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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair



  • hi! an acquaintance of mine has a new kia sportage car, there is any way that opening the doors lock manually while turning off the car, can damage the automatic door lock?
  • 2000 Sportage 74000 mile on it, im not the first owner and im sure I wont be the last. I guess im having alot of the same problems that everyone else is having. Lets start with the check engine light always being on, also it had codes show up for all clys. misfireing. Have replaced all plugs, new wires, new coils. No more codes for misfire, lucky I guess. I found out the converter was pluged up, had it replaced and new exhaust system installed. Have codes for IAC valve high and low voltage. P1506, P1507. The engine runs fine after start up, but as your going down the highway say at 60 mph, you let of the gas and it still keeps on going like you never let off of the gas. It stays at 2500 RPM, you stop at a light or something its all you can do to hold it back. Put it in Nutural and the engine will rev up to 2000 to 2500 RPM. So now I have changed the Mass Air Flow Sensor, Idle Air Control Valve, Throtle Position Sensor. And still to date it runs at 2000+RPM,s. So enough about my little problem, anyone have any ideas? I know I do, JUNK IT. If anyone thinks that they might know what might be wrong give me a hint PLEASE. Thanks for the time to read this. :mad:
  • peter931peter931 Posts: 13
    I have a 2000 Kia Sportage automatic and when I start it rpm is ok but when I shfit it to the drive engine stalls.Could be the neutral safety switch or some sensor?.
  • please help!! I have a 02 Kia Sportage with same problem you are having, it just died as if you turned key off while driving, towed home, it does not have the initial buzz to prime the fuel system, i replaced the fuel pump, and the fuel pump relay, pump still not coming on,what ended up being wrong with yours? HELP!!
  • hellodadhellodad Posts: 3
    Have '00 Kia Sportage EX. (stall out while driving for no reason). I had to replace all relays in the relay box. Do not use the relays Kia sells. Go to Auto Zone or Pep Boys or NAPA. Got mine at NAPA.

    Good Luck.
  • peter931peter931 Posts: 13
    Kia Sportage have a security fuel system shut down when you hit the bump .
    Open the hood and on the left front you will see a relay box . Unplug the negativ cable from battery and remove main engine and fuel pump relays and replace them both with the new relays at the same time. Connect your negativ cable back to the battery and engine should start up.
    good luck
  • jmanselljmansell Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    2000 Kia Sportage 180,000 miles
    About a week ago my brakes went out then my clutch started acting up. Is this related or is it another wild goose hunt my Sporty is sending me on?
    Finally fixed the No power up hill problem thanks to you guys and gals on this forum so hoping you have some idea what this might be
    Thanks John
  • 2002ko2002ko Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Sportage My air conditioner works intermittently some times it wont go on at all and sometimes it goes on and then starts the button blinking after it's on for a while and goes off. My passenger side front window only can be closed with passenger side control button and not opened. however you can be opened and closed from the driver side. I think it must be electrical can you suggest a part to order to repair this?
  • joaquin2joaquin2 Posts: 3
    All set for an engine transplant '97 manual tranny. removed bolts per KGIS (6) but site not too explicit as to locations etc. Engine and tranny still seem to be connected somewhere. Any suggestions out there? thanks
  • ging51ging51 Posts: 1
    hey Imp4 I have a 2000 kia sportage and I am changing out my heater core. I read that you have done it before and I was wondering if you could please give me the instructions on how to do it I would greatly appreciate it.
  • bmachbmach Posts: 3
    2001 Sportage 2.0[dohc] can't get [1] vlv & seat to seal{????} we've ground vlv.seats
    & vlv.'s made sure vlv guide is good & vlv sprg. is within Factory spec.s[vlv sprg. is showing to be *aprox '30 Lbs[vlv closed] if install vlv sprg. Shim>under inner & outter>vlv sprg this would bring vlv.sprg. tension CLOSED to '50Lbs , believe that this should HELP???? Don't know what else to do ?

