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New Scion xB Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said:

    I just put about 1300 miles on it driving round trip from Palm Springs to San Francisco and had the greatest time. I only stopped to put gas in; other than that it was non-stop and totally comfortable. When I drove without A/C got about 32 mpg (freeway).

    That's outstanding gas mileage. On my stick shift Golf, which gave me freeway commute mileage of 30 mpg, I dropped to 26 mpg on 80+ mph runs from San Francisco to LA. On my current ZX3, I dropped from commute mileage of 31 to 29-30 - not so bad a hit, due to lower RPM on the ZX3, I suspect. On my former xA stick shift, I got 30-32 but 35 mgp on my freeway commute. I mostly don't use aircon. High speeds seem to reduce mileage due to RPM/air resistance.

    Questions for you - stick shift or auto? Average speed (under or over 80 mph)?
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Mine's automatic. Average speed under 80, though I do admit to hitting 80+ a couple of times (very short duration). Probably averaged 70-75 on Highway 5.
  • 2gobox2gobox Posts: 1
    I've had my car for 3 months now and could not be more pleased. I own the black sand pearl 2004, manual, and it does get dirty fast, but the color is one of the best looking, in my opinion. As far as the low bumper, you learn to drive slow and at an angle...and not pull up "all the way" to a concrete parking thingies. There are quite a lot of people in this area who have yet to see one, they are still kinda rare in the midwest, especially living by a steel mill area. I did about 25 hours of reading, before I bought this car, and am more than pleased. My problem was it was hard to find a used xB cheaper than a new xB! I finally found one for $12,800 with 16,000 miles and it had extras: fog lights, alarm, blue neon lighting, leather steering wheel, rims, mats. I would have not been able to afford all of the extras on a new one. I found it on e-bay also, what a deal!
  • i have had my 06' xb auto since october. i have done several cosmetic mods to give it a personal touch. i do get alot of looky-loos. i love it. i drive it round trip average of 60 miles on highway per day. i average 80 mph so my mileage is only about 27-28 mpg, but at 3200 rpm and 80 mph i can't complain.the steering is very responsive, suspension is very tight, boy can this baby take a turn.... trans shifts hard if you push it. if you are just cruising, it shifts very nice. this thing will cruise at 80 mph all day if i let it. motor runs very well with castrol semi-synthetic oil. i took it across country last month, 3200 miles in a week and a half . it only labored a little on steep grades and in open areas with bad winds, otherwise it is fun to drive. biggest complaint i have is the two rock chips that i got in the windshield traveling through texas! :mad:
    as far as comfort issues....only one i had is that my right knee got stiff after 10 hours of driving in a high seat. my teen daughter says the car is totally cool and i truely enjoy driving it daily (i am 35). i now have 7,800 miles on it since october. ;)
    also, this thing has tons of room inside and reminds me of a minivan on the inside. also on those long trips your passenger can lay the seat all the way down to take a nap! :shades:
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    ...but I drive part time for a florist. She purchased an XB last November, it now has around 22 or 23,000 miles. Zero problems. Stop and go delivery is very hard service for any vehicle.

    The other vans she has are Ford Windstar and similar. They'll empty a $65 or $70 tank of fuel in under three days driving. The Scion does the same delivery for just a bit shy of $30.00. Mostly in the 28 to 32 MPG range. Everybody loves it, we've had endless comments from various people, mostly positive.

    I'm over 6'2", and have a few inches head room over my ball cap. You sit at chair height, not sitting on the floor as in so many small cars.

    We took the rear seat out for space, and it's hard to believe something that small on the outside can hold as much as it does on the inside.

    On the short interstate jaunts we go on, it has no problems running 75 or even 80. A fun vehicle to drive, and it doesn't roll on the interstate ramps as bad as the Winstar did. Pretty sure footed.

