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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • I had the same problem..One of many, I have had my 02 kia for 2 years. It ran great for a few 1000 miles but then it just went haywire. The problem that is similar to yours ended up being the fuel pump. They origionally told me that it was bad gas so I went to the gas station on the military base that I got gas from and raised sand. They pulled the whole pump and it was good gas. Kia wanted to charge me 500 dollars to pull all the fuel components and dispose of a full tank of gas. imagine that..I was without my van for 3 weeks since I was stranded on the interstate with 2 kids and my pregnant wife. I also had to get a rental car.
    1. fuel pump-stranded me for 3 weeks and some days
    2. new battery-vehicle died on me in florida. thought alternator went out... 700 miles away from home.
    3. front motor mount was went bad,heard clunking noise in front of vehicle. twice to dealer, broke down, 1 week after getting it back..
    4. front suspension struts replaced.
    5. ac went out in front ac still not says that since aftermarket stereo is installed it is not covered by warranty
    6. Alternator went out. Vehicle being serviced now. 600 dollars to fix. took out loan to fix...There goes x-mas

    My credit is not good so I cant trade until I pay it off..what will happen next?
    This is not coincidence...for those thinking that...mny people are having the same problem..I love my kia but this will be my last. My grandfather told me 10 years ago dont buy huandai or kia and I guess a hard head makes a soft behind.
  • We have a 2005 Sedona, that we started having problems with Nov 7th, 2005 we took in it. It would up and quit on the freeway, you wait a few minutes it would start back up my husband had to do this all the way back home from his work because no Kia dealers on the way home would touch it because it had the anti theif in it when we bought it with 13 miles on it. They said they couldnt find anything wrong with it they figured it had to do with that anti theif device cause the company closed their doors 2 months after we bought the van, they had seen a similar problem with other cars with device in it. Nov 27th, my husband was on his way to work it did it again, he stopped at the Kia dealer by his work they wouldnt touch for that same reasons cause of the anti theif device. We take it to where we bought it at, they thought it was that also but they will not show me proof that they tried anything else. At this point i am not being the nicest person to them. They tell us it is fixed they put the original relay back in, so we go pick it at 1:15pm, by 3:30pm I am calling Kia back because it did it with me in the van, it would stop running in the middle of the freeway then it did this again it would learch forward, we would wait a few minutes it would start back up, then it started doing this every 2 miles or so then at the end right before we go to the dealer it was doing it every block. After i go off on them when we get back there, they are saying it could be the fuel pump, we are at 62,000 miles on the van. I was wondering if anyone else is having this same problem. :confuse: We have already replaced the brakes once on it also.
  • 2.5 months later. Running like a top (knock on wood) No stalling. I guess the air mass sensor did the trick.
  • We just got the van back, it was the Power Control Moguel thank goodness it was covered under warranty. The part was 1,600.00 plus labor can we say ouch. They had to get the part from Korea.
  • i have a 2006 kia sedona ex with 9100 miles on it..i have had some problems starting the would turn over but not start..i would let it sit for a few minutes then it would start fine..i took it to kia and they said it working fine we had no problem starting it.i took it home and it didnt do it for a couple of weeks..then it did it again...i took it back and they still said it didnt have any trouble starting i once again took it did it a few days later i took it back again..this time they gave me new keys and reprogramed the worked for a week..and then it did it again..this time they changed the computer all under warranty..but it still does it..we call kia and told us to send it to another kia shop..i did that and they said the same thing couldnt get it to do hasnt don it for a few months now it did it to me again...not sure if this van is a now i have noticed when i close the rear doesnt make the 3 beep sounds but the flashers still flash 3 times..going to call kia again..i also heard the problem might be caused by the alarm if u had it installed but i still not sure....
  • I have had my van towed 3 times in three weeks. It just at times, decides to not start. There is power to the dash but when you turn the key, NOTHING. The dealership said they checked the recall and my van is not one effected. Further, said they checked the harness it was fine. They said they got it to start and to come pick it up. One week later, same scenario. Towed again. Said it wouldn't start off tow truck then pushed into garage and started. Ordered a new sensor for detection of gear and replaced. Today, it wouldn't start again. Towed again. I love my van, I really do. I drove every van on the market and chose the Kia. I just want it fixed. Suggestions Similar problems?
