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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • I live in CA. and have had a 2005 Sedona since April 2005. I have 10,000 miles on it and has been back to the dealership several times (14 or 15 I think)and they keep saying the same thin,they "cannot reproduce the noise" and everything is normal !!!! I have the break problems along with A/C problems,Homelink problems ,gas mileage problems along with others. Under the Lemon Law Act, I will be going tocourt in March 2007 and hope to be rid of this thing once and for all. Please keep me posted on your outcome and I'll do the same. Maybe our lawyers need more ammo.
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  • Thanks for the reply Gini...I hope to hear from others about this also. What can we all do if we are all experiencing similar problems? This is really frustrating!
  • Well just wanted to give an update - as pathetic as it is! I made my husband call Kia, because I already knew they would treat me like a clueless female. So he spoke with the Service Manager, and of course he "has never heard of anyone else having problems with brakes/rotors"... Offered to do an "inspection (at OUR cost) and unfortunately there was nothing they could do except replace the brakes (again my cost)." My husband replaced the rear brakes himself which had been hot and glazed, and adjusted them up quite a bit and it has been a HUGE improvement! I don't have any of the braking problems I was having. I really think the rear brakes were barely working so it put all the work on the front. It actually feels kind of strange to immediately slow when I press on the brake pedal!

    Their service dept can't seem to keep our phone number on file (they never return calls), but for some reason they have no problem sending several sales ads each week wanting us to buy a new Kia!!! :mad: Best of luck to you other Kia owners!
  • I found out that if we would all call the toll free hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and tell the NHTSA representative what we are experiencing with all the rotors and brake problems (especially the rotor pulsating noises), if they get enough complaints, they can open an investigation and KIA might have to do a recall. So anyone with rotor or brake problems, please call the above number soon to register your complaint.
    Laura :lemon:
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    Oh I'm on that right now. Thanks for that info and I'm going to call them pronto! Great work. Thanks, Gini
  • I have had the same problem with my brake rotors. It has been to the dealer 4 times. Three times in one year. At 2890,7781, and 10644(in one year). Took it in at 15325, could not duplicate the problem. Finally,at 22753, took it to dealer and replaced brake pads,plus other stuff was wrong. We are meeting with Kia and the Texas Department of Transportation in Feb. of 2007 to get them to take it back or replace it.
  • Hello, We are tired of dealing with the rotor problem! Problem being the rotors and brake system are not strong enough for the weight of the van. Kia knows this that is why they fixed it on the 2006 models and are supposedly trying to find a fix for the 2005's. We live in PA and have contacted an attorney pursuing the Lemon Law :lemon: :lemon:
  • Lets hope they fixed it on the 06 because I bought one.
  • Sorry but have to post this. Have literally just finished checking the rear brakes on my 2001 Sedona diesel with 100,000 miles on the clock and they are absolutely spot on. Gave them a clean and built them back up. Was sure they would be down to the metal but nowhere near. Braking is fine but have just put new front pads in. I renew them about once a year. Changed the engine mounting under the turbo and welded new exhaust flexi in at the same time.
  • Two things all with brake woes should try or recommend to your mechanic:
    1) Requesnt that the lugs be tightening with a torque wrench. Most mechanices use impact wrenches which tighten beyond factory specs and also uneven torque amounts. Since the rotor is sandwhiched between the wheel and hub sometimes percieved "warping" issues arise the from unequal torque amounts. You also normally noticed the pulsing after wheels are removed and reinstalled again (ie. tire rotation) since the uneven torqueing is occuring differnetly now. Lugs should ALWAYS be torqued to factory specs (for most other cars it's between 75-90 ft/lbs)

    2) Put GOOD aftermarket pads on your car. If Kia isn't paying for them anyway, get some decent pads. Often times, just running the same rotors that are percieved to be warped with new pads eliminates the problem. It's a big myth that rotors warp. 99% of the time, it's the pulsing is caused by uneven pad distribution to the rotor, creating different coefficients of friction and a "pulsing" sensation is felt under braking. Getting the right pads will eliminate this problem and prevent it from coming back. I'm new the Kia world, but do a little research and find some good replacement pads and you won't have to battle your service managers on your brakes again!

    fyi..Even with #2, you still need #1 because the uneven pad distribution is caused by unequal torquing.

