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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • I left this part out of my rant on the mileage issue since it has it's own separate category!! I was told that the grinding and pulsing is due to rust that forms on the rotors (front replaced twice and rear once with in the first three months of ownership on my '07 purchased in Oct). "This happens after rain or water contact". I didn't buy a brand new vehicle for it's rusting habits!! And frankly, if rust is forming in less than a 12 hour period (meaning simply sitting over night), then I have to question the quality of the parts that are being used. Having avg'd a new/diff vehicle every 2 1/2 yrs over the last 18 yrs, I have never, ever experienced this before!! Honestly, with the used vehicles that I have purchased in the past, I haven't experienced half of the problems that I am having with this "NEW" Sedona. This is beyond disappointing!
  • armyvetarmyvet Posts: 11
    I still have squealing, but I guess I put the radio and don't hear it. I am doing fine so far so good, my car is getting almost towards guess it is how much you riding the brakes and the luck!
  • sh65sh65 Posts: 3
    I decided to give the sedona a 2nd chance and tried to buy a new leftover 2007 sedona with the rebate special they are having...guess what they told me my 2005 was worth? 7,000. I owe 16,000. I cant even get out from under the brake issue by going to their own stuck with a lemon that they wont even pay my brake repairs for....Im considering filing a complaint with the better business bureau and writing Kia's main office to see if they will buy it back or at least promise to pay my brake work. I got my last set of rotors 3,000 miles ago....they are already starting to pulse..this is just plain ridiculous.
  • willywesiwillywesi Posts: 1
    Yes, I too have a 2006 Sedona with rotor warping problems. The first time was at 11, 400 miles so I was lucky enough to have been covered under warranty. This is now occurring again at 22,500 which is again only 11,000 on the rotors. I have been to the dealership and they are telling me this is not covered under the warrranty. I asked them to find out what is wrong with my brakes since rotors warping every 11,000 is not normal wear and tear. They are calling the district rep to see if he will provide any goodwill to replace my rotors. Kia needs to find the root cause of the problem instead of just putting new rotors on. I think there are still rotor issues with the Kia Sedona similar to the 02 to 05 Sedona models. More people need to complain so a TSB is issued on this problem.
  • jtilfordjtilford Posts: 1
    After three "traditional" - replacements or "turning" - to fix the perpetual warped rotor problem, the local dealer sold me two new parts number rotors. Same parts number as the original, but with an XXX suffix. No, I am not kidding. I asked him for them because of a KIA TSB (technical service bulletin). I begged the dealer manager and he told the parts manager and they agreed to sell the new and improved rotors to me at cost, which was a very little over $60 per rotor. I bought two, of course, and had a Meineke shop do the replacing for $170 including Meineke "lifetime" pads. Do you get the idea I don't trust KIA? But they were the ONLY source I could find for the rotors.

    So far, so good. Only a few hundred miles on the new rotors and pads, but hope springs eternal in the human breast, as the smart people say.

    You can do a Google search for KIA TSBs. I don't have the address now, but I recall when you get there the site is organized by problems, date of TSB issue (this one was 2007 something), etc. I printed it and had it ready to so the dealer, but did not have to do so. You might.
  • susan42susan42 Posts: 1
    Good God, googled Kia warrenty issues after being told my 2006 with 14,000 miles was beyond warrenty and have to pay for warped/ worn brake repairs. There are HUNDREDS of Kia brake complaints on various sites such as RipOffs etc, this is no small deal! I wish I knew someone who works for 20/20 or some other show like that. Im printing off pages and pages of complaints and Ive only been searching for an hour! When we drive into Kia to pick up the van we're plopping our big butts in a chair & plopping that pile of papers on the managers desk! :mad:
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Well guys and gals I have my first repair. I also need front brakes on my 06 with just under 12,000 miles. Now I am not furious or upset but a little disappointed with how soon. Unfortunately I think it is the nature of the beast. I believe it is a bit of a design flaw. I think they put too small of a rotor / pad setup on these van's considering how heavy they are. Here in PR I am in stop & go traffic almost constantly so I can understand how they would wear faster in my conditions. Oh yes, my rotors did not warp I am just 90% through my front brake pads.

