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Toyota RAV4 2007



  • sfmamasfmama Posts: 5
    Hello all,
    We now know that we definitely want a Rav4 but are trying to decide whether we need/want 4 or 6 cylinders. We are not especially car people, but I'm getting that my husband is tempted by the idea of the power of this car. I would love to hear from people who have the 4 cylinder Rav4. Does it give you enough power? How is it on hills? - we live in San Francisco, and we have a lot of big hills. We are not likely to ever use it for towing or for having a "full load". For those with 6 cylinders, other discussions have noted that it may be a little jerky when you push on the gas pedal, have you experienced this? What do you think?
    Thanks so much for your help.

    Our last car was stolen and returned with some damage, so it is now time for a new one.
  • I bought a 2007 Rav4 with V6 last week. It really scoots. I don't think it is jerky, but rather it doesn't take too much push on the gas pedal to move pretty quickly. I really like how it goes up hills so easily without any strain.
  • lgslgs Posts: 27
    I'm sure others' opinions may vary, but yes, the throttle tip-in on the V6 is difficult to modulate, particularly in tight spaces or parking lots. Along with the cheap looking interior, it was a factor that put me off the Rav completely.

    If you're not especially "car people", and don't intend to tow a large trailer, you'd be much better off looking at the new CR-V, imo.
  • I now have my second 4-cylinder RAV4 and I notice even more power with the 2006 (2.4) vs. the 2002 (2.0). Never have felt power-deprived while negotiating the hills and small mountains of central western Pennsylvania.
  • sfmamasfmama Posts: 5
    Thanks for your input. I never thought choosing a car would be so hard. No CR-V for us because we want the option of the 3rd row seat (Mazda5 or Hyundai Santa Fe are other options). We will probably only use it 3x a year, but we like to have the option.

    Glad to know the 4-cylinder seems to work well on hills. The information is definitely helpful.
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    Does anyone know if the Rav4's engines (4-cylinder and 6-cylinder) have timing chains or timing belt? This is a big issue for me. I feel that having a timing chain is worth a lot when buying the car. The comfort of not worrying about whether the belt will break as you approach the replacement mileage is a big relief. Of course, timing chains can break as well, but much less likely. And, if they do when the car is still under warranty they are covered - no manufacturer covers the timing belt that I am aware of.
  • I am also interested in a 2007 RAV4 , narrow down to either "Sport" or "Limited". A V-6 would be a "want", not sure if it's a "need" since 2.4L already has 160 HP , which I think is more than adequate for that car's size. Can you ALL share with us how much you pay for your car? and is it possible to get a below invoice deal? My friend just bought a Siena Toyota van for $500 below invoice, so I think it's possible , but not sure with a 2007 RAV4. Your info is greatly appreciated.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I have access to a closed 10,000 foot runway that is in pretty good condition so I made one run with my 2007 RAV4 Sport V6 to see what performance times would be. I used a Passport GTimer to record the data. I have no idea if this thing is accurate or not. The truck only has 1300 miles on it so I did not want to beat it doing this 10 times!

    The times and 1/4 mile speed seemed to be similar to the C/D results which I have included here. My data is the left column and the C/D data is to the right of that. For example I got 0-60 in 6.0 sec and C/D data was 0-60 in 6.3 sec.

    For reference my 2003 Audi A6 2.7T (250 HP claimed)with almost 40K miles measured 0-60 in the 6.4 to 6.6 sec. range over a few runs. It has full time Quattro and is a little heavier than the RAV4. The Audi has Pirelli Pzero Nero M&S tires and the RAV4 has the Yokohama G91s.

    The RAV4 accells like the Audi but does not decell like the Audi which has much more powerful dual caliper brakes. It also has "dual caliper price" compared to the RAV4 so no complaints.

    I also tried some cornering runs to get lateral acceleration data. This was kind of a bust as the best I could get was about .68 Gs. The problem is that the RAV4 seats provide no lateral support so it is hard to stay in postion and steer smoothly. I would need lots of practice and I do not want to wreck the truck trying.

    All part of Sunday fun with the RAV4 in NY on nice cool day!

    If anyone else has taken any data I would like to see if you got similar results.

    1/4-MILE 14.6 93.4 14.9 94 Zero to 30 mph: 2.3
    0-110 NA 21.4 40 mph: 3.2
    0-100 NA 17.3 50 mph: 4.7
    0-90 13.28 13.5 60 mph: 6.3
    0-80 10.5 10.6 70 mph: 7.9
    0-70 7.9 7.9 80 mph: 10.6
    0-60 6 6.3 90 mph: 13.5
    0-50 4.33 4.7 100 mph: 17.0
    0-40 3.08 3.2 110 mph: 21.4
    0-30 2.03 2.3
    Standing 1/4-mile: 14.9 sec @ 94 mph
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    You bought a RAV4 for acceleration?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I bought the RAV4 because it is a bargin combination of useful space and features, good MPG, decent handling and very good performance with AWD. At $25500 or so for a loaded Sport V6 you have to love it.
  • I know the 2.4L inline 4 has a timing chain. My daughters 2004 RAV4 with the same engine has it. I am interested in buying a V6 and hope that it too has a timing chain. Might be a deal breaker for me. Does anyone know the answer to this question?
  • I tested a RAV4 2.4L base model today and the Toyota dealer told me that ALL 2007 RAV4 cars have timing chain, in fact 2006 RAV4 cars also have timing chain. I think this should not be a deal breaker, most timing belts need replacement after 90K miles,its replacement cost is $300, so no big deal even if you have to replace it twice for a life of this car.

