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Dodge Ram Gasoline Engine Questions



  • i changed my oil 7 days ago in my 2004 Hemi. it had the standard motor oil in it and i changed it over to Mobil 1 fully synthetic 10W-30 and have noticed how much smoother it runs. however just tonight the "check gages" light came on as my oil pressure dropped so i checked it when i got home and it is extremely low!!!! the oil filter, drain plug, reservoir cap, and dipstick show no evidence of leakage. is it burning that much oil or what is the issue? what kind of expense/problem am i looking at?
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    is your truck throwing a trouble code (check engine) and is it timed right cause if you move your distributor clock wise and counter clockwise you can advance your timing and retard it i would check that and check the specs on the fuel pump and check the fuel filter
  • The mechanic says he has it in time, fuel pump is good, and no engine codes. I don't think he checked the filter because he says you have to drop the tank to get to it. I will tell him to try that though. And he said he was gonna check the catalytic converter and the exhaust for possible plugging. Thanks for the info!!!!
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    ya if it is in time you can still advance your spark but that mostly will give more power depending on vehicle and just to make sure take a spray bottle and and pray the wires and distributor with water and turn off the lights and turn over the vehicle and you could be getting a short some were in the circuit cause you can see the spark jumping all over if somthing is bad or cracked
  • I would refill it and keep a close eye on it. Synthetic oil will sometimes cause a seal or two to leak upon the initial changeover and then it should stop.
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    i would check the specs you most likely can run synthetic but some you cant and what the sounds like is the oil pump is failing i would have some one check that
  • My 1995 Dodge conversion van (318ci) is running cool (below 1/3 on the temp. gage) and the heater blows luke-warm air at best. Just had the thermostat replaced and tried blocking off most of the radiator with cardboard, with no results. The fan clutch "seems" to be working properly. Any other suggestions out there before I have to take it to the local mechanic?
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    that sounds like you heater core is plugged up and what dose you coolant look like ??
  • I guess kind of orangish, and NO I didn't put orange coolant in it, so I guess maybe that could be part of the problem. Seems as though it was changed not all that long ago though.
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    ok just wondering or even stop leak for coolant leaks that can clog the core but organish color check the coolant and smell it and rub it then compair it to good 50/50 mix by any chance what yr is it?
  • Howdy all
    I have a question about a truck that I just Bought it is a 2500 4x4 ext cab with a V10. here is my question this motor when it sits there at an idle it will make a big poof noise then blow the dip stick out. and it seems to be burning oil. is this an indication of a faulty pvc valve or does this engine have one . This is my first V10 so not sure about anything on it still learning.
    Thanks Doug
    PS is there anything that I should keep an eye on with this engine?
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    check the breathers coming from the block and heads and what kind of oil are you running?? and if you can check for sludge cause some of the oil gallies can be clogged with sludge and if it is run cheap oil for about 30mins and drain until clean if dirty but them v10 motors are very solid motors not many probs as long as you take care of it will last a long time
  • I need help find the name of and locating the part that is used to clip the inlet hose that passes from the transmission into the radiator. I have heard this clip referred to as a spider clip in the past. Any suggestions?

    The truck is a RAM 1500 2001 4WD 5.9 Litre V8
  • tjw4tjw4 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 1500 with the Hemi and 40,000 miles. It has stalled several times at speeds below 45 mph. I have also noticed it surging at low speeds. The rpms bounce a range of 300 or so when holding a constant speed of around 20 mph. You can also feel the surging during gradual acceleration. Would welcome any help.
  • tblackwelltblackwell Posts: 2
    Ihave a 98 dodge ram 1500 with 5.2 eng. I had same thing but at higher speeds and got more frequent over time. If you look under hood on the throttle body there is a sensor called the throttle position sensor. If you tap it and the engine revs up it is probably the sensor.that was my problem. it cost about 40 dollars and takes about two minutes to change.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    How is the idle quality?

  • tjw4tjw4 Posts: 3
    It idles smoothly and has never died when sitting and idling.
  • brewmanbrewman Posts: 2
    Seriously bummed that my '06 Ram 2500 with the 5.7 Hemi has lifter rattle like my old Buick 350 had, only it had a good excuse - 191,000 miles. The mighty "Ram" has click-click-click'd since day one. The area dealers all tell me the same song'n'dance. The cam placement is so high, the pushrods (in specific the exhaust) are lying almost horizontal, so as they unload, you get some clearance and a tick follows as they are re-loaded.
    No fix.
    I shut it off as I roll into the gas pumps, or at a drive-up window, so I can't hear the clatter.
  • tex10tex10 Posts: 27
    i have 05 dodge 1500 2wd 1500 4.7 V8 and my power steering is keep going out. i have place pump 3 times i have flushed the lines, i dont what else to do.
    Know on napa rebulids
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