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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • mahabonemahabone Posts: 1
    Having similar problems with my 2004 Sedona EX. Starts cold every time (ie, first thing in the morning) but it won't turn over if the van had been driven withing the last 30-60 minutes.
    Power OK.
    Starting cranking like a champ.
    Runs OK once started, as well as one could expect from a KIA.
    I know I have a leak in the power steering. Mechanic said its a leak in the rack which would cost $1000 to fix. Same mechanic who charged me $500 to replace the PS pump and it only made it leak faster. I've been keeping the fluid topped off.
    The CHECK ENGINE light is one, so I took it over to AutoZone. Got a Texas Hold'Em flop of error codes:

    EVAP emission system - leak detected - large leak
    Probable Cause
    Faulty Fuel Cap (feels fine to me)
    Leakage in Emission System
    Faulty vent solenoid

    ECT sensor range performance condition
    Probable cause
    Poor electrical connection
    Open or short circuit condition
    Faulty ECT scanner

    Transaxle range signal malfunction
    Probably Cause
    Open or short circuit condition
    Poor electrical connection
    Misadjusted transaxle range switch
    Failed transaxle range switch

    Fuel temperature circuit range/performance
    Probable cause
    Poor electrical connection
    Faulty fuel temperature sensor

    Any idea which one could be causing the issue?

    TL:DR version - Kia Sedona won't start warm.
  • cherisa27cherisa27 Posts: 1
    A few months ago my van died, battery was dead so we replaced it, then about 3 weeks ago same thing, this time we were able to start it(randomly) and rushed to Oreily's where they said the alternator was bad, my husband took it apart(which im sure some of you know is a whole other story), and took both battery and alternator to 3 places ALL said battery and alternator were fine... While putting it BACK together he replaced the 3 top/front spark plugs, and one coil was snapped in 1/2, so we replaced that. The van will start, but after a good 6-8hours it has a hard time the 1st time I start it, shut off wait 10-20mins and starts normal, and after a few hrs everytime we start it the a/c is turned off... I have NEVER had to turn the a/c back on everytime I get in the car... We have 4 young kids so I havent actually taken the car anywhere, test drives around the neighborhood and it runs fine... Does anyone have any idea what could cause this or if the 2 things are even related???

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