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Dodge Ram Gasoline Engine Questions



  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    Head over to the transmission discussion - Dodge Ram Transmission Problems - and search on "check ball" - that could be your issue.

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  • groskopfgroskopf Posts: 1
    My 2004 dodge 1500 4dr quad cab Laramie with the 5.7 hemi with 82000 miles broke. Have changed oil every 3000 miles. Now the engine won't idle. Took it to my local mechanic who found no compression on one of the cyclinders. He believes it is a broken valve spring. He has not gone any further as I am trying to contact the dealer to see if they will do anything to help. As usual it is out of warranty. I have been told this was not uncommon broken valve springs and broken rods breaking through the block, on the 2003-2004 hemi engines. Has anyone had a similiar problem.

    thanks, larry
  • daimlerdudedaimlerdude Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    My brother has a dodge 3500 ram 2wd dually with 78,000 miles and has been
    Driving it for months the issue of the ECU has a corrupt software which cause his rev limiter to be
    At 4500 RPM and 2nd gear down shift for passing at 4800 RPM. He has been
    Running it against the rev limiter. I had him send me his ECU which I sent to get
    Reprogrammed at B&G. I returned it to him, “ he said his truck runs better then new.
    Two weaks later I get a call from him and said that his engine has a dead cylinder.
    He pull the spark plugs from 3 different cylinders and found the top of all 3 pistions
    Looked all beat up bad. The mechanic told him that it could be from bad fuel or
    water in the fuel. I not buying this at all. My question is could this be from running
    the engine against the rev limiter for months, then adding the up graded ECU?? I am thinking broken exhaust valves which cause compression loss.
    But I am still not sure what is the cause. What do you think??????
  • Im not sure what ideas you have gotten but I had a 99 that did this for years till it finnally died changed everything, Then found out their is a internal relay in the computer that was bad , replaced the computer been good since, hope this helps
  • I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with a V10 engine. My truck's body was well taken care of but it's engine wasn't. Very shortly after I bought the truck at 218,433. miles my 97 V10 threw a rod on #1 cylender down through the oil pan. Long story short, I bought another Dodge V10 with certified 144,000. out of a 1995 3500, and put it in my truck using my old (from my 97 V10) exhaust manifolds, my old Cam, and Crankshaft sensors, and my old coil pack along with my old upper intake manifold. My problem is now I have no spark.

    I have good fuel pressure and engine turns over well but it will not start. There were a few slight differences in the 95 engine vs. my 97. On the lower intake manifold of the 95 engine it has an EGR which had to be blocked off because my old engine's lower intake doesn't have one. Also, the Cam and Crankshaft sensors were a little different on the 95 as far as their plugs to the engine harness which is why we used my old ones out of my original engine. All of my trucks engine electrical system worked. Even after it threw the rod I had to manually (turn the key off-I was at idle in drive) shut the engine down.

    I have verified with the parts store that the Crankshafts in the two engines are the same having the same part number. However this isn't the case with the camshaft sprocket which does have a different part number on the 95, than on my original 97 engine. I've spent every dime I have on this engine and new oil, etc., to get it put in and my truck running again as it's my only transportation. Can anybody help? Is there that much of a difference between a 1995 Dodge V10 and a 97 that it won't work in a 1997 model truck?

    Any help and suggestions will be very much appreciated.
    I thank you in advance.
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