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Pontiac G6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    Are you considering keeping your car?
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    A friend of mine purchased a plain jane white G6 sedan, 4-cylinder, automatic, no options at all, not even floor mats, for $15,112 out the door, no trade-in, paid cash. The price of the car was the advertised $13,990. This is after all regular rebates (no college, no military, no financing kickbacks). She told me there were eight of the cars on the lot that had that price on the windshield. The car is new, has 77 miles on it, and she couldn't be happier. Now she needs to sell her orange 2004 Cavalier LS Sport 2-door since her husband doesn't want to drive it. But the good news is her car only has 38K on it and should be an easy sell. They only offered her $2500 in trade and the car was mint. So she figured, pay cash for the G6 and sell the Cavy for $5000-$6000 on CL or something. She even took my advice and had a detailer go over it and make it look showroom perfect, under the hood and everything. Might be the best $160 she's ever spent on the car and it will likely seal the deal to any prospective buyers.

    If you're in the market for a G6 and can handle the basic 4-cylinder sedan, the deals ARE out there. That's G5/Cobalt price territory!
  • My lease is up next month on my 2006 G6 V6. Is there a chance that the dealership does not want the car back due to the economy/not being able to move the car/is a dead brand that I can negotiate down the final purchase price and not be saddled with payments for several more years? I should note that the power steering light keeps coming on (even though there appears to be nothing wrong with the power steering), which was taken to the dealership to be repaired more than once, and was told they had no idea how to fix it properly. Would this help in said negotiations?
  • My husband and I did a smart lease on a 07 pontiac g6 sudan, 4 cyl in April of 07. The lease will be up in april of 11. What kind of price would we be looking at as a pay off price???? The salesman told me at signing that we could either trade it in when the lease is up or continue to pay it for 2 more years after the lease. Need help. I am very frustrated trying to figure this out. I honestly have to disagree with most people on here, my car runs great! I just want it to be mne. :cry:
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    Your dealer does not have a choice on whether or not to take the car. Your lease end date is when GM wants their car back. Believe me, they will want it back. Your pay off is not negotiable. It was already set in the contract. However, you will not have to worry about that. As you are going to drop the car off, go through inspection. Take care of any charges, excess miles, etc. Then you simply walk away. That is it.
    About your issues, well you really shouldn't have to worry about them, since the car was fixed already by the dealer.

    The only way the could control any of the issue is if you trade early. They could then work the trade in value against you.

    Good Luck!

    What car are you think about getting now?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    You need to call GMAC to get a current pay off. This price is not negotiable. It was already set at signing.

    When leasing, you have the option to purchase the car after the lease is up. At that point you set a new loan up, with amount of months, payments, etc...

    It seems like you have a 4yr lease. That explains the 2yrs after the lease. As your pay off will be lower.

    Also, with a longer lease, your warranty will run out before its up.
  • Well, I may still keep the G6, because I truly love it! But, to be saddled with payments for many more years for an already 3 year old car doesn't sit well. However, I have been poking around the market for a Pontiac Vibe, possibly AWD (for those crummy PA winters).

    I plan to go to the dealership before the lease is up to inquire about a few things, including the status of the power steering light. I also plan to visit some of the other local dealerships to see what kind of offers they can conjure up.

    Thanks for the help.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    The Vibe has a toyota engine in it!
  • Yeah, I know. It has enough room in the back to haul my guitar amp, instead of jimmying it into the back seat of the G6. It is a 2 person job.
  • GM regularly has special early lease termination deals, and recently had a $3,000 rebate for returning lessees. Assuming the "new" GM continues these deals, just keep on the lookout.