    I am not going with the dealer crappy pads / rotors. I went with this:

    link title

    The only difference is I substituted the semi metallic for a ceramic / organic which is the longest lasting pad they make. Waiting on the shipment and will advise once installed. If anything don't get the crap dealer brake pad that is a rip off. Go after market and get a ceramic pad that last a good deal longer. Better rotors do not hurt as well. Brakes on minivans usually last 15k - 20k so 14k is really not too bad.

    Posi Quiet Ceramic pad is a good choice.
  • cru1966cru1966 Posts: 1
    I to am experiencing the brake issues. We bought our 2005 Kia Sedona with 21,000 miles only to find out a week later it needed front brakes. The dealer wanted over $300 to replace them and I was pissed off. I went to the AAA building next door to the Kia dealership and had them replaced for like $225 but hears the best part - AAA has a 2 year or 24,000 mile which ever comes LAST warranty compared to the 1 year or 12,000 miles which ever comes first warranty from the dealer. Needless to say my brakes went out before 2 years or 24,000 miles and I went back to AAA. They replaced my brakes for free !! AAA rocks !!!

    I now have 62,000 miles on our Kia Sedona and yeap, it's time for new brakes again (4th set of brakes - about every 20,000 miles or so). I was planning on going back to AAA but I really don't have the $$ so I plan to replace the pads myself. Interesting thing is I went to Murray's and guess what - the company they get brake pads from recently discontinued the lifetime warranty pads for the Kia Sedona. They still sell brake pads but not with a lifetime warranty. I bet it's because they were losing too much money. For all of you that plan to replace the brakes yourself I would warn against having your rotor's turned unless you are having problems like bad groves, pits, etc. In the old days, manufactures made rotors big and thick, but now they make them almost as throw aways and if you have them turned it can cause them to warp even more since they are thinner and they won't take the heat as well. This happened to me with my old Honda Accord, I had the rotors turned and they warped not long after that. So my rule of thumb is if they feel smooth and you didn't have an any issues with the old pads, don't turn the rotors...just replace the pads. If there are groves, pits, etc. replace the rotors and the pads.

  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    I am having all the same brake issues with my 2004 Kia Sedona. I want to join a class action lawsuit. Does anyone have information about one? I found information about one Kia had to pay for the Spectra with the same brake problems but not the Sedona - not yet anyway.
  • That's great they re did the 2006's, but what about my 2004 which started groaning in the rear brakes when it had less than a 1000 mi. I was told this is a normal ? thing for a heavy van. The dealer after 3 trips said the only thing they could do is to clean the pads and rotors at my expense.
    We still have the van and still have the noise with out any help or or consideration from KIA. We also needed new tires at under 30,000 mi.
    Being a believer in God I believe we are to be responsible for what we do for and to others. I pray for the KIA company
    .Perhaps I should have bought American.
  • I have the same brake problem on my 2005 Kia I have the stinky AC deal.

    I had the rotors replaced once at around 10K. They called it a goodwill replacement. I moved from VA to GA and now have about 28K on it and the problem is back. In all honesty the shaking was back long before the 28K, I just got tired of dealing with it. The GA dealership said that the 10K replacement was done because Kia said they were defective. Now they are out of I am screwed. I am really tired of this, my kids' lives are at risk at this point. Know where I can find ceramic\drilled\vented rotors that will fit the current brake set up? :lemon:
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    18,000 miles is not to bad for the Sedona. I picked up my break setup from eBay. Search on there and go with an high rated company. I can't remember exactly who I went with but here is the low down. Usually what warps rotors is heat. Since I live in PR and do a lot of mountain roads heat is factor for me especially. Probably slotted & cross drilled rotors would not help you unless your conditions are similar to mine.

    Pads can also leave deposits on the face if the rotor leading the driver to believe the rotor is warped when it is really not.