    And for you myth busters, here's a link to brake rotor warping:
  • Hi,
    I bought my Kia Sedona Sept 2005 new, almost from day 1when I am coming up to a stop the rear brakes groan. Unfortunately this problem is intermittent so of course when I took it back to the dealer I couldn't recreate the noise. It has been in and out of the dealer I bought it from about 10 times but they blamed it on dust in the rear hub which they wanted to charge me for to clean it out. I cleaned the rear hubs myself but it didn't solve the problem. I have now changed to a different dealership and managed to get the service engineer and mechanic to hear the noise. They put it on a rolling road and when both rear breaks were applied together the groaning happened, but when they stopped the rolling road individually the noise didn't occur. This has now been going on for 17 months they have changed the rear break shoes and cleaned them out and greased all the bearings. The noise is still happening and is worse when there is 3 or more people in the car so it appears weight related or when greater breaking is needed. Please can anyone help or has anyone had the same problem?
    Thanks Steve
  • kreakrea Posts: 4
    Hi Steve,
    I am in the same boat(or Car). When I read your email it was like reading my own words. I had thought maybe I had put the email in and forgot. Needles to say I bought my 2005 kia in feb of 2006 and since june 2006 I have had the front brakes replaced, rear brakes replaced, cleaned front and back three times, and I just had it in last wed 2/28/07 for the same problem and i did not even make it to sat. The noise was back. I have never been charged for any work, but the tech that I take it to is having a problem with kia. they say mine is the only one that they have heard of and since I have passed 20,000 miles it should be my responsibility. My tech is really working with me on this.
    This is pretty sad for a car that is ranked top of the line in safety features that this would not be considered a safety factor.
  • Hi Steve
    I am have the same problem with my rear brakes. They groan every time I stop at a stop sign and the more weight in the van the louder they groan. Kia ONLY wants to charge me and it has been going on for a year now. If you find anything that helps please post it.

  • I spoke to Kia's complaint dept. this morning and I am furious!! They are not going to do ANYTHING for us unless we sue them in a class action suit. They are catagorically denying that theres a problem. This joker even had the nerve to ask me why I "think" others are having this problem.... because I can read!!!
    I have had to replace and turn the rotors twice in 20,000 miles. The dealership mechanic told my husband this is a problem with the 2005. They made the van heavier for safety but used light duty brakes, and that they fixed it in the 2006 model. As well the mechanic also warned us to NEVER tow anything because the brakes are likely to fail, even though our owners manual says we can. We need to all unite in this fight and get others to do the same. I bought a Kia because of their safety rating...brakes = safety....right? Yvonne who will be looking for a good class action Lawyer tomorrow. Wheres Erin Brokovich when you need her!
  • jbautijbauti Posts: 6
    My brakes on my 2004 Kia Sedona EX, which we bought brand new, have been making this loud HORRIBLE groaning sound when I come to a stop. I can write a book about this. This problem started at 13,000 miles now I have 59,000 miles on it and it STILL makes this horrible sound. It began after I had the recall done on the Wheels. It has been in the shop so many times and like everyone else, it is only me having this problem. They always tell me that they can't find anything wrong, it is just accumulation of brake dust, or they need to tighten up some bolt. They even had a guy from Kia in Chicago and come down and look at my van. And he tells me there is nothing wrong. This is plenty wrong. They cut the rotors, changed the rotors and gave me new pads, then I got a letter from Kia Corporation stating they would like to reimburse my mileage and time for all the times I brought the van in the shop, which is an hour drive for me one way. The letter stated they would give me $385.00 since my van is fixed now and wanted me to sign all this papers waiving my right to sue or take them to court about my brake issues. I never signed the papers because I told them NUMBER ONE- my brakes are not fixed, like you state. I am totally "burnt" out with dealing with them. But now I have 59,400 miles on it and I am giving it one last shot and I am taking it to a different dealer on Monday. I am trying to record the noise, so they know exactly what we are going through, and yes, the noise never happens when they are driving it. Kia knows very well this problem exists. I find myself totally embarassed to stop at a light or stop sign because everyone turns and looks at my van because of the horrible sound it makes. My husband wants me to get rid of it but we paid cash for it, using much of our savings and we don't have a car payment, now if we get something different we will have a car payment.
  • dtate19dtate19 Posts: 3
    they do have a new brake and rotor system approved they finally put it on our 05 van it has made a world of difference so far. if kia doesn't want to help try calling 1800 my lemon. they are very nice and will be able to help hopefully. worked for us!
  • kreakrea Posts: 4
    can you tell me does this new brake and rotor system for both front and back?? I was told by a tech that this was just put out on the 25th of april.
  • jbautijbauti Posts: 6
    Do you mean Kia has a new brake and rotor system for their vans that have brake and rotor issues???? We have a 2004 Kia Sedona ex with 61,000 but are problems were well documenting since 13,000 miles.
  • 05sedona05sedona Posts: 4
    I have had their "revised" rotors placed on my van. Is this what you are referring to when you talk about a new brake system? Mine came directly from Corporate and now with about 5K miles on them, these are warped as well. Can't tell much difference. Does ANYONE have more information about this "NEW" braking system. There need to be something. :cry:
  • 05sedona05sedona Posts: 4
    They are having so many problems with these brakes it is not even funny. We are going on our 6th set of rotors in about 30K miles. KIA will not fix these any longer under any sort of warranty and will be happy to charge for a repair that will only last a few months. They keep telling ma I am the only one with this problem.

    I had a short protest in front of my local dealership and it was quite surprising the number of people that stopped with the same issue. Most are just going to sell their vehicle and pass the problem on to someone else. KIA did offer a buy-back for my vehicle b/c I protested, but after a signed deal was exchanged, there was no follow through. The latest message from KIA corporate was asking for a couple of weeks so they can review my information.

    KIA needs to stand behind their product. :lemon:
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