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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • Thanks, but I'd like to get a few more uninterupted miles out of it. I'd rather pay a little and get some time out of it. It would be cheaper than buying a new one. I find it very hard to beleave that nobody has the answer to this common problem.
  • It was the crank shift sensor on ours, we asked the the mechanic to fix it and they did, we have had no more problems with the car shutting off, apparently the reason it shuts off is that the car does not recognize the key is in the ignition, it is really scary though. We got it fixed close to a year ago, and it is still running, thought we were going to junk it, but it is running great.
  • Thanks. I'm going to look into trying this first, I think. We are due for a timing belt change, as we've never done it yet and we have 107k miles on it. I suppose the next try would be a fuel pump.?.

    Thanks again.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    The O2 sensors involve the emissions systems. If you let it go for a while, it could damage your catalytic convertor. I would get it fixed. Good luck and have a safe trip.
  • What Buick are you going to buy for half price of a Sedona? A '94 Roadmaster? If you have an extended warranty, what reason are they giving you for not fixing the car?
  • Any really. My Sedona cost me $38,826 and that was plain nothing extra. The paint has litteralyy fallin goff of it. To daye it has 16,814 mikles on it and had cost me $44,200 in towing and repair bills. Oh they will repaird it but it's always "Oh that isn't covered under the warranty anymore" When I ask what IS covered under the waranty its "We'll have to check and run a complete service on the vehicle to check part numbers and dates of installation."
  • concreteman3concreteman3 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    2004 kia sedonia engine light comming on had ck showed code-- po 146
    took to dealer fixed they said .Got back then light comming on again then car stalled in road.Took to another dealer said ecm fuse blown replaced started right up.Then shut off again blowing another fuse.ANYONE HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT THE PROBLEM MAY BE.
  • I don't know. But, we finally took ours to a service garage. And, of course, it would not show a code or any symptoms. They ran it all day and never would stall. Since we are over due for timing belt and water pump at 107k, they thought they'd go ahead and replace the crank shaft sensor. I hope that's it!!!
  • Well now that I read these messages I dont' think my problem is a new one or unique but maybe some advise would help me determine the way forward.

    I have a 2004 kia sedona with 174k miles. Over the past 6 months it has started hesitating etc. We had the coils and spark plugs etc replaced. Then in the past two weeks it has started stalling. Once when I was low on gas, goin down the high way. I pulled over and waited a few minutes then it started right back up. I filled the tank up and had no other issues. A week later when again I stopped for gas when I went to start it back up it wouldn't start. Would spin but not turn over. The guy next to me jumped it off and i took it to the auto zone to have the battery tested. Autozone said needed no battery we changed that at no cost (since it was relatively new battery) and then again the car would not start. Had a friend come up and jump the car and it started. I drove it home, the next day the car started fine. I drove it for about 20 minutes and it lost all power (on the highway) caught again and then lost all power and stalled. Again after that it would spin but not actually start. I had it towed to the shop who said it was a fuel pump relay. The changed it out I was going to pick up the car the next morning. They called back and said it acted up again.

    Now they say could be electrical in the harness, could be 10-20 hours labor with no guaranteed solution. I know it is old and well used but I would like to keep it for abuot 6 more months, without having to dump thousands of dollars into it. Any suggestions?
  • sounds very familliar. Like I said in a previous post, the service garage I took mine to thought it "COULD BE" a crankshaft sensor and that's the route we chose to go. I believe there were was also a post by someone else that went this route too. I'm only a couple weeks in, but I'm very cautious about how far I stray from home...especially now that it's pretty cold out!

    Good luck to you and I hope this has resolved it for me. I also want to get some more time out of the vehicle. The longer I can go without a car payment, I feel, is a good thing.
  • Only 70K miles and like others we are having stalling problems. Two trips to the dealer with no success. Seems they cannot replicate the problem and it never stalls when they drive it!!! None of their expert mechanics can correctly diagnose and fix it.

    My wife is afraid to drive the car now with the kids; it stalled on her when making a turn and she was in the middle of an intersection.

