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Isuzu Trooper Maintenance and Repair



  • thier are 2 plugs in the bottom of your tranny a red one in the pan and a blue one beside the pan a little higher you got to take the blue one out and if fluid runs out or if you can feel fluid then it's good .if not,fill til it runs out of the hole.i just went through this.
  • Love this truck - but at a crossroads and not sure if I should try and save it. Starting High Idle while driving, shut it off then okay for just a little while, was low on gas, got gas then immediatley high idle started again, shut-off, now won't start. Sounds like it's out of gas. Replaced starter 3 weeks earlier. Sounds like it really wants to start but won't turn over. 96 Trooper, 97k miles - bought used, found receipt for TPS replacement in glove box , Battery sounds strong, - Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • I just had the leak fixed on my 2002 Trooper (57K miles.) The leaks were very small but persistent and it took me a while to figure out that it was indeed my "bulletproof" Isuzu that was leaking :)

    I see a reference to the same 8-96017-093-0 (piston cover) and two quarts of dextron on my invoice.

    This was covered under the 10yr/120K warranty with zero hassle at our local Marietta Mercury/Lincoln dealership (Isuzu service) and I was out within a couple of hours. I never really expected to ever need/use the warranty but, oh well, I'm very happy how things turned out in the end.
  • I have this same problem. Were you ever able to get this resolved. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I'm reposting this as I never saw if anyone had any solutions and I have the same problem:

    I also have a 92 Trooper 4WD V6 Automatic Trans. with VSS problem. I ordered a replacement VSS but it is not like what I see on the transmission. The VSS is hard wired at the transmission with the wiring going somewhere. There should be a connector at one end or the other of the wiring. Can you send diagram and replacement instructions or procedures? Also send any information on the Isuzu VSS part or part number and it there is any aftermarket replacement. I purchased part # H313303 and every place I look on the web says this is correct, but unless this is inside the housing I am seeing on the transmission, it is not correct.
  • Have had a "hissing " sound from the top area of the engine, that has progressed and gotten worse. Have an issue with the starting as well? Battery is pretty new and replaced the terminal connectors. I now get a "click" noise but, not turning over. Any ideas?
  • tambratambra Posts: 5
    Sounds like it is your starter. Hissing noise - you must have a crack in a hose somewhere. It is pretty simple to replace.
  • tambratambra Posts: 5
    I just had this problem with my 93...did you only replace the pump or did you replace the whole assembly. If you didn't do the whole wiring/filter assembly, I would say you need to check the filter. It's my understanding that is the better route to go.
  • tambratambra Posts: 5
    My alternator checked okay too....but it was ultimately the alternator. It's an easy change....I did it myself and I'm a girl.
  • Had the same thing. Replace intake gaskets and everything will be fine. As for starting check battery cable ends and replace if corroded or clean.
  • uincosuincos Posts: 1
    i just bought a used 93 trooper for christmas. 187k miles, had it checked out- needs a valve gasket & O2 Sensor replaced and all else SEEMED fine. I've put a little over 2k miles on it in the past 2-3weeks and twice I have been pulling into my driveway- slight hill, gravel, no big deal... but when I step on the gas pedal the engine goes and the car doesn't. I have been told it is a slipping tranny and nothing but a repalcement will fix the problem. However, a friend says he had similar and it was the transfer case? Any thoughts? I hoped it would run longer than a month when I bought it and now i'm screwed?!
  • Can you visually tell if the alternator or starter is bad? How can you determine if it's either one before pulling either one out of the vehicle?
  • When driving the car runs unconstantly, like misfiring petrol engine, and the dealer carage could not find out what the problem is. If I step a little on the trottle the engine runs fine, but when the car has reached constant speed it starts to misfire again. Any ideas..............................
  • Hey Faraidun. I've searched for an answer to my Trooper problem everywhere, but found no detailed information other than "employees" for transmission repair companies telling people to have their transmissions repaired for $2000.
    Here is my problem and steps I've taken, maybe it will help.
    1994 trooper 3.2 V-6 Dohc
    Transmission light comes on after 10 minutes of driving. After shorting the little white connector under the dash, I recieved Transmission error code/fault 51. This is the code for "bad" engine temp sensor. This sensor is located on the back of the engine in which you have to remove your intake manifold off to get behind it with a socket and multi-bend wratchet. After changing the sensore it worked great for a few days and then the error reoccurred. I've looked up any and all possible sollutions and found that I didn't "disconnect batter for 20 minutes, touch cables together to ground out and reset computer for 20 seconds." I will try this and see if it fixes it. If your transmission goes into "safe mode" after tranny light starts flashing and you can shift from 1-2-3 without tranny slipping than you probably don't have a bad transmision.
    How do you check Transmission Code?
    Sit in the drivers seat, reach under the dash by your right knee and you should be able to pull out two connectors. The white one that has 2 hole is the right one! Take a piece of wire or metal that is not coated with any plastics or pains and short both hole together. You will notice if you've left your car on with transmission light blinking that it will change it's blinking rate. It will flash in increments.. perhaps 5 quick blinks then 1 blink then a pause and then repeats again. or it may give you mulitiple codes. just record fault codes on paper and call a tranny shop to ask what they mean. Good luck, let me know the result. I'll let you know if I fix it permanently.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I just got a nice set of OEM pads that comes with two pouches of grease (orange and gold metallic one)... Which color do I use to apply to the inners shims and what's the other one for?
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    The grease question still stands but I took a look at my brake pads today (first time I took the wheels off this truck) and it looks like more than 50% of life is left all around (?) I have 59K miles, I assumed I'd need them around this time but are they really this good or is it my superior driving skills :-)
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    I replaced pad on my '00 Trooper LS at around 75,000 miles. They could have gone another 20 or 30 K miles. Yes, they are really that good. I'm over 150K miles now, so I guess I need to look at them again to see how they are holding up.

    BTW, notice the complete LACK of brake dust these give. I previously had a Nissan Quest and '00 Grand Cherokee that dusted up the wheels within 2 days after cleaning. BIG difference.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Yeah, there's no dust whatsoever but that must have something to do with the fact that they don't wear out in the first place :-)

    The rotors seem to be in a good shape too and look very smooth (aside from the exterior rust all over the place) - Did you ever have them machined or replaced?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    "The rotors seem to be in a good shape too and look very smooth (aside from the exterior rust all over the place) - Did you ever have them machined or replaced? "

    No. The rotors looked to be in good shape so I just replaced the pads with OEM pads from the dealer. I did front and rear. Still working good at 153,000.

  • 93trooper293trooper2 Posts: 1
    My 93 trooper steering wheel pulses back and forth when cold when I first start driving and then settles down as it warms up. It still pulses when warm but only slightly. Is the the pump going out? Any suggestions on what to check? Thanks.
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