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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I am not sure how you guys are driving your van but all I have had to do with my 2006 is front pads at about 16K. This is because I drive 90% stop and go on a small island with not much highway use. Now I am at 26K with no problems at all.

    Sounds like driver abuse. Maybe your riding your brakes or stomping on them and not breaking them in. You can't treat the breaks in a heavy mini-van the same way you can in a much lighter sedan.
  • bogie5bogie5 Posts: 4
    Do you work for KIA? Not saying all kia products are junk but I know that sometimes things go wrong and mechanics can be good and bad and sometimes they just don't know how to fix a design problem. I can safely say that we, and two other couples we know that own kias, will not buy them again. The heavy mini van should has a brake design to handle the weight of the load! Some people just get lucky and don't have the trouble. My wife does not ride the brakes or stomp on them and we have never quit having trouble, its better but still there.
  • Biggest piece of junk ever. our 2005 sedona went in to get the rotors done 5 times in 7 months! and the last time they said sorry we arent covering it anymore. I REFUSE to get any work done by Kia. The KNOW there is an issue with their rotors and refuse to replace them with better ones. They wont reply to any of my emails either....believe me....everyone I know will NEVER buy a Kia based on what we have told them! Good Luck :-)
  • I am glad to hear that I am not the only KIA owner that is miserable and honestly don't think I have had so much hate for a car in the past. I filed a BBB Lemon Law claim and immediately got a call from a rep at KIA North America who promised to follow up in the week and it has been about 3 now...likely backed off after seeing BBB respond about exceeding the mileage. The van is like a bad penny and I honestly fear it is a driving safety hazard for my family and others on the road but I can't afford to buy a new van again...this one is less than 2 yrs old. Good luck making your van last a little longer...
  • I'm sorry to hear you guys are having brake problems. I know the pre 06 Sedona's are a lot heavier then the model I have and personally I would have never had touched a pre 06 Sedona with its reviews. This is neither here nor there for you guys but why not look into other options. If anything go on e-bay and look at the higher end cross-drilled rotors and nice aftermarket pads. If heat is warping your stock rotor setup then this will greatly reduce heat and extend rotor / pad life. I did this on my 06 because I live in Puerto Rico and drive on many mountain roads with long descents. The brakes are fantastic and no matter how long the mountain descent I have no brake-float whatsoever. (Brake-float is due to excessive heat) The whole package of 4 rotors plus the longest life pads they make cost less then $400.00

    Think outside the box and I am sure you can come up with a solution. E-bay is your friend. Don't forget to treat your brakes easy as your vans are very very heavy. - 0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem518cabbb0dQQitemZ35025241575- - 7QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  • I have a 2005 Ex with ABS brakes and have had numerous problems and still do. Have replaced the rotors three times- first at 12 k miles and twice since then and the last set was with heavy duty rotors. The vibration when braking has never ceased. I just had them turned and my rear brakes adjusted and cleaned(at reccomendation of dealer). This was done Friday-got in the car and drove away with a worse vibration than before. Plan on taking it back this coming week but am at my wits end with this vehicle and Kia. Sounds like a design flaw in the vehicle not allowing enough air to get to rotors to cool down rotors. Kia needs to step up to the plate and make this problem right AT THEIR EXPENSE. I was told by a salesman at Kia that Kia had this problem early on with the sedona but had supposedly fixed the problem. Guess not.
  • i'm new to this forum-never posted anything before. i am SO RELIEVED to find this site. for years the Kia dealership here in Honolulu Hawaii has made me feel like i'm a bad driver!!! ride my brakes? another female driver! now i know it's not me! it's a brake problem that goes back to Kia. i will NEVER recommend a Kia to anyone! the service department here in Honolulu is on its' 5th manager since i've owned my vehicle in 2004! this company is lousy! and the employees should be ashamed to work for such a deceitful outfit. every manager & their assistants have all given me the same garbage about my driving habits-up hills, etc! after reading the other posts here on this forum i feel so much stronger to voice my opinion-AND I WILL everywhere i go...
  • Your van is very heavy, much heavier then the redesign, and other comparable vans from that year. Check out post #154 and invest in aftermarket pads / rotors and this will help you significantly. The reason your having so many reoccurring brake problems is because of how undersized your factory setup is in relation to the weight of your van. Aftermarket is not only better quality but often cheaper then stock parts.

