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Pontiac G6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmerilligmerilli Posts: 25
    Just bought a Pontiac G6 Convertible(with Premium and Sport Package) not only was there no took $1000 off sticker and got me preferred GMAC financing(5.9% - about a percent off Bank and regular GMAC financing). Dealership was a small dealership in a rural area. They maybe had 20 new cars and a bigger used car lot. So don't believe those take-it or leave-it dealers...there are some dealers willing to negotiate.
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    I just bought a 2007 tonight I pick it up tomorrow. We were looking at Mugtangs and had pretty much settled on getting one. But I was on my way to look at them at 1 of the 6 or so dealers I was checking with when I noticed the Pontiac dealer. I am an old "goat" guy and like Pontiac better than ford anyway. I had looked at the G6 hardtop convertiable some time back but thought they were over priced. At that time the stickers were in mid 30s to 40s. The dealers around here are all over priced. You have to really play the game to get a good deal. I ended up paying just over 31K. that is a bit more than Edmunds' TMV but this dealer does have free oil and filter change as long as you own the car, free towing, and some other things that will make it a good deal if I use the free stuff. I told the wife she could pick the car this time. I think she is in 3rd childhood as she said had to be a convertable. I am not a fan of them due to leaks in the normal ones. I was glad to find price had came down. I like the hard top convertable idea much better, if it works. I am a bit dis-heartened by some of the post. I hope they have the kinks worked out in the 2007 model. I will let you know.
  • I just bought my silver 2007 G6 Convertible GTP at Holiday Pontiac in Fond du Lac, WI. They have no-haggle pricing. The sales price on the tag was 400 less than the sticker. I jumped on ithaving come from a dealership in Milwaukee that wanted to start at 3,000 above sticker.

    My family is absolutely loving it. My wife says that the car makes her want to go places.

    I did create an MP3 CD to cerify that wouldn't work. That was the case, MP3 CDs cannot be read by the stereo. It just spit it out at me like a kid taking a bite out of a bar of baking chocolate
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    I know what you mean about the wife wanting to "invent" places to go to drive it. I had actually planned on buying in AUG or SEP. She has been dropping hints to buy now. I am sure that is because she has a family reunion in AUG and wanted to gloat a bit, go figure. I was wrong on the price I paid. I forgot that almost 2K was an extended warranty plan that takes it to 5 years or 100K miles. I don't usually buy extended warranties as most are the drive train only. This one is bumper-to-bumper. I was thinking mostly of starter and alternator replacement. they usually go out around 50K. 2K is a lot for those two items but my big concern is the convertible operating stuff. It looks like a lot to go wrong there. BTW, does yours have body side molding. Mine doesn't, it is a GT model, I did some looking around on the lot before I bought and noticed that none of the 2007 had the molding and all of the 2006 had it. I checked with the parts department and the door side molding is listed, but not the rear quarter panel. The 06 and 07 have the same body so I am having the door side moldings ordered, painted and installed by the dealer. The moldings are over priced at 75.00 each from the dealer but they get you with the required painting. they all come primered and the bodyshop will do the crimson red paint on them. It is a rip off but I can see "nicks" up and down the doors in a month or so if I don't have it done. All of the dealers seemed to have the hardtop convertibles over priced around here. I had checked the G^ prices a few months back and ruled them out because they were selling at ADM prices. I found the original sticker on mine the dealer had on it under the passenger seat. It had a 8895.00 ADM on it. No way I am ever paying sticker, much less above sticker. I think Pontiac got on to the dealers about the over pricing because they wanted more of these cars on the road. BTW, now is a good time to buy a GTO if you want one. they will not be made in 07 and my dealer had two on the lot and prices were below 25K. The dealers had a big ADM on them when they came out also. I think that is why the model hasn't made it, and also drove Pontiac to have a talk with dealers about ADMs. But that is just my opinion. I hope we both are happy with the deal and cars a year from now, have fun.
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    Not on the subject of the car, just my .02 cent on the no-haggle dealers. IMO, there is no such thing. These dealers just staryt at a lower price they figure people will get them down to anyway, but they will still haggle. They usually this via the allowance on your trade-in. That way they can still say they don't haggle on the new car price. That is technically correct. I never trade-in so they have a bit harder time with me, but they still find a way to get the car to the price I am willing to pay. I bought my first new car in 1965. Back then I bought a new one every 12-14 months. Man was I stupid. But that was in the muscel-car era and I just had to have that car a little faster or whatever. But that is another story. I used several variations to know what I can get the car for before I ever step on a lot, when it is open anyway. I had to do a lot of looking on Sundays in days past. Now, the internet makes it a lot easier. My "rule-of-thumb" is simple. My grandfather taught me that you can get the car for 10-20% less than the sticker price. the only exception is if you just "have" to have a model that is hot demand at the time. For information, below are the steps I go through and the principals I use in buying cars.