    Per Consumer Reports, the Vibe is a much more trouble-free car than the G6.
  • Yeah, that's what I've been finding. Admittedly, the only problem I've had with the G6 is that blasted power steering light. This is the model with the fly-by-wire PS, opposed to the hydraulic, so my best guess is the problem lies with a sensor of some sort. What the GM garage did the two times I took it back was to "reset the steering wheel position". Whatever they did was a temporary fix, because no sooner than 5 days later, the light came back on.
  • they will honor the terms of the lease. I have an '07 G6 also and made sure to double-check with my dealer on this as well. As you might already know, they estimate an end value for the car when you sign the lease, based on the mileage plan you take. The amount financed is the car price, minus this amount. If the car is worth less at the end, usually because of damage or mileage overage, it's best to just walk away and get a new one If you are over the agreed mileage, you will also owe the mileage fee. I am on my third smart lease and have always traded the car in at the end (i get bored with my cars after 3-4 years). Technically, if you don't want to keep the car and finance the difference, they are supposed to charge you a disposal fee of around $250. I have never had to pay this, since I've always gotten another car at the same time. They will usually just dismiss the fee. You walk away, and start the new car from scratch with a down payment, etc.
    I've never had an issue with the amount they estimate on worth of the car. I don't think they've ever even test driven it or inspected it when I traded them in; whatever the contract says is what they've worked with. I've also traded my cars in sooner because I didn't want to go over mileage; if you do this, you owe whatever months are left on the lease. Oftentimes they would offer to pay off whatever months were left on the lease or part of them. GM runs offers like this too periodically. I'm not worried about having an issue in Aug 2011 when my lease is up; I just don't know what I'll buy next, since I'm such a hardcore Pontiac girl!
  • pfinepfine Posts: 15
    Hi -- I'm looking at a new car, including the G6. There is a model called the "Value Leader" G6 being offered but there is virtually no information on what the model includes as features. The Pontiac site is virtually devoid of information on the version. Does anyone have any info or experience with this version?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    I would highly recommend you seeking out all other cars before deciding on the G6.

    You also might want to look within the G6 forum to see what others are saying about the car if you haven't already.

    This is not to deter you from getting this car, some have issues with the G6, including newer models. Some have also had no problems at all. The car offers a great package for the money. However, this is an old car, older technology. Pontiac is phasing out. Having rebates on the car only bring its value to near where its supposed to be now.

    I have an 08 G6, I love it, but have had engine issues since new. Luckily I lease it. I just don't want you to make the same mistake. If you want the car, make sure to have the car fully inspected, test drive several cars, even on a new car. I wouldn't buy used. Then go for it. With rebates out, you can get the car for an amazing deal.

    Just do plenty of research, look at all cars within the price range. If you keep coming back to the G6, then get it. Getting the right car from the start is key to be in it longer. Just be very careful though. :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The G6 is based on the same platform as the Malibu and Saturn Aura. I believe the 08 $22000 (approx) G6, Malibu and Aura have a used trade in value (with avg miles ) of about 10k, 11k and 11k respectively.( This is what the $22000 09 will be worth in 12 months.

    Almost certainly great deals were to be had this summer on the G6 and malibu but the " Cash for clunkers" deal from your govt propped up the price $3000 or more, and the stock sold off.

    Yes virginia, the dealers raised the price by $3000 or so and people bought the cars for about the same price after the gov't money as they sold for a month earlier. Possibly even more given funny money lease and other finance deals. Straight from the gov't to the dealers and manufacturers. Worse, it appears most of the money went to foreign nameplates rather than the Domestic's, to which 80 BILLION of your tax money has also been sunk into.

    A G6 that could be had for under 14000 in June. couldn't be touched for under $17000 for a while, without a (highly specific) clunker. With the stock sold off and the clunker program re-funded till Nov., prepare to pay much more than $13000 for a lefftover 09 (and discontinued nameplate?) worth about $10,000 in a year.

    Good luck
  • pfinepfine Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info but has anyone ever owned one? It seems to be stripped below even the base model and is not even mentioned in the Pontiac brochure or website. (Some info is buried in the website but only under certain categories one must search for.) We'll see. Set to talk to a dealer this week. Only a few of this model is available in the area and may be had for a significant discount. They are the ugly duckling loss leaders and perhaps they will be cut down even more than others.

