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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • Well it is still happening. Both the dealer AND now Midas failed to figure out and fix the problem. When applying light pressure at low speed I get a sharp clunking noise about once per wheel revolution. I can also get it with the emergency brake by applying it about two clicks. It is from the rear wheels. Midas found brake dust clump and lubricated the backing plate. Noise came back in a couple days. The dealer said the brakes looked fine and replaced the rear shocks. Nobody can figure this out! 2004 Sedona with 23000 miles. :mad:
  • I have to buy new rotors for my van.

    Took it to Tire Plus and they called a local Kia dealer and talked to the parts department. They told him that the sedona is too heavy for these pads/rotors, and it is a known problem but one they are unwilling to address to the public.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    Well, I just hit 85K miles so I installed a new set of Rotors and I replaced the pads. I got 35K miles on my first set of pads and now the rotors, they lasted 85K.

    My old parts were still in good shape , but old.
    My rotors looked great, but they were getting thin and now with new pads and rotors I have a solid pedal. I also tightened up the rear shoes a little bit.

    I am very happy with my brake wear. I do not have ABS.

    My van is a 2002 and perhaps I was just lucky or they had a good rotor back then. Now the new 2007 has 4 wheel disc brake. I think I like my 2002 better. I took off the rear brake drum and it looks like NEW so I am not going to replace those. My shoes pere 50 % worn down. I think I will do the shoes so I can ignore them another 80K miles.

    NOTE to ALL- The front pads have a pair of stainless steel caliber slides one on top edge and one on bottom. If you do nothave these installed on the replacement pads there could be problems with ticking sounds and noises. they a clearly visibile on the bottom and top of the pads.

  • i have an 04 sedona with 23K and i took that darn thing to the shop i dont know how many times for the same thing and they said all is fine they just need to ajusted and still the same. i took it back for the same thing again about 3mos ago and they tell me my rotars are worped and that is a comon problem with the sedonas and they are comming from the factory like that, so they fixed them and now they started to sound like that again and the brakes are bad but not due to the worped rotars and they will ot fix them without me paying $299.00 for new front brakes. so my advice to you is to have the rotars checked. also they have an active recall that i was nver told about on the gas pedal that it will stick and you cant stop the car or slow down.
  • I just bought new rotors that are drilled and brake shoes for my '05 Sedona. I will let you know how it goes. So far they seem to be doing pretty good. Only 200 miles on them right now.
  • :lemon: I have an 05 Sedona and are having similar brake problems. Had front and rear brakes, drums and rotors replaced by the dealer at 9000 miles and the front were replaced again at 21000 miles. During the 21000 miles replacement they also "adjusted" the rear brakes and that has not under warranty. I returned the vehicle a few days later because the check engine light was going on and I mentioned the brakes were shaking again. Only 400 miles later and they showed me the burned rotors and said they cannot do a warranty repair. They are blaming in on living in the smoky mountains and using the brakes.

    The previous service manager also talked about the 05 Sedona having many brake problems. Said they were redesigned for the 06 model. Gave us instructions on how to drive and use brakes. Also told us that they are having the same problems in cities with stop and go traffic.

    I personally know 2 other people with the exact same make and model and they are BOTH going through the lemon / buyback deals from KIA.

    Why won't KIA just fess upa nd admit they screwed up and fix these things the right way. Do
    they not want to tarnish the new 06 reputation?

    This thing is a lemon :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    PLEASE write back if you are having similar problems... I want to compose a list of people for the attorney.....

    The 05 Sedona brakes are not strong enough for the vehicle weight.
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    We have a 2004 Kia Sedona. When coming to a stop, the brakes bind up and squawk. I have had it in 5 times... I have been told I needed all new belts ( at 23K miles), that I needed a new battery, that I needed new front brakes ( took it elsewhere and was told I needed new rear brakes which we did). The ABS light comes on continually, sometimes staying on for days at a time. My owner's book says when that happens to get car in pronto. Funny thing.. dealer can NEVER hear the noise and says I can't describe it well enough and that there are no codes showing.Seems like they just want to sell me something.. heck with the brakes. It is terrifying when this happens.. at least 3-4 times per day. The dealer can't get it to happen there but when I'm driving out of the dealership it does it again. Duh.Any suggestions? I'm ready to write the owner of the dealership. Thanks, Mombee
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    You sound frightened.
    Don't be.
    If your car stops when you put on the brake
    don't have brakes.

