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Suzuki XL-7 Problems and Solutions

Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
Ask about issues and post your solutions here.


  • einakineinakin Posts: 1
    My wife has an 02 XL-7 and on start up it make a rubbing plastic sound for about 2-3 seconds and goes away I can't pin point where it is coming from and it also has the problem with the 4wd that once you turn it on it won't come out until you stop and put it into reverse. :cry:
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    :) Next time, have someone start it for you while you stand out in front of the truck. Listen for the noise to occur. If it centers around the front of the engine near the bottom, it is probably the timing chain tensioner. If you purchased your truck after August 2002 and have less than 100K miles, you should be able to get it worked on under warranty. If you purchase it before August 2002 and have more than 3years and/or 36K miles on it, you will have to cover the repairs yourself. My guess is that it is the tensioner.

    Also if you have trouble disengaging the 4-wheel drive system, make sure you are driving on properly inflated tires and that you are driving straight. From what I have read and what others have said, this can be normal. The 4X4 system is not meant to be used when you have good traction. It could bind up. One big reason for the binding improper use, but if you are certain that you are using it right, it could be mismatched tires, improper inflation, and other tire related problems. The tires must all be rotating at the same rate to properly disengage the system.

    BTW, much of the talk on the timing chain issue seems to indicate that the use of bad filters and the wrong oil either causes the problem or makes it happen quicker. Many of the recommendations are to use the lightest weight oil for the truck, and to use a good filter like the OEM Suzuki filters. Some have said that the Purolator Pure One and Wix filters are just as good. I have used many different brands, but never generic or Fram filters.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    This is 100% normal. ALL XL7's (with abs) do this. Its the ABS going thru a test cycle as the car truck begines to move.

  • predatorpredator Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 XL-7 with 37000 miles on it and the timing chain just went out. I'm the original owner and did all the maintenance as scheduled. I want to know if this is a common problem because this shouldn't happen to any brand or make till 80000 + miles. I have taken it to the dealer and so far their response has been they won't cover it and want $1500 to repair it.
  • I had the same problem, but mine started right after 85,000 miles the problem was the famous Timing chain adjusters, my dealer told me that between 2001 and 2003 the adjusters came defective. I also keep all maintenance done to it but they went out on me, the job cost me $1350.00 and it wasn't fun. Also be aware that the timing chain is self adjust you would never had to replace it unless you won't do any maintenance at all. like change the oil. which is pretty crucial if you don't want to have the same problem again. Hopefully this answer your question..
  • beachbrumbeachbrum Posts: 16
    Would someone please describe the sounds the engine makes and how the vehicle drives that would indicate the timing chain adjuster is going bad. I have an 01 XL7 with about 54000 miles on it and runs great but don't want my timing chain to go out on me and a bad time.

    I am assuming Suzuki did not extend the warranty for this particular item. Unfortunately, 2001 was 3/36 warranty.

  • 03spyder03spyder Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2005 xl7 5 passenger. I did not get an owners manual with it. How do you fold the back seats flat? is there a hidden lever somewhere Im missing.

    many thanks for the help.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Need some more solutions! :blush:
  • 3stix3stix Posts: 1
    My wife drives a 2004 XL-7 and we've had problems in the past with the passenger seat sensor. Dealer had to replace it once because of a "mystery" code they got when they hooked it up to the computer in the dealer shop. Still very sensitive, cant put anything on the seat without it beeping. Service manager keeps saying it the same in all the others on the lot.
    Also had a problem with the remote not working, Service manager wouldn't do anything about it till he saw it happen, so that was about 3 trips to the dealer, then one of the reps tells me that its a known problem with the contact plates on the doors. Had them replaced and it worked fine.
  • poppins6poppins6 Posts: 1
    We have recently purchased a Suzuki XL-7 (2005 model) which has done only 25,000 kms. When we start the car every morning it revs so high and when you put it into reverse it almost takes off like a jet. The high revving sound when we start the car is very annoying and we feel it could also be using unnecessary fuel. Can anyone shed some light on the matter, as to why it revs so high, is it normal, or how can we fix it. We took it back to the Warranty dealer, who put it on the computer, and said there was nothing wrong? What do we do next?

    cheers, poppins6 :confuse: :lemon:
  • wingman3wingman3 Posts: 13
    Hi. I have a 2004 XL7 and the a/c was getting a little "less cold" so wanted to add refrigerant. The instructions say to attach the can to the low pressure connecter and that a pressure reading up to 45 psi is "full". The problem is, I get two different pressure readings depending on if the compressor is on or off. With the compressor on, it reads in the middle of the green or probably somewhere in the 35 to 40 psi range. With the compressor off, it jumps up into the yellow indicating "too much" pressure. Which reading is correct. Compressor on or off.

