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2007 Acura TL Type S



  • pv2pv2 Posts: 37
    Thanks for your comments. Clearly a FWD sedan with auto is stretching the sport sedan category a bit but it is included as an ELLPS. I had a couple of 328 coupes (1997 and 2000) and they did get mileage in the mid 20's though not much above 26-27 on the highway (both with auto). However, those cars were a few hundred pounds lighter (3300-3400?) than the TL-S is now (over 3600). I think a realistic mileage appraisal will have to await a longer trip. The longest highway trip I've done is 75 miles and that was with under 1000 miles on the odo. Most of my highway driving is under 25 miles so just getting to & from the highway has an impact. :cry:
  • xrunner2xrunner2 Posts: 3,062
    The suspension isn't that high performance and the 60/40 weight imbalance certainly isn't.

    Weight distribution is important of course, but suspension and tires are a huge factor. Doesn't the Porsche 911 have an odd weight distribution (something like 40/60?) with its engine hung out over rear axle? Recall that Porsche company spent a couple or more decades in taming the evil handling and unpredictability of its design with suspension and tires. Read numerous accounts years ago in car magazines about testers swapping ends and putting the 911 car off the road and into the weeds or nearly so.

    Acura TL for being a "sporty" entry lux sedan does ok in actual "measured" handling data vs pure sports cars like 911.

    Heard of all the talk about feel of 50/50 in cars like 3 series, and that cannot be denied, but neither can actual test data.

    It will be interesting to see Edmunds or R&T test data of an 07 TL type S equipped with best tires from Acura. How close can it come in handling with its inferior (60/40) weight dist to ideal (50/50) cars such as 3 series or unbalanced (40/60) dist Porsche?

    Don't know what is going on in SCCA autocross today, but would doubt that very few people if any are entering TLs. That is not the purpose nor character of the car.
  • pv2pv2 Posts: 37
    It will be interesting to see Edmunds or R&T test data of an 07 TL type S equipped with best tires from Acura. How close can it come in handling with its inferior (60/40) weight dist to ideal (50/50) cars such as 3 series or unbalanced (40/60) dist Porsche?

    The February issue of R&T tested an 07 TL-S with Bridgestone Potenza RE-03's which are the "summer performance" tire option. Regular TL-S's are equipped with Michelin all season tires of the same size (245x45).

    As for handling, the numbers in the R&T comparo (IS350 & G35) had the TL performing quite respecably by comparison to the rear drivers. Below are a few excerpts from the test (hope the formatting holds):

    TL-S G35S IS350
    Braking 60-0 117ft. 120ft. 126ft.
    Braking 80-0 214ft. 208ft. 219ft.
    Skidpad .91G .88G .84G
    Slalom 66.0mph 65.5mph 66.7mph

    All cars were indicated as having "mild understeer" on the skidpad and slalom.

    All in all a respectable performance by the TL-S. I will agree that on a racetrack or roadcourse the TL would likely be left behind; but not by too much. Apart from FWD the TL's other weakness is power and that showed in slower 0-60 and 1/4 mile times vs. the other cars (5.7 & 14.3@99.9 vs. mid-high 13's for the others).
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Owning both a 2004 TL 6-speed and 2005 911S, I can assure you there is just a bit of a difference in the dynamic balance of these two cars.

    Under medium-hard acceleration, the front end (drive wheels) of the TL lightens up - just the opposite of what you want and what happens in a RWD car. That results in wheel spin and hop, to add to the fun of torque steer.

    Under braking, the opposite occurs and the weight is shifting to an even greater front end bias, causing the front end to try to dive down. That causes the plowing feeling in turns.

    The 355 hp 911S records faster acceleration times than the similar weight 400 hp Corvette and matches the 500 hp Viper due, in large part, to the efficiency with which it's rear engine, RWD setup puts the power to the pavement. It was true, in the old days, that the handling (at the limits) of the 911 took some getting used to. That has been pretty well covered by suspension advancements, 295 series rear rubber and sophisticated stability management systems. Not quite to the point of making it as easy to drive as a mid-engine Cayman, but its limits are a lot higher than my abilities. Not true of the TL, by a long shot.