    do not wait until you need a car to buy one. If you do, do not let the sales person know you are on a limited time table. The longest it has ever taken me to get the deal I wanted was 3 days. That was when I walked out of the dealer and waited for them to call me saying something new had happened and they could meet my price.

    When I am talking price it is always "out the door" price. that is tax, title, lic., processing fee etc. I have walked out of more than one dealer because I have told them that and they insist on giving me the "car price" only. they expect me to just go ahead and take the deal once they fill out the contract and there are other costs on it, no way. I biggist problem with sale people that they listen, but go ahead and do thier normal routine anyway.

    There is no car that "have to have". If the one I want is more than I want to pay at one dealer, I can get one just like it at another. That is especially true today as all car are produced in 3 basic price groups. these are Basic, middle, and top-end in either sport or luxery options. I usually go for the middle or high-end myself. that is because I insist on leather seats and have to go to the higher end models to get them.

    I start the process 18 months before I plan to buy. this is not a time consuming thing until the last 2 weeks to a month or so. I just monitor changes in prices mostly.

    Research on the internet and decide on 3 or 4 cars I would like. I say this, but in the end I usually do get to really liking a specific. I have never had to go to my second choice.

    Go to dealer when they are not open and find what the 3 standard levels, basic, mid, high, include. Regardless of the options offered, most have packages of bundled options.

    I decide on the level I want and get the prices from the net, things like the Edmunds TMV. I use the TMV to get an idea of how dealers are treating specific cars, not as what I will pay for it.

    I multiply the MSRP by .85. That gives me my target price out the door. That is @ 20% below sticker with the tax, title, lic., etc added on.

    When I go the lot, I start looking at model less expensive than what I want. I let the salesperson think they talk me up to a different model. When I bought my 97 monte Carlo I began by looking at Malibu.

    When we do get to looking at what I am really interested in, and I am asked what I am willing to spend I give a range that is a thousand or so less than my true amount. this may a little dis-honest, but when was the last time a salesperson was honest with you. It is just part of the game.

    I make certain that the sales person understands that any price they give is out the door.

    We play the game of the salesperson checking with thier boss a couple of times, which they don't really have to do. they know what they can sell the car for. The wife and I never talk about the deal while the saleperson is gone. Yes, some dealers do have phones setup so they can listen in.

    If I don't have the deal I want after three times, I leave. I do not let them wear me down and play the shell game with numbers. I have not had to leave a dealer more than 4 or 5 times over the years.

    A word on financing. I set up my financing before I start. I have a pre-approved loan before I start shopping. But if you do this, do not let the salesperson know it. also, don't be mis-lead by low interest rates. your best bet is your cerdit union if you belong to one. Even if the dealer's rate is lower you will end up paying more for the car. It is all in the wording of the financial contract.

    My biggest problem. I am sorry to say it is my wife. If she is crazy about a car she can't keep quiet about it to the salesperson. In earlier years I have had to leave dealerships because I knew the salesperson knew the wife was crazy about the car. She is better now, but I thought I was going have to leave on the G6 deal because of this. Instead I worked the deal after the wife had went back home. I had to come over as sort of a jerk letting the saleman know the wife would get over it if she didn't get the car and I would deal with that.