    I have filed a complaint with Kia Motors Consumer Affairs stating that the dealer either won't or can't fix it. I also advised Kia that if an accident results because of this I will initiate legal action against the dealer and against Kia Motors. Waiting now to see if anyone responds.
  • Good Luck! I hope it works out. Let me know what the resolution is. I'm still hesitant to travel too far in mine. Especially when it's cold and I have the kids with me.
  • kitcar04kitcar04 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Sedona Van has been in the repair shop since December 4th 2011. Kia has been uncooperative w/ my mechanic the entire way. They wont provide him with answers and they make him wait for his ordered parts. I've never experienced such unprofessionalism in my life. My warranty has ended so of course Kia wanted us to bring the van to them so they can charge us more than what the van is worth to fake fix it ...forget that. My mechanic brought to my attention a little fact...Did you know that a Kia 05 Sedona's schedule maintenance tune up...replacing timing belt needed at 60,000 miles...mean while a Honda with the same exact specs does not require this same exact maintenance tune up until it hits 105,000 miles. The difference is Honda uses only top quality parts.
  • jlaw263jlaw263 Posts: 3
    My 2005 sedona van has been stalling on and off now for the past 2 weeks now, I noticed twice the gas tank was very low when it stalled. A few times it started right back up, a couple of times it had to sit for maybe an hour before it started up again. Took it to the mechanic he mentioned now it could be crankshaft sensor - Didn't realize this was a common problem with Sedonas.
  • jlaw263jlaw263 Posts: 3
    Same exact problem on my kia sedona 2005. Looking for someone that has had the correct fix - my mechanic said maybe crankshaft sensor, I am taking it in this week. I'll ask him about the fuel pump. Over the weekend the first stall we waited about 2 hours for it to restart and then it stalled and started up right away a few times getting back home. My gas tank was very low when the stall happened - is that the same case with you?
  • flactemflactem Posts: 8
    Well, I thought we were out of the water... We haven't had any issues, until now. My wife was driving it home from the park (about 3 miles) and as she was slowing to a red light, she noticed the check engine light came on, the RPM's dropped way down, then stalled. She cranked it a couple different times, then it started back up and got her the rest of the way home.

    So, now I am left to wonder if the crankshaft sensor that I paid to have replaced was even the culprit.

    What could it be now??
  • jake1970jake1970 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Sadona MiniVan and I wanted to let everyone know that I have been having the same problems with my van stalling while running and while idling. Today was the end to that I hope but I hope that you all can get it fixed before this happens to you, I was told that the stalling (after getting it looked at several times with no answers) was because it was skipping on the timing and today that skip blew my motor. It is going to cost me almost 3,000 dollars for a new used motor and the timing kit to fix it and we have owned this van for less than 6 months. Just as a heads up to everyone.
  • kcdollskcdolls Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Kia Sedona that started do the same thing.. it woudl run then lag after a while it started stalling on me. After being stranded on the road with the kids I called the tow truck. The shop said it was a simple gas tank relay. Said it started right back up after they switched it with the horn relay to try it out. The new relay came in and I was picking it up the next morning when I got a call saying they took it on another test drive and it died. Said until it died completely they could guess but would cost up to 2000 and no guarantees. I picked it up it ran fine all the way home and then wouldn't start.

    After two weeks of not starting my husband called the shop back and told him it wasn't getting gas (he checked the lines). They towed it back it ended up being a gas tank circuit (I hope that is the right word) in the wiring harness. the shop said until it died completely they would never have found it. The van has run great since i got it back... (knock on wood).
  • gxpkygxpky Posts: 1
    I know this will probably sound repetitive but here's my problem. Starts sporadically, cranks and turns over fine...seems like it is flooding because if you finally get it started after trying and failing there is a strong smell of gas. The first time it had trouble starting the check engine light came on...had it checked out but had no codes show. The van is still low miles only 85,000 on an '04 Kia sedona, purchased it with 54,000 miles on it. As with most people it will never fail to start if you take it to get it checked out....soooo annoying.

    Codes showing yesterday when I took it to auto zone are as follows: PO181, PO128, and PO118.

    Anyone know where I should start?
  • I have an 05 with all the same symptoms. I even went as far as to replace the fuel pump, spark plugs, and belts. Fail!!! Big time. If all else fails, I have unplugged my mass air flow sensor and I haven't had any noticeable problems with the way it runs. But there is still a strong smell of gas when its idle. I'm sure this is not the correct way to fix it, but KIA left us with a mysterious problem with an incorrect product so what exactly is "correct" in this case? I did that because, it seems to run fine when I unplug it but as soon as I plug it back in, it stalls. I'm sure I'm on to something here, but this is a temporary fix which could lead to more issues. I have a very run down Sedona so I am willing to experiment. Please let me know how your situation turned out.
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