    As far as the squawking etc.

    Go ahead and prove to your self if you have brakes.
    Find a safe level spot where you can use the car jack to remove one of the front wheels.

    Take off the wheel and look at the front brake rotor

    The front brakes do 80 % of your braking work.

    If the rotor is shiney and smooth with no obvious ridges and grooves you have brakes.

    There is a clamping device called a CALIPER riding over the
    front portion of the brake rotor.

    If that has some dark gray materials that are rubbing
    on the shiney surface, those are your BRAKE PADS.

    You can look at these parts in online car parts
    websites , even see the ones that fit your car. , pepboys etc all have sites with photos
    of pads and calipers.

    If your pads are working the car slows down and the pads
    heat up and the rotor heats up as the motion gets turned to friction.

    There is a normal about of noise from pads and it varies with the PAD , the ROTOR and the way you apply the brake.

    I can create nasty noise by slowing down normally and then gently releasing the brakes just enough to get the squawk going. The kids hate it. But the brakes are fine.

    The harder the pad material the better is squawks and the longer it lasts. So brakes that can squawk are often better to high speed ( interstate ) and mountain driving.

    Volvos can do this really well.

    If you are a city dweller and do not need the longer brake life you can generally assume that the $ 15 pads are softer than the $45 pads and buy the cheap pads and install those.

    The hardest pads are the ceramics. I have not tried those yet.

    I have been using the $ 30 pads and I get about 40,000 miles on those.

    Personal driving style effects the life as well as where you live, mountains versus flat lands.

    I live in the flat lands.

    If you can learn how to put your own pads in or find an independent garage that will just change out pads you can start figuring out what pads you prefer. They are easy to install and most car buffs will try more than one brand to find one they like.

    No one says you have to run them till they are metal to metal before you replace them. I found on my Sedona I can swap pads and not have to turn the rotors at all.

    I just put on new rotors at 80,000 miles for the first time. My old rotors were still good but I felt it was time.

    I got my parts at ADVANCED AUTO and they had a good price and a good quality part.

    When you change the rotors or the rear drums there are some small phillips head screws that need to come out. I suggest buying some new ones before you start , at the KIA DEALER , they are less than a $ 1 each and they make the job easier. If the old one is rusty you can damage it when you take it out and then still have a brand new one to replace it.

    Good luck.

    Learn more about brakes so you can drive with less fear.
  • We have a 2002 Sedona and have had brake and rotor problems since the beginning. We have paid for all repairs/replacements out of pocket, not really expecting it to be covered by warranty.