    And as for the C4C benefiting foreign makers, you can thank certain redneck congressmen of a certain party who changed the original legislation to force that into the law. It was originally supposed to be for US Big-3 auto company products only. Amazing what having a Hyundai plant in your state's backyard, and your back-pocket, will do to a legislator's decisionmaking...

    Still, "among manufacturers, General Motors Co. had the largest share, accounting for 18.7 percent of new sales, followed by Toyota Motor Corp. with 17.9 percent. Ford Motor Co. was third with 16 percent of the sales. Detroit automakers represented 45.3 percent of the total sales while Japan's Toyota, Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. accounted for 36.5 percent."

    Good for GM.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    This is a disasterous program for the consumer. Prices are higher than a year ago for closeout models for 95% of folks without a (very highly specific) "clunker". Perhaps the stripper value leader may be had for $14000-$15000 this year. Terrible. And another $3 billion in waste, and $5 billion or more in jacked up prices for consumers.

    If the program would not have been extended to "import" nameplates, numerous trade agreements would have been violated, not to mention retaliation of various "clunker" programs in Europe being limited to non GM or Ford models.
    Find new sources of information.

    The program should have sixed, or scrapped after the first billion. Billions sunk into a dying domestic industry shedding a million or more workers over a decade or two.

    What a joke
  • pfinepfine Posts: 15
    Yes, what a cruel disaster all those people buying cars. Disasterous I tell you, disasterous.

    I hear it also kills old people and will take our guns away.
  • I wasn't originally in the market for a Pontiac, instead, I was intending to purchase a Toyota Yaris Sedan with a full TRD package. It was going to be a custom order.

    Due to issues with the salesman being well, for lack of a better word, an [non-permissible content removed], we went to the GM dealership where I was looking at a G5.

    The salesman obviously knew I wanted something 'shiny' So he pointed out the 2008 G6 GXP Street Edition.. In white. I'm not a fan of white, but after test driving it, I was scared to look at the sticker price. It was 32k.

    The dealership was running a promo on it, (Since it was a new 2008, and we were in 2009 already) After working out a deal, a rebate and a 4k trade in on my 05 ford focus, we got it down to 17.9K. That included the sales tax (5% in Wyoming). It was a Deal.

    Driving it through town in the big ol metropolis of Casper, WY, we got turns and stares right and left. This car was indeed a fancy bit of steel and muscle. The 'don't mess with me or I will eat the road under you' front to the 'I can Iron my muscles on this hammerhead' spoiler, trimmed and decked in chrome, leather seats, sun and sound package. It was any man's ego waiting to be driven... By me. A woman. My husband is still jealous, since two days before we bought him a slightly used Impala LTX.

    I drove back to my itty bitty small town, and I've noticed since then, that most of the younger generation (16 to 25) keeps asking me where I found the car, because they have never seen a G6 with the full street edition package, let alone in a sedan. Yes, this baby is a sedan.

    Someone told me that they didn't make a whole mass of them for release in 2008. Let alone with the sun and sound package. Frankly, I am enjoying the monsoon speaker system and 6 disc changer.

    I feel I got a great price, more so since I researched from the pontiac website in customizing, and it was right around the same price the sticker was for at the 32k.

    Going from a yellow Ford Focus ZX3 manual tranny to this, I'm quite impressed, even though I said I would never drive another automatic tranny ever again. The VVT is easy to handle, though I do laugh at the fact it auto downshifts for you. My husband calls it the 'Woman's Stick Shift' I call it the 'Lazy Man's Stick Shift'

    Now if people would just stop asking me if I put a molding kit on it..
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    Great Job! That is how you work a deal! That is exciting, because this is basically where the car should be priced right now. Considering the brand is dead, and the values of most GM cars a pretty low now!
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