    2.4L I4 has enough power for normal use, I want to test a V-6 to see if it's quieter... The dealer wants $300 above invoice cost, is it a good deal?

  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    The dealer wants $300 above invoice cost, is it a good deal?

    Seems pretty good to me, but you'll probably get a better answer here:
    jimbobear, "Toyota RAV4: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #1081, 13 Nov 2006 6:10 pm
  • Can anyone tell me what I need to buy to connect and use my ipod on my new 2007 RAV4. I went into Radio Shack and they sold me a connector that goes from the auxillary input on the car to the earphone input on the ipod. It plays the music OK but it doesn't charge the ipod and no information displays on the radio screen.
  • Check out the site. There are 49 2006 RAV4s for sale within a 75 mile radius of the north bay area,only 11 2005 RAV4s and a mere 10 2004 RAV4s for sale. I wonder why those 2006 RAV4 owners are dumping them so soon?
  • They are probably 4 cyl former rentals. I doubt many car rental company's ever bought any Rav4's before 2006.
  • My hubby & I just bought him a Pacific Blue EX 07 CRV and I ordered the Tea Green CRV EX 07 for myself. I had a 98 RAV for 8 years and loved it. I also have a 12 year old Camry. The only reason we bought new cars is b/c all the new safety feature- Electronic stability control, curtain & side airbags etc. We did a lot of research on Consumer Reports, Edmunds, Motor Week etc. They are both similar SUVs when it comes to Safety- my top priority.

    Things I liked about the RAV that I didn't about the CRV: more aesthetic door handles, brighter brake lights, possible third row seat if we wanted, can flip seats down from the back instead of crawling in back seat to flip before loading, floor base under the flipped seats is level- unlike the CRV which has two level floor once the seats are flipped. This is minor, but makes a difference when one is in a sleeping bag in the back! Even though you can get a third row, it seemed to subtract legroom for the second row whether or not the third row was activated. This was not scientific, just an impression.

    Things I liked about the CRV that I didn't about the RAV: interior spare tire, more ergonomic console set-up, the mirror positioners are in a safer spot to prevent them accidentally being reset, top rising door back door (keeps rain out of the collar when loading the car, easier to do when parallel parked) smoother and faster acceleration, better console lighting and information on digital screen. I had better rear visibility without the tire mounted on the back, which is not available on the RAV.

    The CRV available with NAV, but the dealer said they won't be out until January 07. We have a Garmin Nuvi 350 ($488 at Wal-Mart) and that is more portable and a lot cheaper than a $2K Nav system in the CRV. Also, the CRV requires buying new disks for $185 when the maps are updated. The Garmin offers updated to download on its website.

    We tested both 06 & 07 Ravs & CRV. I am rather short (5ft 3in) and I had better visibility with the CRV, but they both have height adjustable drivers' seats. The main thing that cinched it for us was the smoother acceleration. The RAV had a noticeable hesitancy when accelerating abruptly. It could cost seconds trying to merge into traffic or dart across an intersection. We test drove several different RAVs to see if they all did this, and all the 07s did, though to varying degrees. Also, we did not like the irritating orange glow of the instrument panel on the highest option RAV, nor the busy center console on the floor. The CRV has a tray that can fold down, the RAV has the storage compartments, shifter, and mirror adjusters in the middle. The CRV has a soothing blue instrument panel, with white digital layout for gas, mileage, temperature etc. The shifter is below the air conditioning controls, and out of the way of knees etc.

    They weren't cheap! According to CR we should have been able to purchase them for 4-8% above $21,060 (using the CR base price). However, we spent hours on the phone and went to multiple dealerships. We had guys from 4 different Honda dealers whittling each other down, and we stayed on the phone until other dealerships dropped out. We bought two cars and paid cash, and the best deal we could get was $24,800 out the door (all tax, tags, fees etc). No dealership had more than one or two on the lot of the 07 CRVs. We took the blue one today, and the Green Tea should be in by next week. No one in Tampa had the Green Tea or Glacier Blue on the lot. This is in Tampa FL. Tampa Hondaland gave us the best deal. The EX-L should be about $4k more according to CR.

    The one thing I can't stand about the CRV is the ugly door handle. The sales staff said the 07 CRV had been redesigned to look more 'manly' and to appeal to the young male market. I guess this was accomplished by the futuristic side windows and the hideous door handle, which is cheap silvery plastic and clashes with the ivory or gray interior. It looks like the car is attempting to be a transformer; the handle resembles an old boombox handle. Other than that, we love our new CRVs.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    The sales staff said the 07 CRV (sic) had been redesigned to look more 'manly' and to appeal to the young male market.

    Not surprisingly the sales staff has it wrong. The redesign is meant to appeal more to females than the previous models. Read about it on Edmunds.

    Sorry you don't like the door handles. But hopefully you like the peppy engine, the many standard features (including the safety related ones you mention), the abundant storage, the excellent gas mileage, the value, etc.
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