    An impressive and economical vehicle. And as with anything made by Toyota, it is assembled very nicely.
  • Mine's Blue w/ and auto trans. Bought a used 2004, 6/06, and love it. Am disappointed in the paint quality, but have read other colors quality is similar.
    Do 300mi/wk and avg. 32.8 mpg with 50% country, 25% city and 25% hiway @ 70-80 mph. Cruise control is on my wishlist.
    Car came w/ rear spoiler, 6 disc CD changer, Fog Lights, Sport Exhaust and Weather Tech Window shades. The window shades keep water out of the interior while driving and are a great addition. I added an aftermarket smoked Bug deflector (Bugflector) to protect the hood from stone's helped and the color blends well w/ the Blue.
    I love the car and the interior space, functionality and ergonomics. The seating height matched that of many vans I've owned. That was a main cosideration when buying this car. Plus, it fits my life style and my Lab's too!
  • I wonder if your frame is crooked. Check to see if the car "crabs" or drives slightly sideways on the road.
  • I bought my Thunder Cloud Metallic xB a month ago and absolutely love it. I went from a lemon :lemon: Beetle that provided only problems and heartache. The xB was the best combination of my wants and needs. I needed fuel efficency, size, RELIABILITY, low price and safety. I looked at the Fit as well as the Versa, but never could sell myself on the styling. But once I got in my box everything clicked. I am thinking about changing the rims as well as adding the spoiler. So far I love it. The silver paint holds the scrathes better than the blue or black. But those other colors are way prettier.
  • Well, I'm feeling a little sad after reading all these rave reviews for the xb. I bought my box about a year ago and have had nothing but problems.

    I bought it new from Dave Edwards Toyota in SC. First my radio randomly changed stations - so I took it back. It took nearly 2 months for the new "part" to come in. Once they replaced the radio I pointed out the hole in my back seat upholstery which the service department told me was normal. They finally agreed it needed fixed...but they had to order more "parts". Next I was driving on a long trip when my cruise control, and radio just died. Turned out I had blown a fuse. They told me it was because I had my cell phone plugged into the cigarette lighter which you can't do with the scion xb. REALLY???

    Now I have 17,000 miles on it and driving on a long trip - my dashboard lit up like a christmas tree. The VSC light came on the track off light came on and the check engine light came on. I hit my track button a few times but it wouldn't turn on. I made an appointment to take the car in and of course - after 3 days of driving around with these lights on - they finally went off. I just heard from the dealership and they have to order me yet another part - so I'll need to come back in when that part shows up. I am seriously thinking about trading it in. Has anyone else had any of these same problems?

    I also discovered that it drives terrible in the rain. And my back seat passengers said that the rides pretty rough back there.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    First off, I truly sympathize with your problems. I had a '99 Corolla that had major suspension problems which occupied me for just about the entire first year I owned it. The fact that Toyota, with its "sterling" reputation, is responsible for such difficulties and the ensuing repair snafus, goes against common belief about their reliability. Understandably, not every vehicle comes off the assembly line perfectly manufactured, but what grates about the xB is that the vehicle has had well-documented troubles with the front window cracking, without Scion admitting to the flaw and recompensing its purchasers. Now your disturbing situation, in which your dealer's service department appears totally clueless, if not downright uncooperative at times. (A hole in the upholstery was normal to them?)

    I apologize for venting myself, but I've had my own share of negative experiences with Toyota. Oddly enough, I had thought of getting an xB simply for investment purposes, as it is soon to be discontinued in its current form, and remains popular. But after reading about your situation, I cannot imagine giving that company another dollar.

    I wish you well as you try to solve your problems. At least you'll be able to sell it for a good price, especially after all the new ones are gone.
  • It sounds like your dealer crossed some wires while installing the Cruise Control.
    The OEM tires really stink...I replaced mine with Yokohama Avid TRZ's. Now it drives and handles very well in the rain.
    I really hope all turns out well for you.
  • The dealership (or whoever installed the cruise) certainly is the culprit. Have you been installing accessories on your own? The wiring is messed up, that's why the fuse blew the 1st time. It sounds like they tapped into the lighter wire and when that caused problems, they tapped into another area, and now you may have a ground problem. Why do you keep taking it to the same dealer? Go to another dealer and describe the problems. It sounds like your dealer fixes electrical issues by using a "bigger hammer."