  • rosehroseh Posts: 1
    I purchased an XL-7 brand new. It is now 6 years old and I have never had a problem with it until the check engine light came on. I took it to Auto Zone and they gave a free diagnostics reading. I got 4 failures and it all seemed to focus around the 02 sensors. I brought it to the dealership but did not tell them that I had a diagnostics reading.The dealership said that all 4 sensors were gone and that it was possible that I would need a catalitic convertor but that he would not be able to tell until he got the sensors back in and ran the car so it would get hot. He charged me $960 for the 02 sensors and now is telling me that I have 4 converters and 2 of them aren't any good. He wants to charge me another $1500 for this to get done. Can someone help me out here and tell me if this is all true??? I am a single woman and feel like I am being taken to the cleaners. Help!!!!!! :sick:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    How many miles are on your Suzuki?

    Check your owner's or car warranty manual - if you have less than 80,000 miles on the SUV, the catalytic converter may be covered under the federal emissions warranty.
  • blgoschblgosch Posts: 1
    We recently purchased a 2007 XL-7. From the day we brought it home, we noticed some type of donut sized fluid spots in the driveway wherever we parked. We took it back to the dealer and they said the seals in the transfer case were leaking and have to be replaced. We only have 1500 miles on the vehicle! :confuse: Has anyone else had this problem?
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    This is normal. The XL-7 is just warming up after a cold start. On warm days, it reduces RPM very quickly, and cold winter days, it can take a few minutes. It is important to let the powertrain warm up properly before taking off. I have a 2002 XL-7 with 58Kmiles on it. It still does it, and I wait for her.


    Ivan, kc5yti :)
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    I would assume with the compressor on, but read your instructions. It should say. Also, more than likely, you must perform this on a warm day with the AC maxed out.


    Ivan, kc5yti :)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    It is important to let the powertrain warm up properly before taking off

    Lots of people think the best way to let the powertrain warm up is to hop in and gently drive it the first mile or two. Excessive idling can damage components like the catalytic converter. (link)
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Well, after reading both the 2002 and 2007 manuals, it states nothing about allowing the engine to warm up, but it it does warn and caution about putting either vehicle into gear while the engine is not at idle. What is interesting is that the warning concerns the safety aspect, while the caution statement only concerns itself about damage that could be caused by placing the vehicle into gear while the engine is not at idle. I translate this as, it is recommended to allow the engine to warm up slightly before driving. I did not mean that one should let it site for 30 minutes to warm up. It is a waste of gas. With both of our rides, I allow the engines to reduce in RPMs as it warms up. Once it gets to a proper idle speed, roughly 900RPM, i place them into gear.


    Ivan, kc5yti :)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    30 seconds of idling should be plenty. I figure my transmission, tires, wheel bearings, suspension, steering components, etc. only warm up when they are moving, so I get my cars in gear and ease out of the subdivision and don't idle any time at all. The ECU may be running the engine at a fast idle when it's cold, but I figure it's still at idle (since I'm not goosing the accelerator and then jamming it into gear).

    If you get ambitious maybe you could email Suzuki and ask them to clarify the manuals. ;)
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    I am not concerned, just merely relaying the information. I, personally, will continue to run my truck and the 2007 the same way. I have had my 2002 since she practically rolled off of the semi at the dealer, and so far, she has taken good care of me. I will continue to return the favor. As for the 2007, I will use the same plan. The way I see it is that most of the engine components do not get warm enough to cause any damage during the fast-idle warm up period. This period is very short during the spring and summer months, but could last as long as a few minutes during the cold winter months. I have seen no performance issues or problems caused by allowing the engine to return to normal idle. Just my opinion. :) :) :)


    Ivan, kc5yti
    2002 XL-7
    2007 XL7
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