    For the record, I do think the Acura engineers have done a respectable job of getting the most our of a FWD platform for a rather heavy sedan (my old 1995 Maxima SE was 500 lbs lighter). But if you want a real feel for the handling difference, don't just read reviews, take your own enthusiastic test drives of a TL vs. a 335i. The TL works really well as a sporty family sedan in our 3 car household. But a true sport sedan it isn't, at least by my definition.
  • hausshauss Posts: 169
    frisconick, did you get a new TL-S? What color combo and did you go with the manual or auto?
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    I just got my Type S, have only 500 miles on it. I do not know if anybody has experienced this, but I can clearly hear loud thumping noise when the rear tires hit a decent size bump in the road, it is driving me crazy. It is noticeable enough that my friends question me about it. I know it is a stiff sport suspension, and I am wondering if this is normal for the car, or shall I take it back to the dealer ?? :mad:
  • chaperoahchaperoah Posts: 30
    I hear the same noises. Almost like a little bit of a rattle. Could that just be something in the trunk? Curious...
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    I tore the trunk apart, fastened everything down. It is a loud deep thumping noise when it hits a good size road bump. I called my dealer a few min. ago and he said to bring it in. I will post what he tells me, but it is very enoying. you pay so much for a luxury car, you don't expect it to be back at the dealer's after 1 week !!! it's either normal for this type of suspension, or there is something wrong. will post what dealer says tonite.
  • pv2pv2 Posts: 37
    Have my TL-S for just over 2 months and have noticed a "thump" over certain bumps, but have attributed to the suspension reacting to the bump rather than anything in the trunk, etc. Will be curious to hear what your dealer says.
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    well, you guys won't believe this. but BOTH struts in the rear are "shot" according to the dealer, this is where the thumping is coming from on hard bumps. I am so mad I cannot see straight. A $35,000 car with 500 miles on it, and the rear struts are already shot. They have to order them from the factory (1-2 weeks), and then I have to take it back to get them replaced. Should have bought the Lexus IS350. stay tuned. This is the second trip to the dealer. I am seriously starting to research lemon laws
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    ACURA acknowledged a batch of bad rear struts for the Type S made it in the assembly line !! and I was fortunate enough to get 2 of them in my car. Dealer told me they had this problem before, and Acura is aware of this and fixed it, but some made it through. Defective struts !! Unbelievable. I griped so much, they overnighted a pair of struts and supposedly, will get my car back tomorrow, "like brand new". I said heck IT IS BRAND NEW. Anyways, I will wait and see if this fixed it. Everyone who hears thumps on hard bumps in the rear should be aware of this problem and take it to the dealer and get them replaced.
  • xrunner2xrunner2 Posts: 3,062
    ACURA acknowledged a batch of bad rear struts for the Type S made it in the assembly line

    Probably impossible to find out, but would be very interesting to know the manufacturer/supplier of these struts. Would hope that Honda/Acura managers/engineers doing extensive consultation with that supplier with regards to failures in one or more of their processes.
  • 07types07types Posts: 7
    I got my TLS in Jan. -- I have noticed that anytime I go over a bump that I hear a 'clunk' sound on the front and the rear. I will have to contact Acura now that this has come to light. Do you have a TSB on this? We all would appreciate any info you have. If I find out anything, I will post is as well.
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    They replaced the rear struts with new ones from the factory, I made sure they replaced both and made sure they are Type S struts (not reg. TL struts). I asked about the front, and the dealer told me that they are different size and different design, and they have had no reported issue with them. The dealer did say that he had at least 3 cases like this on the rear struts, ALL Type S struts. The good news is that after they changed them, the thumping noise is completely gone, and the car drives like a dream and handles great. That was def. the problem. You should have yours checked by Acura, they know it is a problem.
  • 07types07types Posts: 7
    I just got off the phone with the dealership - they said that they are not aware of this (go figure). I will keep checking on this.
  • tgr3tgr3 Posts: 13
    Tell them to talk to Gillman Acura in N. Houston. They have had a few of these cases. Also ORR Acura in Shrevport, LA. They had a case like that. Defective struts .. only Type-S rear struts, it is not common, but it has happened. believe me, I know ;)
  • Acura is aware of a defect in manufacturing/design of the struts in the 2007 Type S, and has know about this since at least January, 2007. According to my "handler" at Acura, they have no fix available, and changing struts is, at best, a gamble. This problem is discussed on other Web Forums as well, such as :mad:
  • ledwingledwing Posts: 31
    hi tgr, i too have heard a noise but could not stand the idea of someone tearing apart my new car (1700M). sounds like the susp is topping out against something, hopefully as intended. what is your vin? mine is 5010, so its prob in the middle of the road. maybe they fixed mine in the factory.

    anyway, did the strutz fix u up?
  • sbtattersbtatter Posts: 47
    But one small thing is that my passenger wing mirror no longer rotates down when I put the car into reverse.
    I haven't heard about the strut issue up here in Canada, is there a TSB or VIN numbers of affected cars?
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,591
    Re: The mirror, is your mirror selector switch in the middle? For my '05, the selector has to be in the left or right position, depending on which mirror you would like to point down...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

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