    One last word. What if sale people read this and reconize what you are doing? Who cares, the bottom line is they will sell the car for 15% under MSRP out the door. They may not like it, but I am not at the dealership to make friends, we are not going to have a beer later, be fishing buddies, etc. I am not going to try and match wits with the sales person, they do this everyday and will always win. I just know what I am willing to pay, and I know it is a fair price. I stick to that. If I do get a salesperson with an over inflated ego, I go to another dealer. If they really piss me off, I will come back to the same dealer a week or so later and buy the same car from a different sales person. Near the end of the deal I make sure the manager knows that I was there before but did not buy the car because of the sales person I had. That will make certain that the original sales person does not get a cut of the sale. Today, once a sales person gets your name it goes into thier computer. The dealer knows if you have talked to a different sales person. Some have policies of spliting the sales comission between sales people if you talked with another one a few days ago.

    Well, I have rambled long enough, I hope this helps some people.
  • Great stuff. Thanks for taking the time.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186

    Thanks for the lengthy write-up. Can you tell us which dealer you're talking about?? Are you implying they have brand new 2006 GTOs for $25k or less?? That would be a steal of a deal.

    Thanks again.
  • jonivjoniv Posts: 5
    I walked into the dealer on Saturday, July 22nd and leased the only 2006 GTP convertible they had (black w/ black) including the premium package and remote start. I even got it at supplier pricing ($30,590) which is $1,500 under MSRP.

    I took it in this morning for 3 issues: a known radio issue where the xm1 and xm2 presets keep overwriting each other. They ordered a new radio. Some of the rubber molding has come loose and they fixed that. Also, I was hearing lots of cracking type noises from the seating area which they claim to have taken care of. I pick it up after I leave work.

    I haven't had any trouble with the top yet, other than some minor hesitation ocassionally. I have lowered it and raised it several times already without issue.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I hope it was an XM receiver they ordered for you and not the actual radio. ;)
  • jonivjoniv Posts: 5
    Yes, you are right, its the XM receiver ordered per bulletin #1844948. :D
  • jonivjoniv Posts: 5
    Hi Car_man,

    This is my first lease and I'd like to know if its possible to get a bad deal on a lease I guess. I have a 39 month lease with 10k miles per year. I think I was told the lease rate was 6.5% and not negotiable. I have a 2006 G6 GTP convertible. The MSRP was 32,090 but I got supplier price of 30,590 plus the Titanium protection to get to 30,978. There's a $595 GMAC administrative fee (is that standard?). Also my residual seems high maybe? It's $18,576.30. Finally my payments are $491 which seem high from what I'm reading but I didn't put any money down or have a trade in. I only made the first months payment plus license/title. Thoughts? Thanks! :confuse:
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Nice :) - That is the Service Information Document number.
  • This rocks man! You bought the convertible? I am curious as to why most people are interested in the hardtop, but little is said about the sedan and coupe? Any thoughts :confuse:
  • gmerilligmerilli Posts: 25
    I have had my new 2007 G6 convertible for two weeks now. I like the remote start but I am not sure why they put a 2 start limit in between actually using the key to start the car. I found this out because I was showing the remote start feature to a friend and after two times it refused to start. I thought it was going to go back to the dealer but I read the manual and found the limitation.

    This is my first XM Satelite radio. very nice. I can't believe thouhg that in this high end stereo the CD player does not have MP3 capability. My friend bought a $17,000 Ford fusion and his 6 CD changer had MP3 capability.

    The roof is especially nice although a bit slow. It seems to take about 45 seconds and you have to keep the button pressed the whole time and it is above the windhield. I would suggest putting the button lower or making it truly one touch where you press it once and the roof opens completely.

    One odd problem that I had was I went to get into the car and it was completely dead. I opened the hood and was trying to get the plastic cover off of the battery compartment and I got frustrated and smacked the top of the cover and the car came to life with the alarm system blaring. Took it to the dealer and he said that the neg pole on the battery was stripped and he replaced it.
  • Purchased the 2007 G6 GT Convertible.. took possession at 11pm on a Thursday due to a late negotiations (dealer took forever to get paperwork going and then didn't disclose the financing arrangements until we were signing - BAD BAD, after we discussed what I was willing to work with). We had to re-work the numbers and the extended warranty was removed from the car sale to make the numbers work.

    Due to the service center being closed that night, they told me to come back the following day after work and have the car detailed. I drove back and the service center was closed - all gone for the day. ooook. Was told to come back the following day (saturday).

    I brought the car in Saturday, they had it for 1.5 hours to detail it. I had already taken all the stickers and protective strips off - it was unsightly to drive like that. I put the top up for them to clean the vehicle top to bottom.

