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Buying a Used 3-Series



  • Wow... there are more of them than I thought...

    46 units... 2008-2010, 328xi with manual transmission in the whole country..

    '08s are asking from mid to high $20Ks...

    I like the '09 and up in the sedan, because they face-lifted the front end, and got rid of the eyebrows...

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  • What is realistic pricing? I would love to get one, but I am not sure it is in my budget. Looking at cars in the $15k range. Would be willing to stretch to get what I want with a warranty, but realistically cannot go over $20k.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think the tail lights were a huge mprovement for the 09 sedan.

    birchhill, I think under $20K is realistic.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Wow... there are more of them than I thought...

    It's probably a sign of the times (may want to check out the thread on "any future for the manual transmission"), but even for so-called driving machines such as BMWs, you are seeing fewer and fewer manual tranny cars out there.

    When I was looking for a new/used vehicle last year, I visited the nearby BMW dealership to see what they had in the line of previously owned 5-spd manual 3 series vehicles. There were upwards of 30+ vehicles on the lot, but no manuals.

    Guess it's just too hard to row the gearshift and text :P .
  • It's my guess that you won't find any CPO BMWs for $20K or less...

    '06 325i (the newer E90 body style) are starting to drop into the mid-teens, and even an '06 330i sedan (w/255 hp) can be found under $20K.. but, not with remaining warranty, unless it is a previously CPOed model that might have a year left...

    '05 E46 models should be plentiful in your price range.... but, again... no warranty..

    You might find a higher mileage, '07 328xi that will drop down to $20K.. no warranty...

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  • There are several CPO's in my area that are AWD and have manual transmissions. They are 07s and 08s. The mileage is 35k-40k. The price range is from $22k-$25k. Is the sticker price what they expect? If not, how much should I look to take off their asking price?
  • I special ordered and leased a 2007 328xi for 39 months back in August of 2007. Great car and very satisfied with the car. Returned it as scheduled on November 30th, 2010. Residual was $26K and decided not to buy the car. December and half of January has now gone by and my auto needs have changed. My previous car was COP'd and has been on the dealers lot since early December. When I inquired about buying it back (current price $25,996) I was told that BMW finance has a policy that if a previous owner wants to buy their car back after CPO, there is a $1,600 premium up charge to do so........yea I know.

    I had no plans to ever come back to this car when I turned it in, but now have a need for this type of car and what better car to buy than the one I had and took care of for 39 months. Well I raised hell with the dealer and they supposedly went to the zone office for authorization to negotiate with me like any other buyer. They passed the dealer on to BMW finance and they supposedly said policy stays in force. I am miffed because any guy off the street could go in and negotiate their best deal, but I have been harnessed with the penalty. Needless to say I told them to go pound sand and the dealer says that they will be eating the $1600 along with the $3,300 COP charges, but they have only been willing to take $200 bucks off of the price (which in Illinois they are allowed to charge a $150 doc fee which is profit for the dealership, so they really haven't taken anything off of the price). Does this sound legal to you guys? It has been almost a month and half since I turned it in, so it is clear that I didn't PLAN to do pull this in order to get new tires, COP etc. Keep in mind that this is the car I want, but am trying to figure out just how far to push it before I either buy it or walk. Comments appreciated.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Sounds fishy to me. A buyer is a buyer. That would be like Walmart charging me $10.00 for a shirt, and then charging you $11.50 for the same shirt.

    Why don't you try your local office of the Attorney General see if they have any thought. Of course, the car may be gone by the time you get an answer.
  • I thought I might place a call to BMW finance to see if this policy really exists. If so, I would like to see where it is provided to the general public. As crazy as it sounds, I do kinda see the point. They could be taken advantage by someone returning their car, it gets $$ of CPO and then turn right around with a day or two and buy it back. This is not the case with me, so what is an appropriate time limit to wait? This dealership has an excellent reputation, but this just really rubs me the wrong way. If it weren't for having a great history with this car I would have walked a week ago. It has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,104
    We turned in our '07 X3 at the end of July. BMWFS quoted the buyout of $26K from the contract if I wanted to buy the car from them. The dealer told me they'll sell me the car for $21,500 as a non-CPO BMW (just a regular used BMW) which seemed like a great deal, except they wanted $3000 to make the car CPO which I was not going for.

    If you are really looking for a CPO 328xi, there are tons of them out there. You just might not be able to buy "yours."

