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New Kia Rio Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • mwrobe1mwrobe1 Posts: 7
    What do you mean by "Does anyone else feel it is sloppy in the rain?" I feel like mine is more stable in rain/snow than any car I've owned so far.
  • misriemisrie Posts: 4
    I could very well be me. It may be that I'm used to my wrangler that was heavier. It just feels that it feels like it slides in the rain. If its the way it is then I'll deal. Other then that I really am suprised that i've come to love this little car. I get 38 mpg as opposed to 15 that i got with the wrangler which made me sell it since i drve over 100 miles per day. couldn't afford the gas
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    Check the air in your tires, could be they are low and thats why it feels s bit off in the rain. I had an Optima before and my Rio5 feels just as stable in the rain as the Optima which is a much heavier car.
  • srubiosrubio Posts: 6
    Only the 5/60,000 Limited Basic is transferable. I am a Kia Salesman and thats the only warranty that is transferable.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    When I saw your post I called and talked to the owner of my Kia dealer and he disagrees with you. He said it's a common mistake among salesmen.
  • cinmeg5cinmeg5 Posts: 1
    I just bought a rio5, and I just love this little car. Drives nice and easy. I have only had it two weeks and haven't had a chance to try it out during bad weather.
  • my kia went in 3 foot of water in march but poor Chevrolet camaro got push by the cop car cause it went in it and it got stuck
  • Has anyone else had a lot of mechanical problems with an 06 Kia Rio? I've had mine in the shop nonstop for various reasons: transmission, the power cuts out while driving, power steering, etc. The worst car dealer in the world, Jerry Smith Kia in Skagit and Whatcom county, WA, refuses to work on it anymore. They have yet to take any responsibilty for a poorly made car. I'm hoping that if other have had similar problems, we can work together to get Kia to take responsibility.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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  • bigbudbigbud Posts: 1
    Had mine for just over a year, totally reliable and economical. Changed to Castrol Syntec oil recently. On starting up with Syntec I thought the engine had was so quiet. I turned the key and heard the starter pinion clatter against the ring gear as the engine was already running....I should have checked the tachometer. Changed the cabin air filter at 10000's behind the glove box and even my local dealer did'nt know it was there! They had a problem getting it as the part number in their system was incorrect. Only Diesel version available in the U.S. The Diesel is awesome.....look it up on
  • I'm having a problem each time I allow the pump to shut down when refueling. The pump shuts down, and splashes gas over the handle, my hand, and the fender and wheel.

    I also don't know if I have a fuel low warning device, it's suppose to come on at 1.5 gallons left, but I've never seen it and don't know that it's really there. It doesn't light us as the other warning lights do. And the service department head at Gettle Kia in Bradenton Florida insists that it's there. And it will turn orange and blink too when I'm low on fuel. It's i the book too, but says it will light up on turning to the first position on the key. Anyone can help, much thanks, regards, Paul
  • cc51cc51 Posts: 1
    Its 2010...but was looking at a few 2009 "brand new cars".
    There are still many on the lots.

    In particular a Kio Rio SX 2009 with ABS.

    What is the best way to get the best price on this car and how does the 1.5 years effect the pricing?

    Edmunds considers a 2009 in Used when I look up their pricing. I type in 0 (or 12 actually) miles for the mileage.

    Another incentive on these 2009's was a cash discount, but they told me its either a cash discount or the low interest rate loan.

    I've done some homework, and the price seems to align to Edmunds Pricing calculator, but this 2009 new car , in 2010 is a first for me.

