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Kia Sedona Brakes

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
Stop here to talk about Kia Sedona brake problems.

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  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Maybe it's the luck of the draw. Our 2002 EX has 62,000 miles and still on the original brakes with no problems in the 4 years we've had the van - no funny noises, no shaking, no warping, etc. We do a pretty even mix of city / highway driving.
  • Yeah, i think its the luck of the draw. I only bought my sedona after my ex and his wife both bought 2004 Sedonas and have had no problems with either one!!!!!
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    In again for brake noise. I think they replaced the rotors twice now. For a while it began pulsing, I gave it a while to wear in, but now I get a clunk sound once per wheel revolution as I brake. After making that appointment, I was on the highway and started gettting the old hum from the back end, like if running with knobby tires. When I pulled off and looked, there is oil/grease coming out of the wheel hub and splattered out across the wheel cover. Looks like bearings again. I did try Kia roadside assistance, but they would tow the car only, no transportation for us (dealer closed). So I just drove it home. Oh, also when wet the belts chirp quite a bit during warmup. Rather annoying. I am not buying Kia again. :mad:
  • I have an 05 Kia Sedona. It has been into the dealership five times now for brake problems. They have replaced the rotors and pads. It is still making the grinding/groaning noise when I slow to a stop. Not all the time but too much. We have filed a report through the BBB Autoline. Kia sent a factory rep up to test drive our van. He did not hear the noise. I was also told that the noise is normal! I have had many new vehicles and none with this problem! What can I do? Should I have it inspected by someone other than Kia. I want Kia to buy it back. It is a lemon!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    2004 Kia Sedona with 23K miles. Often when I apply brakes lightly at low speed (almost stopped) I get a clunking noise about once per wheel revolution. Sounds like its coming from the back. Mostly on damp or humid days. I have had it in twice and they say the brakes look fine. The first time it was also in for a bad wheel bearing and so they replaced it and assumed it was the noise, but not. The second time I DEMONSTRATED it to the mechanic, but they said brakes looked OK and boss said to replace the rear shocks! Anybody else have/solve this issue? Sometimes there is also a groan just as I stop, I am sure it is pads sticking and letting go. Maybe I should just go to Midas. :mad:
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    Monty2222- monty - please check quickly to see if your rear wheel bearings are about to fail.

    I have seen where a number of people that have the Alloy Wheels have reported that the pretty metal cover over the lug nuts traps water inside the hub cap until it seeps into the wheel bearing space and rusts out the rear wheel bearings resulting in catastrophic failure. Of course before they failed they may have made a ticking sound like you describe. My car has the steel road wheels and so is not effected. Mine has 78K on it and is working great.

    I wonder if you have a bad spot now on the Metal Axle shaft itself?

    If you know how to remove the wheel and the hub you can investigate yourself on saturday.
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    No, as I posted, they just replaced the rear bearings. The sound they make when bad is a hum like driving with knobby tires. There is also a recall on that. The clunking/ticking noise only happens when the brakes are lightly applied at low speed. I think the pads are sticking.
  • I have a 2004 Kia Sedona with 34k miles. I am have to turn or replace rotors every 10k miles because of serious vibration when braking. The first two times the dealer turned the rotors and told me they could turn then 7-8 times. They never attempted to find what was causing the issue. The third time they told me I need a complete brake job at the cost of $330. We live in a totally flat area and my wife does not ride the brake, I have paid close attention to this. I have talked to several people at Kia corporate and they are useless. All they can say it is normal for some vehicles to do this. I am replacing the rotors and brakes with non-Kia parts in hope this resolves my issues. This is my last Kia. They advertise such a great warrenty but you might as well not even have one. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    My van has 79K on it and I am on the original set of Rotors.

    Never turn rotors on front wheel drive cars.

    It is a total waste of money.

    Buy new ones.

    I put new pads on the original rotors at 35K miles.

    My rotors are still good. I checked them last week.

    I would say you got bad rotors and they made them worse. Also if you have a caliper that is set in or out it will cause problems on the rotors.

    Most mechanics will run a flat file on the Caliper slides to clear out rust and give you a good slide back and forth.

    I think you have a poor mechanic at the dealer. Also these Kia guys normally just replace everything. My wife's car had a small brake problem at 30K miles and they replaced everything.

    The only time Rotors warp is a bad rotor ( it happens ) a bad grip on the rotor ( from the Caliper ) or bad driving ( the driver speeds up and slows down real fast ( my wife borrowed my car for a trip. When she came up the street she drove it like she's dives her Spectra, when she stop next to me I could FEEL the heat coming off those brakes. The kind of use will warp a rotor.)

    We know that once you WARP a piece of metal it will always try to go back to that warped shape.