    If I were you, and wished to save money, your rotors are probably still good just have them turned and go with a ceramic / organic pad for longevity.
    Don't forget a trade off is a longer lasting pad will have less 'bite' and will extend your stopping distance. Not much but some.

    The biggest help slotted / cross drilled rotors did for my 06 is elimate brake float caused by heat and the gasses that are released by the heating of the pad against the rotor.

    Hope this helps and again eBay is your friend in finding companies who make rotor / pad packages. I paid just under $300 for all 4 rotors and pads and had pep boys install it. Don't go to the rip off dealer.

    Posi quiet makes a good ceramic / organic pad you should be able to get all 4 for less then 100.00
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I found the company I purchased from. Here is there ebay store. Good products and good support.
  • ssj0808ssj0808 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Kia Sedona and when I have brakes problems I take mine to American Brake. I think they are suppose to be nationwide. They really do a thorough job and charge alot less an hour than Kia. My rotors were frozen and they used a heat gun and separated them and if I had taken to Kia they would have put on new rotors.
  • I just changed the front brakes on my 2007 Kia Sedona and now the "ESC OFF" light is on and won't go off. Any idea what causes this and how to correct it?
  • mommzmommz Posts: 1
    :lemon: :lemon: Hello bert12, I'm afraid we too are having break problems. Ours started about 18 months ago. We have had the rotors turned at least three times and the break pads replaced once. In the past three months I have taken our 05 Sedoa in three different times to two different places (other than the dealer) and "they" tell me the breaks are fine. Well, I too have been driving a long time and have driven many, many vehicles and have never had this problem. We have two children and I do not feel safe in this Van with me or our children. I have been avoiding the dealer as we have dealt with them in the past with other vehicles and have heard all the same things everyone else here are saying. With all of these issues the most safe decision seems to be to trade it in for the honda or the dodge. I DO NOT want to be the first "ACCIDENT" to get results. As far as information goes, if someone is serious about going after Kia, people need to post their information. We purchased our 05 Sedona at Hewlett Kia in Georgetown, TX which is now out of business. and have 40k on the odometer, our problems started at around 20k. I have to be extreemely alert when driving or we could very easily have a collision due to the poor performance of the eqipment on this vehicle. We cannot afford to risk the lives of our family, and we cannot afford to replace parts every 10k and we cannot afford to go after kia, but would be willing to offer information to anyone else who can. Good luck.
  • tntch2tntch2 Posts: 2
    Yep, I have the same problem many of you have. I have replaced the rear brake shoes and had the rotors turned twice. When I stop, the car makes a terrible noise from the rear brakes. I am ready to do whatever it takes to solve this problem. I think I read were someone recommended a certain type brake shoe and/or drum (drums on rear). Suggestions...
  • I had a 2005 Kia Sedona, and it became a lemon law case. The brakes were having the same issues that many people have talked about on this thread, and it happened many times. The people at the dealership all said that they had seen this many times, so I went after kia on my own. If you decide to pursue lemon law, and you still can, even if there are more than 12,000 miles on it or you have owned it more than a year, PLEASE get a lawyer. We didn't and I've seen cases where people have gotten a lot better deal than we did!!
    Good luck to anyone who tries this!
  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    We recently found out that it was the front brakes, not the back, that were causing our problem even though it sounded like and acted like the back. We had heard ceramic pads would stop the groan but the shop we went to cleaned the rotors & put gold pads on and the noise has stopped so far. I still think we should get a class action suit going since Kia chooses to ignore us. They were sued the same way on one of their other models and had to pay................
  • tntch2tntch2 Posts: 2
    Had the same trouble with my 05 Sedona. Rear brakes were horrible. My brother is a master mechanic so I ask him to check them out for me. After about an hour or so, he determined the rotors were out of round and he also found something loose in the right rear brake. Anyway, he had drums turned (which were out of round according to machine shop). Now brakes are excellent. So far. So good. Suggestion:have a machine shop turn drums or rotors whichever you have and go from there.
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