    In your rampage about how much your van sucks just remember to mention that this applies to your model / design years. Though your may not care and desire to condemn the whole company YOU purchased this model with its well documented problems. The reviews for the 2005 and under Sedona's are horrible, especially with its incredible weight. Just keep this in mind as you desire "tell the world your story" as it is quite common for people who have bad experiences with their apples to not only call the whole bunch bad but even castigate the whole orchard, which is of course senseless.
  • don't think you understand my post! i just found this forum & learned about the brake problems with the kia sedona-i did not know about them before yesterday! the responsibility lies with KIA-not with me! they know they have a poor design-they should correct it! not blame the consumer! so yes-the whole bunch/orchard is bad! KIA SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PRODUCT! yes-all kia products are in question-because kia hasn't ackowledged & accepted & corrected the problems they have created & known about.
    you state that it is my responsibility to buy better aftermarket brakes/rotors to correct the problem CREATED by kia. HUH? are you associated with kia?
    even with all this information-kia is still dishonest! they still blame the consumer!
    if it walks like a's a duck! DECEITFUL!
  • I'm just trying to give you an answer for your model and design years. Aftermarket brakes are the way to correct this design flaw. Oh, and welcome to reality with auto manufactures. It is not your fault the brakes are lousy on the 05 Sedona but they are not on the 2006 and up. It happens... And was well documented. Kia is not going to do anything for you on non-warranty items. My 06 is a fantastic van. But I did research before I purchased. If you want to correct the problem and keep the van there is your answer.
  • thank you for the recommendation re after market brakes. if this problem was so well documented then why wasn't it corrected? what is the problem with correcting/addressing the defect? they are suppose to be the professionals-so the best medicine would be DON'T BUY A KIA! that would kick them where it hurts-and maybe then they would be honest?!
  • I would have to agree with Terry....KIA will not accept responsibility and work on a resolution because it costs $$$$. I have a 2007 and it has this problem....still persists today. Pads are glazed yet again, screaches and howls like someone put their cat in the front end of my car. I have never driven such a piece of ____!!

    Now the funny thing I encountered was....I tried with the dealership, told it was my driving habits, District Parts guy supposedly looked at it (their story didn't line up so I think I was lied to), all my fault (or my wife's) and no more goodwill repairs. I file a BBB AUTO LINE complaint and guess who comes calling...KIA Corporate. Lady promised to review the information I sent to her (all my service records) and she would call me within a couple of days. In the meantime, BBB determined the claim was not eligible because the van has 24,500 miles and they handle claims up to 24,000....they would not take into account the dates of service that I had the repeated issue. The response was copied to KIA and of course I have never heard back from the lady in Irvine again....

    Long story short....spread the word! The cars look OK, price is OK and included features in the base model are all attractive but the cost of ownership will EAT YOU ALIVE! :mad:
  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    If you replaced your brakes and are no longer having problems, please let me know what the brand was and who did them.
  • Most often what will warp a rotor is heat. Check out this link on E-bay or just search on E-bay for: 2007 sedona brakes or whatever year you have. They are well worth the investment especially in constant stop-and-go or mountain roads. Cross-drilled and slotted rotors with nice pads are the way to go. They are fantastic on my van especially in the tropical climate that I live in and often on long mountain descents. - 330371986878QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item4cebb- - 475be
  • I've got the drilled rotors and premium brake pads from R1Concepts. They have a very good customer service and I've got them shipped to my door in prefect condition. I called them and I've got a discount over the phone, I've got all under $500 with shipping included. It was the best investment i could do for my peace of mind. I know is not cheap but.....I saved up and did it.
    I went to my dealership and installed them for $200, I have the luck to have excellent customer service at my Kia dealership. I haven't had any squealing since last year (I think) since I installed them and no other problems. I live in Tyler where we have small hills, and I drive mostly in the city. Not even when is humid outside I don't have any problem. I have to check how many miles i have since I changed them. I have a 2007 model. :) I am very happy otherwise with my car, I am sorry that other people have these issues. Is not a bad car. Every other car and van on the market would have issues. there is no perfection. Try looking at other vans problems and you will see each one has its' own quirk.
    Good luck!
  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    armyvet - what did you do to fix your brakes?
  • Armyvet just did exactly what I posted and recommended and have been recommending for years now.

    The biggest enemy of brakes is heat. So reduce the heat save the pad and the rotor. R1concepts is a good company, the one I originally purchased my rotors and pads from. You can also go on e-bay and just look a the packages other companies offer, which are essentially the same thing.

    You want cross-drilled / slotted rotors and performance pads on all four wheels. The parts should run you between four to five hundred shipped to your door. Then go to pepboys or your dealer / personal mechanic and have them installed for about one hundred and fifty bucks. Pads life will vary because of mostly driving habits, conditions, and weight of your van.

    On my 2006 my front pads lasted 14k because I live in Puerto Rico. Hot all the time and constant city driving. My new setup has 16k miles on them and I'm not even halfway through my front pads yet. This means my current setup is lasting over twice as long as the factory pads / rotors.

    This should help all you pre 2006 Sedona owners particular because of your extra weight.


    2005 and under:
  • I had a shimy when braking from new on my 06 sedona. So with 40,000 miles and with winter around the corner, so I figured I'd get new slotted and cross drilled rotors and pads. Well! what a difference. Do it you won't be sorry. Off hand I don't remember the company that I ordered from but I paid $251 with free shipping. I don't feel comfortable doing brakes so I had my regular mechanic do it for 169. for a total of $420.
  • BOTTOM LINE?! KIA should correct the problem! we the buyers/consumers should not be responsible for their faulty workmanship/details. i went to NAPA and bought new brakes-and so far so good. but-that is not the point! i'd never buy another kia again-and i'll tell everyone i know about the problem. everyone should know! KIA is NOT HONEST! so sad... :(
  • rc7965rc7965 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Kia Sedona. Has anyoine had intermittent hard brake pedal? When the pedal gets hard and you brake, the front end feels like the discs are warped. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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