    Your plan is sound- buy NEW third party rotors and get some life out of them for a change. When you remove the calipers use a flat file to remove the rust from the slides, and then using a tissue with a small dab of never seize on it , work that into the porosity of the metal when the rust was.

    That helps the caliper to move better inboard and outboard , during braking.
  • I have a 2005 sedona, the brakes failed/ needed replaced at 5600, then new pads at 13000, 21000, 30000, and now at 42000. I asked Kia why they were wearing down so fast. He said that either I ride my brake or that Tires Plus doesn't know how to do brakes. I then told him that my drivers side front pads wear down 2-3x faster then my passanger side and he told my that sometimes they wear a little faster on one side then the other. I know I am past the 36000 mi lemon law but if I could get any help I would appriciate it. Thanks
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    your calipers are not setup correctly and need attention. they are need sitting above the rotor when the pistons press on the pads they must be either inboard or outboard.

    The pads brakes should last about 30,000 miles of moderate highway driving.

    City Driving- reduce that to 10,000 since City people are different from country people.

    plus your car weighs 4700 pounds.

    If you want to reduce the brake interval do your own front brakes and put on pads and rotors at the same time and you will have better luck.

    you can also upgrade to the ceramic pads and the drilled brake rotors, i saw them for this car on sale.

    If you have paid $ 80 for 5 brake jobs you already paid for the difference in price.
  • In reading all the posts about Brake problems, I'm wondering if any of the problems are occuring with ABS Brakes. Our 04 EX has the ABS option, and we have had no brake problems in 25k miles. Possibly different rotor mfg or specs?

    On another subj -- Has anyone found a replacement for KIA Auto Trans fluid?

  • The caliper problem, would this not be something kia should take care of?

    I am currently looking for new rotors NOT from kia. My thinking is that the rotors they are using are causing most of my/our problems with the brakes.

    I am going to call R1 Concepts and find out if they have rotors for the Sedona. I think they sell pads too. I wonder if we can get SUV pads so that they don't wear as quick.
  • My 2005 Sedona, which has been in the shop 16 times (including 2 times last week) for mostly the same reasons. Bad breaks (Kia Tech said was normal) never fixed, noise in the rear axle (Kia Tech said was normal) never fixed, excessive noisy A/C and smells VERY moldy (Kia Tech says is normal) never fixed, the over head computer system has been replaced 3 times and still doesn't work so I will be bringing it back in for the 4th new one next week.
    Anyway, when I was in last week about the breaks, the service advisor heard the noise (which was there since 700 miles and complained about monthly) and said he would change the rotors and pads and everything should be corrected. THEN, he advised I would have to pay $129.99 for the break inspection and then between $500.00 and $600.00 for the correct repairs !!!!!! I asked why I had to pay and he said because the breaks are now OUT OF WARRANTY. I advised him that Kia has checked them at least 6 times in the last year and they kept telling me that everything is normal. Now,with only 7,400 miles and 90 days out of warranty they will only repair for the bucks. Sounds like a damn good scam Kia has going for themselves. This can only add support to my Lemon Law case. I feel sorry for anyone who is having problems with Kia, they are rip offs.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    How many miles do you have on your '05 Sedona? That sounds crazy that Kia won't pay for your repairs since you've been bringing it to their attention for months. My brakes on my'03 were faulty as well (lots of squealing & squeaking), however, my dealership replaced the entire rear brakes (pads, drums, etc) and I've had no problem since. I had absolutely no out of pocket expenses, because of the warranty. Don't let them screw you over! :mad:
  • Check out valvoline max life 75000. Valvoline says it's the same as kia spec. Jim Richardson
  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    Jim: Re: Transmission fluid...Valvoline says it's the same. But does Kia accept it as correct maintenance for this vehicle? Will your warranty hold up? IF Kia won't honor any warranty problems with the tranny will Valvoline?

    There are lots of synthetic engine oils out there that can go 15,000 miles between changes with filter. Yet Kia's warranty conditions specifically demand oil changes at 3000 miles for "severe use" vehicles, and if you read the terms, you'll find every V-6 is a "severe use" vehicle. They make no allowance for synthetics.

    I think the synthetics are better for the vehicle. I have no doubt you can go a long time between changes. I think there are probably better quality transmission fluids than Kia's. And Kia certainly does not refine their own transmission fluid - somebody makes it for them. But the point I'm making is that Kia is reknown for backing out of warranties any way they can, and using anything other than the specified fluid is a dandy way to let them out without even squirming. Be careful. (See my post #1178)

    Same thing with "non-Kia" parts for the brakes. We had the rotors warp at under 5000 miles on our 05 Sedona. No ABS. They just are NOT designed for the weight and stresses of this vehicle. They are the same parts as on the sedans and probably marginal for them. The dealer tried ours when we took it in and agreed they were bad. Rotors were turned (perfectly acceptable repair for me - I do it all the time on all my vehicles) and pads replaced. Been fine for the last 10K and I'm happy with the service.