    Any inputs appreciated!
  • I haven't had too many problems with my 06 Kia until recently. My airbag warning light came on so I took it in. They say it's a seatbelt part that needs to be replaced & low voltage on the battery. They quote me something like $160 for the battery so I only have them fix the seatbelt, which is under warranty. I take the car to O'Reilly's and get a new battery installed. The airbag light never goes away so I take the car back in to get it checked out. Now they are saying it's a whole new issue & supposedly O'Reilly's installed the battery wrong & short circuited the computer. They quoted me $800 to fix it because of course my warranty ran out in between & they blame the issue on an "outside source". Anyone know if this is even possible? The whole thing seems fishy to me...
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    First of all, your Kia Dealer gave you a pant load of doo-doo with that crap about a faulty seatbelt part. My 2006 Kia Rio5 has the same airbag indictor problem TWICE! Both times it was a Airbag Sensor located in the bottom seat cushion. Both the drivers side and passenger side failed 4 years apart. Both were covered under the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty but in both cases, the entire bottom seat cushion needed to be replaced because the sensor is built into it and is not a separate part. My new 2012 Kia Rio5 just 3 months old with hardly 2000 miles driven just had the Airbag indicator stay on again. This time they had to replace the entire passenger side Airbag Curtain. Something odd about the Rio and its faulty Airbag systems. You don`t want to know what it would cost if the vehicle was no longer under warranty.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    This board is dead. Is there no one who has bought a new 2012 Rio 5? It is among the three finalists for me (Fit and Yaris). I can't find a reason to remove the Rio from my list other than the less than stellar rear window visibility. I'm also disappointed that the rear headrests don't fold down out of the way, but I can easily remove them for better visibility. Come on... how about some action here.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    unfortunately this forum is not very active due to its very poor and outdated format. Can't give you a link due to the forum requirements.

    However, what feedback are you looking for if you have narrowed it to three models, try them all out and decide for yourself.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Since it sounds like you had a Maxx, I'm responding, even though I'm sure you pulled the trigger on your purchase months ago.

    I gave my Maxx to my daughter (actually sold it to her at about 1/3 the normal price) after her car unexpectedly died. Had hoped to get either the new Kia, Hyundai or Chrysler 100 compact hatches when they came out during the next year. Also would have looked at the Buick Encore. Fit (which I drove) and Sonic were also on my short list. Was waiting for more Sonic turbos to be available.

    I bought a dark blue 5 door EX (something that's not even supposed to be available). Back up camera, power folding mirrors, etc. Much nicer interior than the Fit IMO although (obviously) less space.

    Took it on a 2000+ plus trip last week and found it to be as good a road car as my Maxx (which was a favorite), more comfortable for long drives than an 07 Optima that I owned. Got 33 mpg in mostly highway (though some city) driving, with five tanks over 35 mpg. Best tank 37.89 mpg. Not bad considering the 100 degree plus temperatures and constant A/C use.

    Missed the Maxx's low end power-- if the Rio isn't reving it can be pretty dead. Think I'll like this car. Lots of kit for the $$$. Excellent build quality. Very composed for a sub-compact. Six hundred mile daily drives without undue tiredness-- not bad for a 67 year old. Car looks great IMO.
  • Purchased my 2012 RIO 5 LX (with auto tx) last January and since then I put nearly 16,000 miles on it, including a cross-country trip, often at 70mph. Also a lot of city driving. So far the vehicle has performed as advertised and I've had zero problems. Been very impressed with the overall quality (particularly since it's on the low end of the price scale) and how quiet it is at highway speeds. The ride was a bit stiff at first (for my taste) but soften up adequately after a few thousand miles. The car did achieve the touted gas mileage. Historically I've had larger cars, and this is my first subcompact and first Kia. It deserves high marks across the board in my opinion.
  • aertaert Posts: 3
    Just purchased a '13 Rio hatchback the EX + Convenience Pkge . . . was what we wanted , but ended up with the demonstrator - 400 mi on clock + ECO Stop&Go + electric mirror + mats, wheel locks, etc. $17.4 seemed to good a deal to pass up. Kansas City. (300 of those miles were a transfer from another dealer - rather than tire-kickers, and its been on the dealers lot for 4 months.)

    So far so good! Now bear in mind the old drive was 91 Jeep - reliable but getting to rusty. Clearly the Rio AVO package is too intelligent for us, but we're learning.

    I'm not a total fan of the Stop&Go . . . my mechanical mind says just one more thing to go wrong - but I can see there are times (like a lot of stop/go traffic light driving - with long waits for the green) where it would be good - but when its lots of Stop signs (where , ah, one stops, looks, and then goes) that it would be engine stop and then almost immediately restart, and that I don't like. Wish the On/Off switch would remember the last setting, rather than having to turn it Off each time I get in .

    Only done 100mi so far - so actual mpg is unknown. However - clearly it will be better than the 16mpg of the jeep and one must remember there is a direct connection between mpg and the use of the right foot!!

    ONE PROBLEM : When you press the key to lock the car - on the 2nd press the horn toots. How do you turn that toot off? The manual does not seem to address this. (our 05 Town&Country had the same, and it could, and is, turned off)

  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    don't press it twice, it locks on the first press, that's just a reminder that its happened - does the same on my Soul. See page 4/8 in your owners manual.
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