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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • rbyrd1rbyrd1 Posts: 4
    Log onto, go to "contact kia", then "consumer affairs", then register and create a case with your VIN number on hand and a complete description of your problem. This action will notify Momma Kia and get your car issue officially documented. Then call customer assistance at 1-800-333-4KIA with your case number and the dealer your car is with. I found Kia direct to be very attentive and helpful. Had our IPM module replaced under warranty without the dealer being able to duplicate the problem. We are trouble free now for two weeks. Best of luck.
  • Thanks to both of you for the information, if I learn anymore about this issue, I will be sure to post it.
  • Kia has a "technical bulletin" about the issue. I went to the dealership today and the IPM will be replaced under warranty. Thanks again for the help.
  • Hi Guys

    It's great to hear Kia has a tech notice out about this problem, it should save other people from having to go through the problems we all did.

  • hi everyone
    i have a sedona 2004 model i have a starting problem,all i get is a clicking noise when trying to start.has anybody had the same problem and did you find out what the problem was in the end. it will start after a few attempts but it is getting right up my back.please help
  • i also have the same identical problem as your van van has 66,000 miles on it andthe first time i had it towed was at 55,000 miles.i had it towed 3 times and each time they say the same thing,it started right up for us.after the third time the dealer mechanic told me that if it does it again he doesnt no what to tell me.since that third time at the dealer and no help.i have learned how to just deal with the problem and showed my wife who drives the van what to do if it happens again .what i have learned is that if she drives the van and stops somewhere for a short few miniutes with the van turned off it will not start when returing to it.if the van doesnt start right away(say 5 or 6 seconds of the motor turning over)just wait a few minutes and hold the accelerator to the floor and try strarting it our case it will start every beltches out a big puff of black smoke and i rev it up a few times and we are good till the next time(and their will be a next time).it seems to me that the fuel system is flooding some how.i discovered this one day after my wife got home from work and we jumped back in the van to leave again(she had only beed home about 5 minutes)and it wouldnt start and i noticed a real strong gas smell.i told her to wait a few minutes and push the ecelerator to the floor and try it again after it had time to run the extra fuel out.she did that and it times pass we would just keep kranking the engine till the battery died and thus needed a tow from kia.also just to add more problems,the alternator went out and the wind shield wipers stop working on my wife this morning she called and said they started to work again,but with the flooding problem the van realy isnt reliable for trips.i will not buy a kia again.
  • Kia has a "technical bulletin" about the issue. After a few trips to the dealership (in order to replicate the problem) the IPM (fuse box) was replaced under warranty.

    Here is a link to the bulletin:

    You should also register the problem at Kia Consumer Affairs (800 - 333 - 4KIA (4542)). They were pretty helpful with our case.
  • thanks for the info jmkovach however my van is a 02 and it WILL turn over it will not start while turning over.the bulletin explains about vans not tuning over at all .mine also doesnt have the burglar alarm it refers to nor the fancy programable keys.well anyways thanks again though i apperciate the help.if any one else has had the problem i have .what is your findings and what have you done.until i find out i guess i will have to just live with it till its paid off.
  • My recommendation is to make Kia Consumer Affairs(KCA) aware of the problem, if you haven't already, and inform them of everything you've dealt with to date with your Kia. My experience is the dealers are useless but Kia direct has been very helpful. Tell KCA who the dealer you're working with and detail their non-responsiveness. Confirm this thought but I think you may qualify under Lemon Law if you've had the car only a short time and gone to a dealer three times with the same problem without it being solved. Good luck.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    To all my VAN NOT STARTING BUDDIES. I have a 07 Entourage bought in 6 / 06. I also had the same problem. Only I happened to be 120 miles away from home, on a Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we got a ride back from friends who were with us. Called the dealer Monday morning, he agreed to go up and bring back the van. Replaced the bad part. No charge,even for the tow. So what I'm getting at, if there have been alot of these parts going bad. Why wasn't there a recall? Both Kia and Entourage having the same problem. Also, anyone having a squeaking problem coming from the back. Let me know of any easy fixes or why isn't there a recall on this problem. Other than that, I really enjoy this van. I have an 02 Santa Fe. Only replaced a front power window motor (done under warranty). 62,000 miles and still have original tires on it.
  • I bought a 2006 Sedona with just over 20,000 miles from the used car lot of a Hyundai dealer three weeks ago. It has failed to start (no response from the starter) four times in three weeks, including one morning when I went to pick it up at a Kia dealer's lot after they had "repaired" it. So far TWO new IPM fuse junction boxes have been put in without fixing the problem The last time they "torqued" some nuts on an "electric connection board." After that the car ran for five days and about 20 starts before the starter failed to respond again. This always seems to happen in the morning after the car has been parked outdoors on a night when the temp fell into the thirties or lower.