    I picked up the car finally cleaned and 3 hours later when to put the top down and it wouldn't go down. It would only open the trunk. I drove it to the dealer on Monday and they indicated that there was a part (a clip?) on order for the vehicle. The order was placed 14 DAYS before I purchased the car. NO mention of that when I bought the car. Worse yet, the part is on backorder. No use of my top down features now until the part makes its way here.

    I've since noticed this past weekend (now 10 days into owning the vehicle) that the driver side door is not sitting flush with the body panel above the handle. Took the car to the dealer yet again and they agreed that it needed to be fixed, in the body shop. They asked to repair it when the car is in for repair on the top.

    My car has almost 1200 miles on it.. I drive 100 RT a day for work. I've had it for 12 days. My warranty will be up in less than 18 months. What else is going to go wrong with this vehicle? Pontiac is involved and the dealer has offered a mere pittance as compensation for this issue. The part for the top should be in sometime in Mid August.

    Happy for my XM radio(had it before in my Murano). Car hesitates when I'd expect it to get up and go. Leather, heated seats, nice. Remote start, nice. Problems with the car from the start? Not so Nice.
  • jonivjoniv Posts: 5
    There definitely seems to be some issues with the car based on what I keep reading. I've had my 2006 GTP Convertible for 11 days now and its been into the shop once already, but thankfully all minor issues.

    I have a new XM receiver on order to be replaced, some of the rubber molding came loose at the base of the rear window and on one of the wings that comes out during opening and closing and some odd cracking noises coming from inside the car.

    After fixing the interior noises, they detected a noise coming from the trunk area but it was too hot for them to ride around in the trunk to listen lol. So when I take it back in for the XM receiver, they will look at the trunk noise. So far no major issues with top going up or down.
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    They had two out front for 24-25K when I bought. I didn't take a close look, just the MSRP price at bottom of sticker. this was a Greenbrier Pontiac on Military Hi-way in Norfolk, VA. They also had a 2006 solace that they were having to sale as used because it had been registered. It only had 77 miles on it. I didn't check deep into the story. The sales person talked about sometimes pontiac execs, etc use them a little. You like a demonstrator. Of course I know that is not the case with this one because those use dealer tags and are not registered as this one had been. My guess is someone bought it and returned it for one reason or another, but can't be sure.
    BTW, I am still loving the G6 convertible.
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    About the TOP operation, that is my biggest worry also. If you take a look at all the "stuff" by opening the trunk with the top up it looks like so many things to go wrong. So far I have raised and lowered the top maybe 25 times with no problems. I hope it stays that way. I do think it has hesitated from time to time, but never stopped or failed to open/close. :)
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    Hi everyone,

    I am in the market for the G6 Sedan V6 AT and I was wondering what everyone is paying for it in the Bay Area. How much of the price difference for the V6 and the GT model? Is this a good time to purchase this car or should I wait till the year end clearance?

    Thanks in advance for all your inputs. :)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi joniv. It is definitely possible to get a bad deal on a lease. This does not necessarily mean that you did. If you were able to get your Pontiac G6 Convertible through GM's Supplier Purchase Program, you actually probably got a very good deal on least on its selling price. GMAC's base lease rate on the 2006 G6 Convertible is 4.95%. Make sure that the dealer that you are working with uses this lease rate instead of the 6.5% rate that they quoted you to calculate your car's lease payment and you're all set. GMAC charges an acquisition fee of $595 on every vehicle that it leases and individual dealers do not have the authority to waive this charge. Dealers cannot alter vehicles' residuals either. If your car's residual value is high this is actually a good thing. Sure its lease-end purchase price is higher, but you will have to pay for less depreciation over the life of your lease and your lease payment will be lower.

    I will use GMAC's actual lease program to calculate a lease program on this car so that you can compare what I come up with with what the dealer quoted you. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Pontiac G6 Convertible with an MSRP of $32,090 and a selling price of $30,978 through GMAC right now for 39 months with 10,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $427. As you can see, the lease payment that you were quoted looks slightly high to me, even if it includes sales tax. Part of the difference is probably the higher lease rate that the dealer you are working with is trying to use.

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