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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
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  • Ok got the new ignition switch put in, but unfortunately after a few mile test drive, the transmission started acting up again. Same problems as they were originally. A little discouraged, but any other suggestions out there? Time for a newer vehicle maybe. haha
  • Sorry Tony, but I don't remember what the original problems were and I could not find your original messages in the past threads. Can you tell me again what the symptoms are?

    Check the electrical connector at the transmission. The plug is on the drivers side of the transmission. Claen the area around the plug, then pull it out and plug it in again. You did not mention if the SES (Service Engine Soon / check engine) light is on. If it is, you can take it to a shop and have them check the DTCs and turn off the light. It will cost about $100.
    I do this myself now with a laptop and a kit I bought that includes a connector that plugs into the OBDII connector on the car and a software app. Cost about $150, but has paid for itself several times over.
  • tony_7991tony_7991 Posts: 5
    edited September 2011
    Hey! The initial trouble started about 3 weeks ago. I was about 30 miles into a trip, and out of no where, I dropped D and OD and the speedo crashed to 0. 1st and 2nd still worked so I was able to limp it off the road. From P or N, it still shifted perfectly in to R or 1st. Transmission oil is full, and smells normal. After time to cool off, everything seems to work like normal. After replacing the ignition switch, I took it for a test drive, and problem came back. There actually was a check engine light on before, but after reconnecting the battery, it hasn't came back on...yet. I believe it was on before for an oxygen sensor.
  • Hi, my name is t.j. I just have a quick question to ask you about swapping out your tranny. I'm getting ready to do the same thing to my 95 jimmy. but what I was wounding is can you tell me what tools I will need to remove the tranny and put in another one? If possible can you email me directly at I'm using my sisters facebook and email to log on to edmunds. Thanks. I hope you can help me. I'm going to a salvage yard to get the other tranny so I need to know what tools I'll need to take that one out and also taking the old tranny out. then I need to know what tools I'll need to put the other tranny in. and do I need anything like a transmission lift. I don't know if thats even a tool? anyway. thanks in advance. T.J.
  • In the process of removing the cylinder lock in a S-10 blazer, the steering wheel and cylinder lock lock up and will not turn in either direction. How do you unlock the steering wheel and cylinder lock to complete the removal of the cylinder lock?
  • It's been a while since I've done this. As recall, you have to remove a small solenoid that mounts underneath the key cylinder. I think you can also just pull the shaft in the center of the solenoid downward to unock the wheel instead of removing the solenoid. I'll check my service manuals and get back to you in a day or so.
  • Thank you. Let me know.
  • Hi! I recently purchased a 1996 Chevy Blazer 4 by 4. When driving, the "Check Engine" light comes on and I noticed my transmission slipping. My car has to reach a couple thousand to three thousand RPM's to finally start moving. Just by happenstance, my battery died on the car. When I jumped it, my check engine light was off and my car shifted and drove fine. After about 10 minutes of driving, the "Check Engine" light came backon and the transmission started slipping again. Thoughts? Thanks!!!
  • To everyone having a problem with gm automatic trannies that must be manually shifted to low gear. The first place to look is the fuse panel. There is a 10 amp fuse marked trans. If this fuse is bad, the transmission will not return to low gear after coming to a full stop. It will start in second gear and acceleration will be very sluggish. Replace the fuse with a higher amperage fuse. The engine must be restarted for the transmission function to return to normal. If the fuse appears to be good, check the neutral safety switch mounted on the side of the transmission.
  • Hi. if you changed your transmission solenoid valves (all af them) there are two steps for blazer transmissions not shifting.
    If your problem is only the transmission try replacing the TPS. it could be the problem
    but if your problem is the transmission not shifting properly and some other electrical problems like door locks coming in and out alone, key does not come out easy, ect., you must replace the ignition switch. It is a cable coming from the ignition key lock going all the way below the wheel.
    You have to remove top and bottom cover from wheel to access the screws that need to be remove for the replacement. I did it without remove the wheel but you must be carefull othewise you can break the top cover
    The ignition switch (cable) cost is between $50 to $100, depend wher you buy it. You will need a Thor male drives or thor screw driver small sizes.
    I hope you can solve the problem
    I did it on my 97 Blazer after having it for one full year stopped
  • Veh: 78 K5 Blazer 350 trans np203 transfer.

    Short Story: A transmission shop lost my np203 transfer case. They want to replace it with an np205 but I would have to buy an adapter. They say that every thing else will be the same. If I insist, they will find me a 203 transfer case.

    I am the one who will have to take all of this home, assemble it and put it back it the vehicle.

    I'm a shade tree mechanic but I don't know squat about drive trains. I also don't have the money for parts.


    What is involved in this swap in terms of adapters, linkage, drive shafts, etc?

    Am I better off with a part-time gear driven or a full time chain driven.

    Any advice or suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have an 01 Tahoe sitting that just had a transfer case change now it will not shift the AT out of 1st gear. I am getting 2 codes 1637 and 1638. OK what and were do I look. :confuse:
  • While attempting to remove the cylinder lock, I barely moved the steering wheel and it locked. And the cylinder lock will not turn forward or backwards. What could be the problem? What is the solution to solving this problem?
  • I am having similar troubles with my Blazer. I haven't done any work to it, but I was driving and it was like it jumped out of 3rd into 1st at about 60mph. I checked my fluid and it was fine, and have drove it a couple times since. Someone told me that it may be a sensor or solenoid that might have went out that controls the shifting in the tranny, is this possible?
  • I was driving down the road about 50 mph. & suddenly the trans.acted like it was in neutral
    i coasted over to the side & i didn't have any gears at all, no foreward or reverse gears!
    I know it isnt the transfer case because when you put it to drive, you would hear noise from it,
    no unusual noises no matter which gear you put it in?
    Could this be the front pump going out, or possibly the torque converter,
    It was real strange, it went from fine to no gears at all just like that! thanks Would appreciate
    any input on this. Mike!
  • There are several input sensors that feed the computer, which controls a set of solenoids in the valve body. They are what actually do the shifting, along with the shift lever. All those solenoids require electricity, of course, and if the power gets interrupted by a bad contact in the key switch (where the power comes from) all sorts of weird things can happen. Having only 2nd and 4th gears, for example, or stuck in 4th when the shift lever is in Drive. But you can have bad solenoids too, especially the high pressure solenoid. There are some bugs in the original wiring harness in the valve body, and Chevy has a replacement harness that has two solenoids hard wired to it. But don't go replacing anything yet. Did the service engine soon light come on when you had this trouble? If so, take the car to a diagnostic place and have them check the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes). They tell you exactly what it wrong. UM, well. most of the time. When my key switch went out, I got DTCs saying two of the solenoids were bad, but it turned out that they were just not getting power from the key switch.
    Hope this helps.
  • tony_7991tony_7991 Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    Sounds a bit like my trouble. Can you remember if your speedometer keeps working? In my case, it was the speedo sensor.
  • i had problom shifting in 1 gear slipping and would not go in over drive i found problem on computer plugin .stand in front of blazer plug on left side on top let me now chevy1953
  • My son has owned this truck for a year and has just started to experience a "banging" noise when shifting from 2wheel drive to 4x4 high. There is a pause after the button is pushed and then a very loud bang which is felt thru the truck before the front differential engages. What can be the cause and how to remedy, anyone???
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