    Anybody found a solution for this problem when replacing the IPM doesn't work?
  • well i am adding to my statement #93 on this page,i used the van (2003 kia sadona) to travel with this x-mas (stupid) and when i got their the power steering pump went out,on x-mas its hard to find a place open so i went to advance auto parts store and got a pump to try to fix it myself but after getting under it their was no way i could do i drove the van back home (135 miles) without any power steering.while at advance auto i told the employee of the problems ive been having with it not starting after sitting for ten minutes after just turning it off .i told him it will crank over but it wont start.he ask if the check engine light was on and i said yes so he offered to hook up their machine to see what the code said and the code said the cooling sensor was bad.he told me that was the problem with it not starting because that is part of the choke system and it was sensing that it was cold and was shooting it full of gas and flooding it out which makes sense because i would have to wait a few minutes and then hold the eccelerator to the floor to get it started after geting it home i drove it to the kia dealer for service and i told them what the advance auto guy said .i told them that he reset the check engine light and on the way home it came on again and i wanted them to check the light for the code.they did and it came up the same thing ,the cooling sensor was they changed it out and also put a new pump on for the steering but they couldnt use the one i bought because it was not from kia so i have to return that pump(i hoe the will take it back 150.00).they also found that the steering center rod was bad to so they replaced that as well,all total it was $741.11 to fix everything.the van has 66,000 miles on it so the big special warrenty was only covers the motor and tranny for 100,000 miles the rest of the van is 60,000 but you know what i would think that these things that went wrong would last alot longer than 66,000 miles.oh well live and more kias for me.i just hope that this will finally fix the vans problem.if not ile let you all know.
  • Further to my post # 98 - Dealer's mechanic says that the latest start failure was probably because the last time they tried to fix the problem, they removed the STARTER RELAY to test it , but then reinstalled it "backwards". Beats me how this could have kept the starter from receiving power on one start out of twenty-some, but that's their current theory.

    So now it has required three tows, two new replacement IPMs and a reversed starter relay. As of this morning, I'm back on the road, with my fingers crossed for every cold start. If I don't post again here, you can assume this was the final solution for my Kia's start problem.
  • New to the board.

    We own a 2006 Sedona, with the luxury package. We are located in Alberta, Canada. The in service date is March 18, 2006. We love the way the van drives, the power under the hood and the number of features. When the van is running, in my view, it can't be beat.

    However, we have been having numerous problems with getting the van started. The problems started approximately 3 months into our ownership of the van. At first, we thought that we had left a door open or a light on. However, after boosting hte van a couple of times ourselves, we took it in to the dealer.

    Its been at the dealership 5 times. According to the workorders, the problem was first, a loose battery cable (which had been undone by them when performing one of the campaigns on the van); second, an abundance of dialectric grease; third the Immobilizer Transponder, and fourth the IPM.

    The van still has intermittent starting problems. Today we went to go out, and the power sliding side door would not open using the key fob button. It would not open by pulling on the door handle. When I got into the van and put the key in the ignition, there was barely enough power to light the dash lights.

    As I type, the van is on its way back to the dealership. This will be the second trip back since the IPM was replaced. The last time it went in, they techs said they could not find any "codes" from the computer. Further, they said that after they boosted the van, they could not find any electrical components that were drawing "out of spec" while the van was not running. He said that the only explanation was that we had left a door open.

    I found this to be an odd comment because, other than the driver and front passenger doors, all the other doors are power operated doors. Additionally, it would certainly be a remarkable situation to leave a door ajar 7 or more times!

    In any event, if anyone has any insight or suggestions, I welcome their thoughts.
  • Hi Geoff

    I would suggest looking at the IPM again. We had the starting problem which was related to the IPM that told the van to charge the battery. What I learned was the IPM was not only defective but part of the defect was it's failture to not inform the vans centeral computer that it was not operating. we had the same problem whit nothing coming up when the tech plugges the van into the diagnostic computer. Our van would run until the battery was discharged than
    not start.

    Hope this helps

  • i am about to phone the dealership to find out what their plan is, so this info might help.
  • My No-Response Sedona died again and was towed for the fourth time this cold morning, after starting flawlessly during mild weather from Christmas through the New Year. Reversing the starter relay apparently wasn't the answer. I can hardly wait to hear what they try this time. Arrrrrghhhhh....
  • Great van for the price when it starts. Dead in my driveway eight times to date. Only has 7200 miles on it. First five times I jump started myself. Last three had towed to dealer by roadside. Can not duplicate when in for service. Does not show up when hooked to computer. Two battery replacements, one junction box to no avail. Also told that I am leaving door open, lights on, charging cell phones, etc. All not true!! After the van sits for as little as one day it sometimes does not start. Three episodes earlier I rushed home from work with a volt meter and battery was down to 3.8 volts. Called California and received a case number sent out their top man. Did not show up on computer equals no problem(for Kia). Making payments on a van that has been in for service a total of 46 days. Feels like I'm getting the run around. Anyone out there having similar problems( I hope not!!), but if you are has it been resolved. Last time in service ticket reads like a routine check, battery, alternator charging system all OK. No excessive amp draw!! To add insult to injury service manager actually said and I quote, "It's a Korean car and has to be started every day" HELP....I would appreciate any help or insight to my problem.
  • We had a similar problem with an IPM module which controls when the van should charge the battery. You don't have a short or a drain on the battery but when your drivving your are using the battery to power the van not the alternator. Their checking the electrical system for a short or thinking your leaving something on draining the battery. Our defective IPM unit also didn't tell the main computer it was not working which is why the main computer says everything is OK. I think KIA finally put out a service message about this.

    Good luck, our van went back to the dealer three times but once the part was
    replaced we haven't had any more problems.
  • Did you have to fight with them to have the module replaced? Showed TSB to service manager and she says they think they checked that issue. Told me they just can't change thousand dollar parts. But if they send her the part she would be more than happy to install it. Now waiting for KIA consumer affairs to call back so I can once again plead my case. Just want my van to be dependable. Tired of all the arguing and heated discussions. Just want what I paid for, a new car that starts every time a want to drive it.
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