    I have spent hours on here trying to figure out how to adjust the rear brakes. Can someone please help me?! Thanks in advance!
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hello.. many miles do you have on your sedona??? Please check with your dealership if you're still under warranty because you should NOT repeat NOT be paying for these brake repairs out of pocket! We have an'03 EX that has been fantastic, except for the brakes when we first bought the van. They squeaked repeatedly, and got louder. The dealership installed all new brakes---rotors, pads,etc. at no cost to us. It totally fixed the problem. What I've advised people to do is to google 'sedona brake problems' and print out some of the posts you find and take it to the dealership with you! Couldn't hurt! Good luck!
  • Thanks for your reply! My van has 43,102 miles on it, we bought it new. We have already replaced two sets of rotors, and at least 5 sets of brakes. We have just purchased new brakes and rotors but haven't had installed yet. I know the van has a 10 yr/100,000 mile warranty but don't know the details of it. I just assumed that it was wear and tear on the brakes and didn't check to see if it would be covered, but this is ridiculous!! I would like to gather all the info I can before I call my dealership. Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    By all means, if you only have 43K on your van, go back to the dealership and tell them this has been ridiculous!! Your warranty should, as I mentioned before, absolutely be taking care of this defect! (Bumper-to-bumper is for 60K, powertrain is for the 10 yrs/100K). Again, judging by our experience with our otherwise great van, and by the posts I've seen on the internet, the brake problem you're having is NOT unique. (That's why I suggested printing out the posts and taking them with you to the dealership if you run into any resistance). Let us know what happens, and good luck!
  • OH MY GOD! I have been going through the same problems with my 2005 Sedona that you just wrote about. Down to the mildew smell coming from the A/C, which by the way all Kia did was pour vinegar into the vents. We had complained immediately to Kia about our brake problems which like every one else was told that that vibration or pulsing we feel when pressing the brake was normal. Last week we take our Kia Sedona in for its' 3 month oil change and maintenance check up which we are told is going to cost $200. Brought in at 11:00am said it should be ready by 3PM. Having no alternate transportation and a dog we are regulated to kill 4 hours around and near the car dealership. 1 hour into the wait are cell phone rings. It is Kia saying that all the belts are cracked and brake pads need to be replaced at a cost of $600. To me this is a red flag because the car only has 16,000 miles on it. After the call we walk back to the dealership and spend another 2 hours sitting in their lot watching TV which at 3pm we get another call from the service guy that now the rotors must be replaced altogether because its really worn out and they have to order the part. The service guy comes to talk to us to which I am very upset and I tell him this is not satisfactory why or since when does brake pads and rotors need to be replaced after such little use. I tell him this has to be the result caused by that pulsing problem that we brought to their attention right after buying the car. The Service guy never acknowledges what I'm saying to him he just keeps talking. He starts telling us that are pads are what they call "soft brakes" and that they use soft brakes to eliminate brake squeal and noise. So your telling me you give up quality and longevity for the sake of eliminating brake noise. Right there I knew this guy was not even listening to me. I was mad and repeatedly expressed to him that this was not satisfactory service. Why wasn't something said to us when they checked the brakes during our last oil change. Why should we have to pay for repairs that are obviously not the norm for a car only two years old. At the time this Service guy verbally says to us that he did notice that our miantenance history does show our complaints regarding the brakes and that he would have to talk to some guy named "bob" to take care of this repair at no cost or will see what he could do about giving us discounts. That day the car stayed and kia paid for a one day rental which I also asked the rental guy what he thought about having to replace rotors after 16000 miles of use in which he even said was not normal at all and said it sounded like something was stuck. Next day mechanic calls and says rotors were going to be resurfaced not replaced...but the service guy told us they were to worn to be resurfaced. Is it because I made a stink? Upon picking up the car we were billed in full. I wasn't there but my sister hit the ceiling not with the cashier she was very nice but when questioning the charges the mechanic happen to be there and had a fast answer for everything. When she asked the cashier who owned this dealership who annouces himself with "I AM" but the service guy (Lie no.1) Who also had a fast answer for everything but nothing. Again when mentioning our past complaints about the brakes and why wasn't something done earlier the mechanic states that the rotors were "blue". Like I'd know what that ment goes somewhere and comes back and says that we never said anything about having brake problems in the past (Lie no.2) When stating yes we did and that the service guy even acknowledged this information yesterday this service guy comes back and says he said no such thing (Lie no.3) To out and out lie to you is unbelievable especially when as the customer you know they are pulling your chain. To look a customer in the face and lie to them is the ultimate worst customer service and just blatant disrepect. It was my sister who had to tell them to not talkback to her and that she was the customer and as the customer she is allowed to express her dissatisfaction with their product without being talk to like she was born yesterday. We've completely lost all trust and confidence in Kia and yes this is truly a scam that is totally a dupe job. Don't know where to go from here. I feel I need to take this further up Kia's ladder. To be blatantly lied to our face by a mechanic and service writer has to be worth putting in a complaint.