    Also the ride in the back is stiff because your rear seat passengers are literally sitting on top of the rear wheels. Go to Sears and buy a set of Monroe Sensatrac shocks and install them yourself. Cost: about $50 on sale. It takes about 20 minutes to install with simple hand tools. The Monroe's ride softer and are better for rear riders. There are many posts on this site with directions on how to change the shocks.

    The tires will last about 35k miles with proper inflation and rotation but they're pretty cheap. Read the other posts under "tires and wheels" to find out what works on others XB's I changed mine to Falken Ziex 512's in 195 60 15 and noticed a huge improvement. I have 54,000 on my 2005 TCM and have made the above changes and am pleased with the outcome. Good luck.
  • Good info on the shocks, thanks. I have put 12,000 mi. on my xB since getting it used w/ 44,000 on it. The new TRZ's work well and add a quieter and softer ride with better steering response.
    Have thought about installing an infrared cruise system, but @ $200+, haven't justified the expense.
  • I recently had the same thing happen to my 2006 xB -- automatic transmission, no cruise control. It seems to go on and off every few days. My mechanic (whom I trust) says he believes it's related to the oxygen sensor passing bad data to the car but before I buy a new sensor (there's apparently a new part number available), I was wondering if you'd let me know how your problem was resolved?!?!
  • I've had my xB for almost a year. That station-changing problem occured on a large number of radios due to a manufacturing defect, a service bulletin was put out on it, and dealers replaced the radios. At the height of the problem, new radios were in short supply.
    Somewhere in doing two radio installs and a cruise control install, your dealer must have shorted something to cause the electrical problems.
    I use the cigarette lighter to charge my cell phone on trips, and it does not blow the fuse.
    In the first week I replaced my rear shocks with SensaTracs, in the driveway in 30 minutes, and the ride became smooth.
    I have stock tires and have not noticed any problem in heavy rain on the Interstate up to 70 mph. Maybe toward the end of their tread life they will not be so good in water.
  • I bought my 06 XB last March, loved it, but just in the last 6 months, I have got rattles and creaks all through the vehicle, you would swear this vehicle is 10 years old half the time, took it in to the dealership, and isn't it just amazing they didn't hear a thing. Monday my windshield got hit by a rock, wednesday on the way to work ( only 7 miles away) I watched this crack increase in size by 4 inches. The only place here inthe Salt Lake Valley to replace the windshield is the dealer, at a cost of &505.18. I am not that happy little camper anymore. And to top this off, my climate controls arn't matched up with the settings! :(
  • Got my 'O6 Manual xB last March and have been lucky. Not a thing to complain about in 11,000 miles. Still smells new, and is so much fun to drive.
  • After a few more weeks of driving on the new intake, with the lights turning on and off at unpredictable intervals, they have now been off for a solid month. I'm assuming the sensor adjusted to the new mixture or something... Anyway, back to normal!
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I had the dash lights on my '05 xB light up like a Christmas Tree as well. It was pretty scary because I was on my way up the local canyon in the middle of a snowstorm and didn't want to get stuck. I took it to the dealer and they told me there was a service bulletin on this particular issue. Continuing to drive the vehicle was not a problem and they ordered parts and had them in within a week. They did the required service, installed the parts under factory warranty and I was off and running no worse for the wear. Your results may vary depending on the dealer you have service your vehicle.

    I bought my xB used for a vendor that is not affiliated with any dealership. I have brought my xB into the local dealership to do a few repairs since I got it but they have been small and minor and have not kept me out of having fun driving my xB and having a blast doing it. I am now modifying my box to fit my style and it is great. There are a lot of owner groups out there that are very knowledgable about the box and can typically help through any problem.
  • rovertonroverton Posts: 20
    Just picked it on on Friday and too a 324 mile trip for a mpg of 30.1.
    This baby rides smooooth and without wind noise. Another reason for liking this is when hitting bumps on the road it is smooth compared to other vechiles driven.
    The only complaints are:
    - No arm rest for the passenger
    - For the driver, the left arm has no where to rest logically as the bottom of the window is to high and the area where the button are is too low. Otherwise this is a great buy.
    -The backseat room is great.
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