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Tahoe Suburban CD MP3 iPod AUX XM Sirius

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,958
What a collection of acronyms!

Got a question about your radio (remember those)? Tune in here.

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  • Just curious if anyone is making extensive use of their ipod/mp3 players with the Aux input. I'm finding myself using my ipod most of the time instead of CDs and I'm starting to think I may not lug around 100's of CDs anymore. Sound quality seems to be on a par with the CD (assuming the digital files are good quality) or just slightly behind.
  • For me, its either my iPod or XM.
  • Lovin' the built-in XM as well. Huge improvement over my previous Roady2 setup in my '02 Trailblazer with wires going every which way.
  • ssoler2ssoler2 Posts: 2
    Doesn't XM's inferior sound quality to even standard FM bother you? I let my free trial expire on my 07 LTZ.
  • It would if I had it just to listen to music. The only reason I have XM is for O&A and Ron & Fez. The lack of quality is noticeable when listening to music.
  • cecookcecook Posts: 23
    I have used most of the options frequently. I probably use the mp3 player most. I also use my ipod and sirius plug n play device through the aux input. I use the XM fairly often and have had no problems with sound quality or reception. I really prefer the programming of sirius but I cant talk myself into adding another device onto my dash, I like the flsuh look too much as it is. I am getting tired of my ipod dying since the aux input wont charge it. anyone added an interface to solve that problem yet?

  • cecookcecook Posts: 23
    Another solution would be to burn an mp3 cd. With this you can store upwards of 300 songs on one cd. that will keep you from having to carry around so many cds. you can also organize the songs into different folders (by artist or genre for example) to make it easier to find them amongst so many others.

  • Belkin makes a product that plugs into the cigarette lighter and into the bottom of the ipod. It has a stereo jack, resulting in a true "line-out" from the ipod while charging the ipod at the same time. The sound quality is great. If you're using the headphone jack of the ipod to plug into Aux, you're really missing out. I tried this method first and the volume of the ipod had to be jacked all the way up.

    Here's a link to the Belkin product:
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    The Belkin item is good, but there is an even better charger/iPod dock for the Tahoe. Ten Technologies makes a unit that plugs into the lighter which holds your iPod on a flexible stalk. It is compatible with all iPods and has a 3.5mm adapter plug so you can connect it with the AUX plug on the dash. The sound is better than the CD! I just bought it and it's great. Using the FM was a joke in comparison. Especially here in Houston where free frequencies are few and far between. The best feature is the gain or boost switch which acts as a loudness button.

    See link below:

    Have fun and enjoy your Tahoe! So far so good with mine. Like it better than my Land Rover!
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    Forgot to mention that you will need the 3.5mm male/male cable. Radio Shack has one that is 1 foot long and works great. I just coiled it around the stalk and looks like a slick, professional custom installation. Total cost was about $60

    See my profile for pictures.">
  • For me, the Belkin product is better because it gives me a bit more flexibility in where I place the ipod. I would think the stalk would get in the way and make it tougher to scroll/change songs, etc. Does look slick though.
  • samk17samk17 Posts: 8
    I must agree... XM quality is not what I expected... a lot worse than FM.
  • I have no issues with sound quality or reception. I'm in metro Detroit, maybe that is the difference. XM and the iPod sound great.
  • hi i live in quebec and couldn't find the belkin model...but instead i found a monster cable model that work very good and is available at the source/circuit city..

    here it is....enjoy egory=ipod_car&product=1419577
  • Just bought a new '07 Tahoe package LT2 but it does not have the XM option. Is the radio ready for an add-on kit or do I have to purchase a portable XM receiver? Anybody have experience with the '07s?
  • Since I do have the aux. jack on the '07 radio can an XM or Sirius connect through that? Just want to buy what ever works best and does not look bad.

    Anyone know if there is a radio exchange program through GM or Delphi to upgrade radios? I know there was 15 years ago when I was at a GM dealership.
  • the lt that my wife and i just bought does not have the xm option, but the radio has a couple of features that are geared towards xm use.

    for example, when i press the catagory button, the radio says "for xm use only" or "xm not installed" or something like that.

    my questions is, is the xm radio different than the stock non-xm radio, or is there a card or chip or component that can be installed aftermarket to take advantage of xm?

    i understand that xm is a subscription, but didn't want to pass on the truck just because the option wasn't included.

    if the xm is a completely different radio, i will buy a portablw, but if it can be installed as a feature on the current radio i will have it installed.
  • did you ever figure this out. I am in the same position.
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