  • I just experienced the same starting problem with my 2006 Kia Sedona (8352 miles). It seems to have normal electrical power when I turn the ignition key to on. When I turn the ignition further to the start position the starter relay in the main fuse box clicks but the starter motor will not spin. I confirmed that the shift lever was in the park position. The battery has a full charge. I can't figure it out.
  • Its in the shop. Have you taken it to the dealership service? Maybe we should put our Kia service departments together. Its #3 and I am considering invoking the Lemon Law if they can not find the definative problem. I have children and no trust in the reliabilty of the van. :lemon: Cheyenne, WY
  • Kia of Cheyenne found the problem to be the instrument control panel module. Wish me luck and good luck to you james61. I hope this is the end of the problems!
  • Brandih, I hope they found the real problem. Good luck. Thanks for the heads up on the instrument control panel module. My Sedona started again after about an hour of tinkering with it. I still didn't find anything wrong.
  • brandih,
    My 2006 Kia Sedona did it again. The starter will not turn over. I had it towed to the dealer. Of course it started right up at there. The dealer is is not willing to change the instrument control panel module unless the part is not working when they check it. I wanted to know if by changing that part in your van it did solve the starting problem? Thanks.
  • Towed to the dealer for the second time in 3 weeks today. Last time they said it was a faulty fuse block and replaced it. This morning it wouldn't start again. 3 strikes and they are buying this thing back.. Traded in an 01 Silhouette on this thing that never once left us stranded.. Should have known better!
  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    Just curious ohiodad - what part of Ohio are you in?
  • I have been through all of this on my Sedona. Presume yours is the diesel? Going through main dealers they wanted to change main board etc. and was out of warranty and would have cost a fortune. Car wouldn't start but just turn over on the starter. Go back half an hour later and it would start. Long story short, it was the immobiliser at the diesel pump shutting off the fuel. Small back street electrical shop found it and removed the offending part and replaced the main valve at the pump all for £100 compared to the dealers guess which was to be £500 and wouldn't have fixed it.
  • ohiodad,
    After some more research the starting problem on my Kia Sedona was discovered. I called the service manager at Kia of Cheyenne(thanks Marty) and found out the part they replaced on brandih's Sedona was the Junction Box (the small fuse box located by the drivers left knee). So far that vehicle is not causing any more problems. I passed this info on to our local dealer here in Burlington, WA. After two days of persistent trouble shooting the service manager (thanks Robbie) was able to duplicate the starting problem. By Jiggling the Junction Box she was able to get it to start again. They are now replacing that part. Good luck.
  • I'm in Hilliard, West side of Columbus..
  • Hey james61,
    Thanks for the info.. Last time in they told me ours started right up when it got there but they fixed a sliced wire on the fuse block. Then they tried to pass me paperwork that said unable to duplicate problem. I of course made them fix this. Last night my wife made a quick stop after work only to get stranded again. So it was towed to the dealer again for the 3rd time in less than a month now... I asked the tow truck driver to try to start it when he got there and he did and it wouldn't start. Today they tell me again that it started right up this morning.. They can't duplicate the problem in the shop.. Meanwhile I continue to be frustrated...
  • brandihbrandih Posts: 7
    Yes, it solved the problem. Weeks have passed and it's started every time.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Well after calling the service area the next day after reading james61's reply and suggesting they check the junction box.. The service area told me they were able to duplicate the problem after 20 restarts.. They replaced the junction box that james61 described in his post above.. and knock on wood so far so good...
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Update 3/19/07. Problem is back. Dealer able to recreate the problem briefly and then it ran fine. Reset some electrical connections.

    The common denominator is that it has been either very humid or it has rained recently when the stalling happens.

    I'm about ready to trade it off and let someone else and the dealer worry about it.
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