    But if I ever have a problem with them again I will swap to after-market "performance" rotors and pads and do the work myself. Hang the warranty. I realize the warranty at least on the brakes will likely be voided. (see my post #1175)

    Might add that the brake problem and the much-reported fuel pressure sensor warning code are our only problems so far. (The fuel pressure warning is due to a faulty vent valve in the EGR and is well-known.) Dealer handled both okay in my mind. I can't fault our dealer.

    I also am getting to really like this van the more I live with it. It's my wife's car and I get it very seldom - driving long shifts on long trips. I think it's ALMOST as good as my very old Aerostar which was spectacular at its job. (Still have it at 174K and the 4L V-6 has never been opened!) I can drive it for ten hours and not be stressed out too much.

    Two months ago the Sedona got just a shade over 20mpg from mid-west to Florida and back, around 2000 miles total, with a heavy passenger and luggage load at an average 75 mph out on I-75 and I-65. (Combined weight would be well over 5000 lbs.) 500 miles of it in Florida in mixed highway/city driving at very high daily temps. I love how well this van's air conditioner handles bringing down the huge interior to comfortable levels in a very short time.

    For sure it swallows up a whole BIG pile of luggage and gear with ease. May be the most "space efficient" vehicle I've ever packed. And again - the stretch Aerostar is a tough act to follow.

    For the money - even for more money if it worked out that way - this is a heck of a good vehicle for us so far.
  • I have an 04 Van with 33000 and I have never had a problem. I do all my own maintenance and don't go to the dealer unless necessary. I did take it back for the three recalls, but I don't think I had one of the problems. My sister has an 03 van with about 60000 miles. She tells me she hasn't had any problems either. I feel bad for anybody on this listserve thats been having a lot of problems with their vehicle. As for the warranty, I've never had to use it so I don't know what Kia's response to the problem would be.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    #1.) Generally, new cars today have thinner rotors than the 1976 Fords and Chevys we grew up with. Those old rotors were about $ 90 each back then. They were also very heavy and had the hub built into them. Todays rotors are smaller, lighter and they warp easier. If you get 35K miles on the new car rotors you are doing great. I had FAR MORE problems with my new Taurus than anyone here can imagine, with their Kias. I have 79K on my Sedona rotors and I replaced the pads once. Now I will replace the rotors and be glad to do so.

    2.) I have also got a Spectra and the Kia Dealer warranted the entire rear brakes for us at 30K miles, the wheel cylinders, shoes and drums and the cables ! My other dealer warranted the parking brake cables on my van. I have not had trouble getting warranty support from Kia on either of our 2002 cars.

    3.) I got a complete warranty/upgrade on my Vans electrical system at 50K miles , when they decided to improve the electrical output as the battery tended to drain. This again was free. In contrast on my new FORD TAURUS I bought 3 batteries and three alternators at my expense, and one tow job, due to a bad wiring design on the taurus. But they have a short warranty so you get hammered on that.

    Brake people : Definitely buy new rotors and pads and get on living. Buy a third party brand and try them out. Pepboys sells Raybestos or Wagner and they are good brands.

    Lemon Law people- push for a solution. Sadly your dealers are not helping you.

    On balance I have had better results with Kia than I did with either my Ford , My chrysler , or my General Motors Fleet of 6 Chevy Luminas I bought !!

    they all had major brake failure at 50K miles and GM made me pay full shot or $700 to do the brakes. AND they had a special part that only they offered and the Monro shop had to buy it from them at $ 140 per set.

    So go get some Rotors and pads for $ 150 total and enjoy better braking tomorrow !
  • Just an update on my 2005 Kia Sedona. Two weeks ago, I FINALLY convinced the dealership I had break problems !! The service advisor called after having my van for 8 hours and said my rotors are warped ---- boy, was I ever surprised !! I had been telling them for 13 months there was something wrong with them. Long story short, they said the breaks were out of warranty (hahaha) and wouldn't be covered. I told them I didn't care and that my lemon law lawyer advised me to let them try to fix it. When I picked it up the following day, they said they took care of the breaks under warranty (lucky me). The pads were never changed, the grinding/screeching noise is still there when breaks are applied and now, with car running and in park,taking the foot off the break pedal, can hear break shoe noises in the rear and can hear like a cable sliding through a shaft under the engine compartment. According to my lawyer, this could all end by mid Sept. Praying so hard this will happen. ---- :lemon: :lemon: :mad: :cry:
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