    PLEASE , if anybody has any other idea , let us know so can see if maybe will HELP our Problem & if have a diff. idea we're willing to see if possibly could HELP our problem ????
    butch @butch's auto&diesel machine shop
  • I have 00 sportage thought the fuel pump or the relay have replaced both now not getting power to the pump any suggestions
  • peter931peter931 Posts: 13
    First disconnect the battery and then remove and replace both engine and a fuel pump relay reconnect the battery and car should start up.
    Good luck
  • natntaznatntaz Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    Hi just bought kia sportage, v reg and tested it as much as a woman can. I got home (about twenty miles) and the car seemed to make a water gurgle noise. It had apparently had a cam belt change at 47000 miles and it is now on 67000.
    All seemed ok with temp gaige and so on. Any ideas. Just hoping i have bought
    a bad one :-( Meant to say sounded like it was something to do with the water.
    I am worried about the head gasket now as someone said might be this.
  • peter931peter931 Posts: 13
    Check the timing belt and all the pulleys on the engine on belt tensioner
    Alternator, PS pump and AC compressor maybe one of the bearing on the pulley is getting bad . I had a similar problem and bearing on tensioner pulley was bad.
    Good lock
  • natntaznatntaz Posts: 2
    Many thanks will try to get someone to look at it when the man who i bought it off of brings it back. He seems to think it is the thermostat. I am just worried about the head gasket ! but will get someone to look at it for me when it is back. Many thanks. :)
  • evajnycevajnyc Posts: 1
    In June facing a summer with many long car trips to make, I decided to trade up our 94 Nissan Sentra (very dependable but without a working AC) for a 2000 Kia Sportage that I bought for $2500 with 88K probably at least $1000 too much considering the problems we've had with it. On test driving for about half an hour the car ran fine but as soon as I drove it off a week later with our plates it started making a loud grinding noise when accelerating (my husband does not believe that I didn't hear this when I test drove the car!) and also began to overheat after a short time driving when idling and eventually the check engine light went on. We immediately took it to our regular mechanic who had recommended that we buy another Nissan or a Honda but I didn't listen to him as Nissan or Honda SUVs of this age seemed beyond what I wanted to spend at the moment. He plugged in the computer sensor and said it was the catalytic converter that needed replacing. He was also unhappy with the brakes. He charged us about $1100 to replace the catalytic converter, work on the brakes and do an oil change. That solved the grinding noise and check engine light but it was still overheating when idling so we took it back to our mechanic who charged us about $125 to flush out the radiator and put in a new thermostat and then said it wasn't overheating anymore when he took it around the area for a test drive. The next day I had to drive my son from NYC where we live to West Virginia to where my mother lives and and it started overheating again after sitting for 10 minutes in the Holland Tunnel back up. After we got out of the tunnel I stopped the car to cool off and took it easy the rest of the 5 hour trip without any overheating problems. In West Virginia I went to see a local mechanic who we had consulted before with our Nissan and I think is very good with cars and he looked at the car and could tell right off that there was a problem with the fan clutch. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be in town long enough for him to replace it at the moment but I arranged to order the part and he would install it when I came down again in 3 weeks to pick up my son. It did not overheat again on the 5 hour trip back but I noticed that the floor of the car right behind the driver's seat was very hot when driving. When I returned to install the fan clutch that I bought on the internet for $68, free shipping, he looked under the car and told me that the entire exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the tail pipe needed replacement but he didn't have time to do it at the moment and I had to bring my son to a camp in Connecticut the next morning. He didn't think it would be dangerous to drive as it was but advised having the work done as soon as possible. Last weekend I took the car to a muffler shop I had gone to before at the Willets Point "junk yard" in Queens and replaced the muffler and tail pipe for $110 cash while I waited. He also told me that he could have replaced the catalytic converter for $90 which I didn't want to hear. I felt safer driving with the new muffler but I was almost about to cross the bridge back into Manhattan when the check engine light went on. I turned around on the BQE and went back to the muffler shop where the Afghan guy who owns the shop felt certain that it had nothing to do with the new muffler. I then went to our regular mechanic who checked the Kia with his computer and said it was the Mass Air Flow sensor and he called and said it would cost $225 from his supplier. I thought that price was a little high and as I was feeling more skilled about buying car parts for less $$ on the internet I asked him if it would be OK if I tried to see if I could get the part for less money and he said he would install it no charge. I went on Ebay and made an offer for a new MAF sensor for $45 which was accepted while keeping up my search for window regular assemblies to fix the back windows that have never worked. The next day we were driving the car and the check engine light went off at some point but I might as well install the new MAF since I had already bought it. Today my husband called me all bent out of shape because he said that the clutch was making a loud grinding noise when he was moving the car (we park on the street in NYC and there are street cleaning rules). I stopped by to check the car and shifted into first and reverse a few times but did not hear the noise but what can I say - anything seems possible with this car. I don't know - another thing that we need to check is this low humming noise when riding in 5th gear. It seems that the clutch is loose or something but when you hold onto the gear shift it seems to diminish the humming noise. Also the spare tire holder in the back seems to be loose in its hinge or something and always rattles loudly and bangs against the back hatch door when riding on bumpy roads. I have pointed this out to all the mechanics I have been to but none of them have been able to suggest a fix. Sorry to make such a long post with my Kia Sportage saga but it's really getting frustrating - I would like to think that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel and we'll have a car that runs well without forever going to the shop for one thing after the other. On the positive side the car handles well and A/C works well enough. Any suggestions for the various issues that I've mentioned?
  • When I travel more than 50mph and let off the gas, even slightly, the engine seems to rumble until I get back on the gas or maintain a steady speed for about 30 seconds. Strange.... I have looked at the KiaTech site before for other parts and also for that sound and it suggested that it's a balancing bar in the engine but didn't reference how to fix or if you need a new engine completely.

    Also, the check engine light comes on at the 1/4 and full marks on the fuel gauge. However, when my fuel is between 3/4 and just above the 1/4 mark, no check engine light. It is extremely difficult to fill the gas tank because it doesn't breath enough and I have to 'power hold' the nozzle just at the right (very slow) intake level or the fuel gushes out and the nozzle shuts off... to everyone there, it looks like I'm trying to overfill my tank.
    I've had the intake pipe checked and there were no clogs or anything that could make a significant flow stop and the air holes just on the outside of the mouth of the pipe are clear, yet tiny.

    Any answers on either would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • Where is the resitor located ? Kia dealer says this is why we only have high speed on blower. Have the part..need install advice.
  • A week ago I was driving back home from town when all of a sudden my Sportage just shut down. All the dashboard lights lit up and it just quit running. I was able to drift it off the road, I thought it might have been the fuel pump as it would crank but not fire even when I pumped the gas pedal. My mechanic towed it to his shop they said the fuel pump works but that they were unable to get it to fire. He also said the his assistant mechanic that does wiring had gone over every inch of the wiring and can still not find the problem. He suggested I take it to a Kia dealer to diagnose the problem. I google fix my Kia and found your website. I am hoping you can give me an in site to the problem before I spend alot of money at the Kia garage. Can you please help me. Thank you
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