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Jeep Commander Tweaks



  • Is anyone else having problems with their rear sensors on the 2010 Commanders? I had a 2006 and have used them for 3 years. I backed into my neighbor's car at night and they never beeped at all.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    gas cap on jeep commander was loose (not the three clicks, someone else filled for me the last two times), so i am thinking that is why the Malfunction Indicator Light went on this morning; the commander has 42k on it and i have had problems with it prior to its hitting 36k.

    called chrysler today and crystal said that - i told her gas cap had been loose and i filled with ultra premium but light was still on - she explained that 'several typical driving cycles' would = about 50miles and that if light remains on after 50 miles, bring it to service center.

    other than the light, the commander is finally driving well enough. since purchasing used at a local Westport-Norwalk Jeep Dealer (who failed to file warranty papers at time of purchase thus leaving me without a warranty) i have put another $6k into the car, bad brakes, bad tires, new starter, leaking fuel, transmission and power steering lines, etc., i .e., i am hoping that the loose gas cap really could have brought on this light and that 50 miles of driving will cure it.

    any insights?

    and, in case the man who traded in his wrangler reads this, i can tell you that i have had two wranglers (no problems at all!) as well as bmw convertible (no problems) and jaguar (finicky and more expensive oil changes and tune ups but not as expensive to maintain as this commander; at least jaguar was regularly scheduled maintenance, whereas this commander is nothing but surprises that usually need to be towed ($100-150) in)
  • retail102retail102 Posts: 10
    open the roof, open front door, stand in door frame so you can see roof opening, look towards the corners and see hole. Take compressed air like a can of pc cleaner/duster, stick nozzle in hole and blow it out. works everytime.
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