was running fine before, is starting to sound transmissiony. I ALSO filled gas once with no problem, but the next time, my car wouldn't take gas. Kept shutting off the pump and gas spilled down my car. I have a hard time believing these issues aren't related. I have ideas (kinked line to the fuel tank, thermostat, gas cap (I WISH), clogged filter in the EVAP canister, etc), but any experience or expert advice would be awesome...
  • keyopkeyop Posts: 7
    Ok since ive gotten my 2000 Kia Sportage, I have nothing but issues. Now I'm having Misfire issues. I've changed both Ignition coils and wire, spark plugs and wires, fuel injectors. It still is misfiring! The most recent place I took it too told me it could be an intake manifold leak and recommended a new motor. hahaha, I think they think im stupid! It was running fine and strong before it started misfiring.

    The only thing I can think of is changing ECM Computer or address the intake manifold issue.

    Here is a list of parts I've replaced so far.
    Fuel pump, Fuel pump filter, Regulator, Catalytic converters, ignition coils & wires, spark plugs and wires, cam position sensor, all 4 fuel injectors, airflow sensor, exhaust manifold, valve cover gasket, oil change, and the timing has been checked.

    Does anybody have a clue why it MISFIRES????


    Very Frustrated Sporty owner
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