    Good luck & keep us posted.

    I've never heard of the dealer charging a returning lease customer $1600 more than the CPO cost just because.

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  • Thanks for your comments. My residual was also $26K, but as mentioned at the time, I had no need for a sedan of any kind. My dealer didn't make me an offer because I had only used 28K of my 32K allowance and the car is a little different from others out there. I added the sport package but did the non-leather sport seats instead of the Premium package. They wear like iron and look and feel great. I also added xenon headlights that are exceptional. There are at least five BMW dealerships within one hour of where I live and none of them are equipped the way I want and very few are Black on Beige. Not a Silver guy. I plan on bringing this thing to a head tomorrow and will let you know how it goes.
  • The asking price is $25,996 and the current offer is $25,800. Clearly not near good enough. They claim to have $3300 in CPO costs (new tires) and a door ding repair. So, how low can I realistically go on price. I am not buying the $1600 story, so take it from there and let me know what you would do and why.
  • Seems like you could pick up a nice 2007 328ix for around $22K private party. I think they're charging Spring 2010 prices in Jan 2011, seems like.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
    It's true... BMWFS has a "loyalty adder" (oxymoronic, I know) if you turn in your off-lease car, then want to buy it from the dealer. Though, last I heard, it was $1500.

    The problem was... so many BMWs come to lease-end with values that are less than the contract residual. Lessees were finding that their dealers could buy the car from BMW at actual value, CPO them, add profit, and still sell them to the lessee for residual or less. Of course, BMWFS does best when the lessee buys the car from them at residual. Cars that have to be wholesaled below residual is a money loser.

    The "loyalty adder" is their way of turning that around. Since it's their car, the only obligation to the lessee is to offer them the car at the residual price. Since they have a relationship with the dealer, they can set the terms under which they will sell them the off-lease vehicle.

    Does it seem fair? Not at all... But, I don't think there is anything you can do about it.

    I'm not really up on the value of the car, or what it might be worth to you... but, your dealer is being straight with you about the extra money.


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  • Thanks to this forum, I feel much more informed. I have a specific question about a "no haggle" offer on a 2007 328xi. A local dealership has this car with 16,784 miles. It is equipped with the sport, premium, and cold weather packages and the Logic7 stereo. They are asking 25,990 which has come down from 27,990 since October of last year. This is an off-lease vehicle which appears to be in great shape and has the balance of the warranty/no-charge maintenance until 7/11.

    Does this appear to be a good deal and, if so, why has it sat around for 4 months on the lot (granted at a higher price)? The only fees will be $249 in doc and title transfer fees. Should I be negotiating on this at the "no haggle" price? I am sure to get shafted on my trade-in regardless.

  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    Seems like a decent price, but I'm sure it's still negotiable if the car has been on the lot for 4 months. It's worth a try I would think.

    Yes, you will get shafted on your trade-in. I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth a shot to see if you can get less shafted trading in through AutoTrader.
  • Thank you. I had not even thought of autotrader. I just submitted my details, so we will see if I am offered anything more than the giant jar of Vaseline I was offered at the dealership.
  • I have done nothing at this point with the 2007 328xi that the dealer wants to charge me a $1600 premium because I want to buy it back. In the meantime I have found an '08, same colors with 9,100 miles, asking price is $29,998. The dealer sent me the paper work on the car and the original owner lessee owners name was still on the paperwork. With a little detective work I was able to speak with the owner and ask him about the car. No problems, inner city location reason for low mileage. He told me that the residual value was $27,100 but declined to buy it because he didn't need the car. So, how much can I reasonably expect to buy the car for. I am in the Chicago area.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    As crazy as it sounds, I do kinda see the point. They could be taken advantage by someone returning their car, it gets $$ of CPO and then turn right around with a day or two and buy it back

    Well then that says to me they have a flawed business model in how they do their leases and calculate residual value of the car when it is turned back in. The dealer should not be able to make up for that problem by, in essence, creating two classes of buyers.
  • srs 49, As I had mentioned earlier, I agree with your assessment. It is obvious that people did take advantage at some point. But at what timeframe should this be a wash? The ultimate selling price to another buyer will most likely be in the same ball park, if not less. So if it is the principle of not being taken advantage of versus the economics, the two lines should meet at some point. In my case it is now going on two months since the end of lease. Seems like we should be reaching that conversion point very soon.
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