  • What does Kia feel is normal wear and tear on their Sedona Van's brakes and rotors. What are your honest thoughts on having to have rotors replaced after 16000 miles of use. I feel this is unsatisfactory. I keep hearing that the type of brakes/rotors being put on these vans are not efficient enough to handle the weight of the sedona vans. We bought your product with the belief your cars were top quality. I feel we've been snowed and ask for your advice to go further. We were made to pay alot for the repair in which I feel was unfair considering we made a complaint about this problem at 9000 miles which we were told at that time was a normal feeling that the brakes gave off. Thank you for your time.
  • ONLY after long trips (after about an hour or so) I get a sqeaking noise from my rear wheels or brakes at low speeds, usually when I'm approaching a stop light or sign. The noise usually goes away when I press on the brake pedal, but last night I noticed that sometimes it didn't which is making me think maybe it's not the brakes.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know what it is? I had Kia look at it. They said they adjusted the pads but that didn't fix the problem.
  • Sign me up for your attorney! I too have an 05 Sedona and had my rotors first replaced at 13,000. At 30,000 I went back in with the same problem and was told I had to pay for a brake inspection. I told them I didn't want a brake inspection, I wanted their repair job reviewed. Since they have a one year warranty on KIA parts, I was still within the warranty period ( I had to show dealer the warranty). Again rotors were warped and they resurfaced and would not replace per the KIA Tech folks they told me. They stated that KIA was not hearing of any complaints about rotors and the problem was likely a result of my unusual driving habits. My unusual habits they stated were illustrated by the fact that at 30K I still had 98% of my brake pads. I primarily drive on highways. Knowing very little, but at least something of rotors, I asked how the rotors could warp if I wasn't breaking often. I was told by the woman that it was commonly seen in the Midwest (should have stayed with CHEVY!)because of wet conditions and the condensation on the rotors causes the rotors to heat up. I then informed her that my knowledge of Physics was also limited, but I would think the condensation would remove heat from the rotors. She then became nasty and informed me that I was also due for a 36K maintenance check ($400) or KIA would not cover any warranty work if I didn't have this work done on time. I told her I would review my warranty since they weren't on top of it and get back to them (they are the only KIA in the area). After review, it appears that I need an Engine Coolant flush but will do so elsewhere much cheaper. Sorry to vent on my local KIA dealer but do want to stay on top of the brake problem. O once my year warranty expires in a couple of months I can't afford new rotors every 13K, or for me, every three months.
  • We are having the same problems but worse. We have taken the 2005 Van back 4 times now to have the rotors fixed they'll keep getting the ripples(hot spots). We have 9600 miles on the van and it isn't even a year and a half yet! Please let us know how you fared! :lemon: :lemon:
  • We bought our vehicle last Feb. 2006. Basically ever since we got the van we get that pulsating noise when going down hills especially but at other times too, when stopping. We only have about 12,000 miles on the van and have replaced the brakes last month. I guess we'll have to get the rotors turned also but I feel that this is a problem with the rotors now that I've read several other people saying they have the same problem. Could this end up being a class action suit like many people have regarding certain years of the Jeep and their pulsating problems when braking?
    Any idea on how we can all make our complaints known?
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    Still having the problem with our brakes too.. funny thing.. brakes have been replaced. still doing it.. sometimes 10 times or more per day. Had it in to another dealership( the 3rd one) and they couldn't find anything either. However, after talking to Kia America, I was informed that once you turn the car off, the codes are erased. DUh... now.. do you think the dealers don't know that? So.. I took the car in when it was acting up, the ABS light had been on for DAYS and they found something and then turned the car off to see if they could make it "fail" again.. which it didn't. My instruction book says if the ABS light goes on to get the car in immediately... so it's been 4 months and I'm over 50,000 miles and can't get it fixed. All they want to do is sell me something else.. new battery, new brakes, new belts etc. I don't think this problme has to do with the brakes per se.. I think the ABS is setting off and making that pulsating go off. My car now can do it all on it's own.. the brake pedal takes off when my foot isn't even near it. Strange huh? Let me know if you get anything resolved.. I need help before I'm stuck with this white elephant!! Gini
  • ralowralow Posts: 2
    There is no ways of telling if the brakes have hot spots. It comes down to the people that manufacture the rotors not Kia. The vendor they use is putting out a bad quality which is makes Kia suffer. You must remember Kia does not know of these problems until the vehicle is in the market an at that point some vehicles are bound to have problems. I would just work with the manufacture as they are really good at assisting customer who have been pissed off by dealers. Remember auto manufactures do not own the dealers they are interdependently operated and owned. So dealers do what they want usually. Then it comes back down to us good taking pride in our work and job to get the vehicle back running the way it should
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