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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    Please let me know what the cause/cost of this repair was. I just experienced the same problem and I am about to park my 98 Blazer with 99k miles in the lake.
    Any input/reply is greatly appreciated.
  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    the previous message posted was in regard to louie1999's post about a Blazer which lost reverse without warning. The only additional note is that I can hear clunking in neutral too...
  • mrdimuziomrdimuzio Posts: 1
    pull the starter motor and sheet metal cover. Using a breaker bar on the harmonic balancer bolt turn the motor to the next bolt. There will be 3 of them in there. Be sure to disconnect the battery before you do this as not to accidentally start the engine.
    You will need to unbolt the tranny from the engine to get the torque converter out. Hope this helps
  • I own a 2000 chevy blazer and it will not change into 3rd gear. It just started this issue yesterday. I did recently replace the battery. I drove it this morning and it changed into the gears fine. Does anyone have any idea what my problem might be?
  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    It is probably a shift selenoid within your transmission. We just had a similar problem with a 98 blazer. Make sure to hook it up to a code scanner to find out if that is in fact one of the errors.

    The bad news is (in our case anyway) that not long after having that repair done, we started to lose reverse as well. So after years of dumping $$$ into that vehicle, we got rid of it 2 weeks ago. What a relief! :shades:
  • jbnurse43jbnurse43 Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Chevy Blazer with 90,000 miles on it. I have been telling the mechanic I felt the Transmission was going on it for over a year. I took my car in again today and requested another checkup for the vehicle as it seems to be running rougher. the upshot is, they say the Transmission needs to be replaced and it will cost me.?? or purchase another vehicle.
  • duntovduntov Posts: 133
    A rebuilt transmission will cost about $1600 including labor. Can you get another car that is dependable for that much? I will never buy a new car again because they are too expensive and depreciate too fast. Three years after you buy a new car all you have is another used car but you still have new car payments.
  • bigd23bigd23 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy,auto,4x4. I have changed the filter and fluids but nothing has changed. I can put it in reverse and drive and has no slippage but when it is in drive it will not change out of first. I can go 20 mph and let off the gas and it seems like it is in neutral. Does anyone know what it could be?
  • The same thing is happening with my 98 blazer, has almost 90,000 miles. We took the truck to a shop and they rebuilt the transmission. It was shifting harder than before and when we took it back they replaced the computer. bare with me as I do not know that much about cars. It is still shifting hard when it is hot and we took it back for a third time. They rebuilt the transmission again (no charge) wich took four days instead of two days the first time we took it. The blazer is STILL shifting hard feels like the tranny is going to fall out! I called the shop and told them we are taking it to the dealer for a second opinion the guy at the shop got mad and told me there is nothing wrong with the transmission there has to be something else wrong with the truck. I am taking it to the dealer today, any idea what it could be?
  • my truck would not go in reverse, it was ok in drive, but slipped at times. Tried to add tranny fluid, now it wont go anywhere in drive or reverse. Is the transmission blown or could there be another answer? If tranny most likely is blown, is it a very expensive fix? Just happened today. :sick: help!!
  • duntovduntov Posts: 133
    It could be a linkage adjustment. Take it to a auto repair shop that DOES NOT rebuild transmissiions or sell and install rebuilt transmissions. That way you will get an unbiased diagnosis of he problem and if it is just an adjustment, that shop will propbably be able to do it.
  • jlt90jlt90 Posts: 1
    I just got my 97 blazer as a gift. i knew it needed work but i have no idea how to fix this... Going down the road if you push the gas lightly you can get up to speed as long as your not on a hill, but as soon as you press the gas to much there is complet loss of power. it will keep running but it basicly boggs out. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem???? :confuse:
  • mustang67mustang67 Posts: 2
    i have the same problem did you find out what it was
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Couple of things to check. Air filter, fuel filter, would be the first place I would look. You said you got it as a gift. If it came from a family member, see if there are any maintenance records. These things will run with really bad spark plugs, so we won't go there first.

    If it were mine, and there was no evidence it had been done, I would go with the two filters mentioned above. Neither are expensive, and both are easy to change. If you have never done an inline canister fuel filter, get help. It can be messy, and you will be dealing with gasoline, so be careful.
  • mustang67mustang67 Posts: 2
    my 99 blazer when in 2wd and at 65 mph a load noise starts then when put in 4hi it stops any ideas
  • I have an 04 jimmy with a transmission problem, it seems like there's not enough power when accelerating and when it shifts it feels like its pulling back. When I turn on to a down hill street and let off the gas i can hear a clunk. it feels like the transmission gears are loose if that makes any sense?

    I dont know very much about cars at all and i dont want to take it to a transmission shop and get ripped off so i need to know what is going on first

    please help me if you know whats going on with it

  • lifbrngrlifbrngr Posts: 1
    For all you people having issues with your vacume line for your 4x4 check this out... turn it into a posilock. check out this AWESOME LINK
  • i have a 1996 chevy blazer with over 157,000 miles on it. i had to have it towed today. i think it is the transmission. it startd out not wanting to go into reverse then i could not even drive it because it would not go. just wondering what type of cost am i looking at and if it would be worth getting it fixed, any help i would appreciate it
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Well, with those kind of miles on it, anyone who opens it up will want to rebuild it. Keep in mind that there are several companies online that will ship you a rebuilt unit with a warranty for $1000 to $1200. Changing it out isn't that difficult, so if a local comes up with $3K be aware that there are cheaper alternatives.

    S10Warehouse down in Florida has this used one for sale:


    I have dealt with them in the past with very good service.
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    I have a 93 Blazer that had a transmission problem about four years ago, I pulled the transmission myself and decided I couldn't put it back in myself and had a local shop tow it to their shop to do the repair. It cost a little over $3,000.00 and after about a year it went out again but they repaired it under warranty as they did the next 2 times it went out, the last time the engine rpm started running away when in cruise control and being on any slight rise that made ther transmission kick down, this time they took it to the trans shop and he turned up the pressure on it, it now shifts very solid and has picked up a couple of miles per gallon in fuel economy. If I knew what I know now I would have put the money into a newer vehicle, probably with a standard transmission and been much happier. Mine has 209,000 miles on it now, it had about 187,000 miles on it when the first Transmission went out. I don't drive it very much.
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